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Down the rabbit hole...AGAIN

Chapter 8

© Mrs Lovett's meat pies

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We crept back through the Tulgey Wood, fearing some of the guards would still be around.
"How do you know they won't be hanging around the tea party?" Rabbit whispered as we drew closer.
"They won't do, they got what they needed."
"Yes, but they might come back for us. And don't you think going to the party might be a know...predictable?" My eyes burned amber, and I chewed my lip.
"Look, they won't be there. I said so."
"Hatter?" Rabbit poked my shoulder, and I sighed.
"Thanks. But really. They won't be there. 'Cause A - they're not that smart, and B - you're thinking too logically. You gotta let go of logical thought 'round here." Rabbit sighed and shoved her hands in her pockets.
"If you say so." We emerged into the clearing. The tea party was empty. Teacups sat abandoned on the stretch of cloth. The windmill loomed in the background.
"Chesshur and Mally..." Rabbit trailed off.
"Thackery's gone too," I remarked, picking up the sugar spoon. I put it down in disgust. No more sugar in my tea with his slobber all over that spoon.
"Where could they be?" Rabbit asked, peering inside the teapot.
"Maybe the red knights have already been here."
"Maybe they never left," a voice said. A dozen guards popped out of nowhere, spears at the ready. I cursed under my breath.
"Well," Rabbit said, twiddling her thumbs. "This went well."
"God I hate it when you're right." She smiled at me, and the guards pounced.

The next thing we knew, we were being dragged through the dirt, back to Salazen Grom.
"Not going too well, is it?" I remarked gloomily.
"Ah well, we'll be back with the others."
"Unless they're already dead."
"Don't talk like that."
"I'll talk how I like - and never again, and never again, they gave us two shots to the back of the head and we're all, dead, now!"
"Shut up!" Rabbit laughed, trying to kick me. I refused to shut up.
"Dead! You hear the news that you're dead! No one ever had much nice to say, I think they never liked you anyway!"
"Enough!" Rabbit cried.
"Everybody wants to change the world, everybody wants to change the world but no one, no one wants to die -"
"Wanna try wanna try wanna try wanna" Rabbit joined in.
"I'll be your detonator!" we both yelled.
"If you two don't shut up I'll kill you now!" One of the guards shouted.
"Way down, way down, way down" Rabbit whispered. We giggled.
"Not everyone can appreciate great music," I moaned.
"Not everyone can appreciate silence" the guard hissed. I rolled my eyes.
"Imbecile," I whispered to Rabbit.
"So what are they going to do to us?" Rabbit asked.
"They're gonna feed us to the sandworms," I grinned deviously.
"No really," Rabbit said sharply, her face suddenly serious.
" best, we'll make some devious escape."
"Don't bet on it," The guard snapped. I craned my head up to see him dragging us along.
"You know, I don't think I like you," I said.
"Good. I don't like you either."
"Ah, I'm sure you do really," I cooed, blinking my eyes mockingly.
"We tend to grow on you," Rabbit said, her voice going all soppy. The guard blinked at us, and stopped dragging. Then he shook his head fiercely.
"Stop messing with me lunatics!" he grumbled. Rabbit cackled and snorted.
"Continue," she finally said.
"and at worst, we could have our heads lopped off." Rabbit hung her head.
"That's bad" she muttered.
"Yeah, it ain't" I said brightly. "We could have to spend all eternity sewing dresses for Stayne!" Rabbit looked up at me and smiled.
"We're here lunatics!" The guard chimed. If my hands weren't tied, I would have facepalmed at that moment.
"Oh great..." I groaned.

"Ah, girls, you're back," Stayne smirked.
"We're here all too often," Rabbit uttered.
"Yes," I agreed. "Much too often. And I get the feeling we've outstayed our welcome. So maybe we should..." I stepped back, into a guard. I sighed.
"No Harriet, you're all too welcome here. Your head is most sough after, you see." I tossed my still hatless head.
"You can't have it." I cried indignantly. "It's mine."
"Oh i'll get it. One way or another..." Stayne said softly. I was very tempted to burst into song again, but I decided against it.
"The queen is on her way, do you have any last requests?"
"Yes!" I shouted. "Could I have my old clothes back?" Stayne sighed, and waved us away. We were escorted to a changing room, and left there. I turned to Rabbit.
"Okay, we literally have a few minutes to come up with a plan." We thought hard, slipping into our clothes as we did so. I smiled as I adjusted my hat.
"I missed you," I cooed, stroking the ribbon.
"Please tell me you aren't talking to the hat!" Rabbit laughed.
"Do we have a plan?" I asked. Silence. We thought hard, but we were interuppted by a hammering on the door.
"Oh god," Rabbit cried.
"Here we go again..." I muttered.


Hi guys! It's the long awaited chapter 8! It's been a while, i've been in serious block. Did you miss me? By the way, those 4 songs Rabbit and I were singing, can anybody name them? PM me if you know!

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