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Saving Sally

© Dr Who

Jack and Sally <3

(WARNING::Not your average J+S story)

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Saving Sally

Sally was always that girl who spoke little but had an impact on everyone she talked to. She looked happy but inside she was sad, tormented……alone. Stalked by the darkness that was what she called a domestic relationship. Her boy friend was, to everyone else, a good man, someone reliable. But to her….he was dangerous, abusive; both verbally and physically. He hated her leaving the house without his permission; or seeing her even being happy with some one else, regardless of who they might be. He gave her strict curfews and was furious when she disobeyed him on his orders.
If only they knew what he does to me Sally thought bitterly as she watched Mayor and a vampire talking with Jonah. then they wouldn’t be so nice around him
"Are you ok?''
She jumped and looked up, freezing when she saw Jack sit next to her. She glanced at Jonah, heart drilling against her ribs. Jack stared at her, concerned.
He can't see me talking to you, he just can't.....
His hand touched hers and she looked at him again.
"Fine.'' she said automatically, taking her hand back. "I'm fine.''
the look that he gave her told her that he thought she was crazy; that wide eyed, frowning expression as he continued to stare at her.
"Sally.'' his voice was soft, soothing. "Do you need to talk about something?"
Tears fought with the back of her eyes as Sally breathed deep to keep from crying and telling him everything.
"I'm fine.'' she said, her voice wavering. It was the line that Jonah had forced her to memorize. "Everything is just fine.''
Jack hesitated, as though he planned to ask her more.
"I don't believe you but I know that you have no intention of telling me the truth." he scribbled something on a napkin and, folding it extra small, tucked it into her hand. "You can call me here if you ever need anything.''
He smiled warmly at her again and walked away. Sally watched him go, still trying not to cry. She glanced at Jonah again and saw that he was watching her, his eyes dark.
Jack she thought miserably as Jonah broke eye contact and smiled back at the Mayor.
You have no idea how much I need you now

“So I saw you talking to Jack earlier.’’ Jonah said on the ride home. He didn’t take his eyes off the road.
Sally sank back into her chair, wanting to go invisible. “He was just asking me if I had seen the new poster-”
His hand whipped back and across her face so fast it snapped her head to the side. She pressed her hand to her cheek, tears coursing down her face silently.
"You know how I detest your filthy lying, Sally.'' he said, going back to driving. "Why would Jack speak of something so important to someone so blatantly dull as yourself?"
Sally pressed herself to the car door, fingernails digging into the door handles faux leather, the lights outside the window blurred through her tears.
They arrived home and Sally got out of the car slowly, walking behind Jonah up the driveway and into the house. She went to the bathroom and turned on the light, freezing when she saw the girl in the mirror; her red hair falling into her face, an angry red mark spreading across her cheek, her skin pale and her chestnut eyes wide.
She saw him behind her in the doorway through the mirror and she turned quickly. His mouth twitched upward in an evil smile as he stepped in, taking his tie off, his eyes going dark again.
"You look good.''
Sally’s heart raced as he came nearer. She shook her head slowly. "Jonah-"
"I'm real sorry I hit you.'' he said, his words coming slurred. He reached out and touched her face but she turned away. Grabbing it roughly he pulled her to him by her chin and combed his fingers through her hair, his nails scraping against her scalp so that it hurt. She shook her head, trying not to cry.
His cold wet lips pushed sloppily against hers as he rummaged her, tearing her clothes in places. Sally shut her eyes tight and tried to go outside her body. But when she reached the place, Jonah dragged her back with his rough movements.
He finished and pushed her away from him; he got out of bed, dressed, and left. And as soon as the door closed Sally let all the tears, the anguish, the frustration of being there all leak out. She heard the words that jack had said
Call me if you ever need me.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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