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Down the rabbit hole...AGAIN

© Mrs Lovett's meat pies

Hi everyone! Hatter, Chess and Queenie are back! There's been a lot of brooding over this story, and after idea after being thought of, planned out, scrapped and then revived, this came up! Hope you like it!

(Litte secret here, I've added a new character to the story! I put all the names of my friends in a hat, and this one came up! She's a Patchee member too!)

(Also, I'm postponing Third Time Lucky and Nobody's Perfect until this is done)

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

I slumped on the bench at the pier, licking the ice cream that was slowly slipping in the cone. Every now and then i glanced at my Skellington watch.
"C'mon, c'mon! Where the heck are they?" Finally, the one person I was waiting for appeared.
"Hatter!" Chess cried, pulling her fringe from her face. "How long have you been sat here?" Chess wore a black and silver tartan shirts and black skinny jeans and silver trainers.
"Half an hour if you must know," I stood up promptly.
"What?! I told you 3pm!"
"I wanted an ice cream!" I heard a laugh from behind me, and turned to find Queenie stood behind me.
"Queenie!" I cried. Queenie was dressed in a long flowing black shirt with silver stars all over. She wore black leggings trimmed with lace, and starry bangles clacked on her skinny wrist.
"See! 3pm!" Chess stuck her tounge out triumphantly. I returned the gesture, and we all grinned.
"Where's my ice cream?" Queenie asked. I laughed and turned out the pocket's of my absurdly long black trench coat.
"How can you wear that thing in the summer? You must boil!" I looked around shiftily and opened up my jacket. Chess and Queenie spluttered.
"Ice packs!" Queenie cried. "You're mad!"
"That's why you call me Hatter!" We all laughed again.
"Well what are we waiting for? Let's g-"
"Hold on Hatter! I've invited one more person."
"Not - "
"Surely you didn't - "
"Not her either."
"Not even - "
"Well I would have liked to, but they wouldn't come.
"So was it - "
"Okay, I have no idea what you two are saying." We all laughed. I sat back down on the bench.
"So I guess we're waiting again." I tipped forward my top hat. It was one of my favourites, a black silky one with a red rose pattern ribbon around the middle and a huge black rose on the rim.
"Not for long - look! There she is!" I tipped back my hat and grinned.
"Afternoon, Rabbit me'dear."
"Hello, Hatter." Stood in front of me was Luna Aquario, dressed in a white belted blouse, slightly too big Jack the Pumpkin King Hoodie (christmas present from me), torn skinny jeans and glittery black converses. I stood up and hugged her in greeting.
"Rabbit! How great to see you!"
"So are we ready to go then?" Queenie asked.
"Come on then" Chess said. "Let's go."

We walked through the pier for a while, then we headed up the cliffs. I stood near the cliff, the wind whipping through my hair, the rose ribbon straying around my shoulders. The summer holidays were nearly over, and soon Chess, Queenie and I would return to 'boarding school'. The whole thing was so cleverly planned out. Miriana had some strange magic that would transform the ruins into a boarding school. If our parents ever decided to drive us to the gates, the ruin would appear as a school. Of course they never passed the gates, but just in case some of Miriana's followers posed as teachers inside. Of course I would miss Rabbit, and all my other friends. But I still felt we'd made the right choice. Chess and Queenie were still picnicing on the grass, and Rabbit came over to me.
"What are you thinking about?"
"How bad your breath stinks." Rabbit giggled.
"Very funny, but I've had twelve mints today."
"That's a record isn't it?"
"No, that was 17 last Monday." She leant on the railing. It groaned under her.
"Nice day," I said.
"Mmm." The railing groaned again, and then gave up. I turned around as Rabbit screamed. I watched in horror as Rabbit tumbled down the clifftop.

"Rabbit!" Chess screamed as she ran over to the cliff. My mind reacted instantly. Without warning I ran and nosedived over the cliff.
"Hatter!" Queenie cried. But I was prepared. Ever since the day I had tumbled from Miriana's castle, I had been practising. Everyday. By now I had mastered the skill. I grabbed the screaming Rabbit and steadied the air. She stopped screaming and gasped.
"Don't worry," I said. "I got you." We paused in mid air, and her mouth fell open, dumbstruck. Slowly we ascended through the air back up onto the cliff. I released rabbit from my grip and she fell over onto the ground. She stared at me, dumbstruck. Chess and Queenie hugged me.
"I can't believe you caught up with her!" Chess cried.
"Thank god there was no one around to see you," Queenie muttered.
"Wait...You KNEW!?!?!?!" Rabbit finally yelled. She stood up.
"You guys knew she could do that? How? When? Wh-a-a-WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!?!" I bowed my head. Rabbit stood, gasping for breath.
"We've known for a long time," Queenie whispered.
"About a year now," Chess finished.
"We all do things," I murmured.
"What?" Rabbit whispered. Chess disappeared, then reappeared behind Rabbit. She gasped.
"And what about you?" She asked Queenie.
"I see things."
"What did I have for breakfast this morning?"
"Holy - How? I need to know what's going on!" I turned down my hat and pulled up my coat, and started to walk away.
"Well keep dreaming, 'cause we can't." My eyes burned in their sockets. I hated amber moments.
"Hatter!" Rabbit yelled, unknowingly bringing me back. "I though best friends told eachother everything?" I grinned.
"Ah, crap. I knew you were gonna say that."


Well that's the first chappy! My newest character is LunaLunaKitty, a very good friend of mine. Please comment!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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