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A Vixen's Revenge

© pumkinghost

After Jack and Sally got married they're on their way to Valentine's town for a few weeks for their honeymoon as well as get Prima back home. Meanwhile in Spook vile Anna was plotting revenge after the wedding incident however she knew she'd be disinherited if she ever went or contacted halloween town. Yet it didn't say someone else could contact Halloween town for her.
*rated M for some foul language as well as other scenes*
All characters that are not mine belong to their respective owners.

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It was late New Year's morning in Halloween town and Jack and Sally were packing for their honeymoon. "I'm very excited about this Sally It will be just you and me in Valentine town for a few weeks alone with little worries about the next Halloween." Jack said folding clothes into one of his cases. "Jack." "What is it Sally?" "Remember Prima that truth sprite I told you about?" Sally asked. "Why yes I do remember. Were you thinking of taking her back home while we were on our honeymoon?" Jack guessed. "How'd you know about that Jack?" She asked. "It was just a lucky guess Sally. Anyway let's get going." Jack answered. After they were packed Sally had Prima ride her shoulder and then they left town for their honeymoon.

When they arrived at the door Jack put down his cases and opened the door. "Please,ladies first my dear." He said to Sally. Sally blushed and went through the door with Prima on her shoulder then Jack followed. After they went in they saw the town had very green grass and trees with a rosy sky as well as rosy colored buildings, with flowers that were white pick and red every where most of the red ones being roses. Soon Prima jumped off Sally's shoulder and said while flying,"Follow me." They followed Prima's trail of dust she left behind towards where she was flying and eventually arrived at a beautiful woman sitting in a golden throne with red velvet cushions attached on to it as well as luxury pillows. The woman was wearing a greek pink robe well decorated with golden lining wore golden jewelry and sandals and had long wavy golden blonde hair,pinkish pale skin like Prima,red lips,rosy cheeks, and long lashes. The woman stood up and said,"Welcome King and new Queen of Halloween I am Aphrodite Goddess of love and leader of Valentines land. I see you brought one of my truth sprites back I was sending out search parties looking for her. Yet she told me a bit of what happened and I can understand now why she's been missing all this time. I can even see that you two are currently on your honeymoon. I'll talk to my son Eros about setting up a special room for you." "Thank you for understanding dear mistress.May I please show these two around a little?" Prima asked. "You may my dear just let some of the cherubs take care of their bags." Aphrodite responded. Prima smiled then she whistled and cherubs came down and carried their bags to put them somewhere until they had a room. Soon Jack and Sally followed Prima again for a look around the town.

Meanwhile in Spook vile, in the royal's home Anna was sitting in the tallest tower and filled with vengeance plotting revenge against Jack and Sally for killing off her first fiance Oogie Boogie as well as putting her in the tower and almost getting her kicked off the royal line. "I can't believe that asshole of a skeleton and that bitch of a rag doll got away with getting me here and foiled my plan!" Anna yelled in anger as she pounded her desk. "And thanks to those two I'm stuck in this fucking tower for a week and I can't go back to Halloween town or I'm kicked off the throne. But what the hell should I do since I can't go their for revenge?" Soon after a woman a bit shorter than Anna came into Anna's room wearing a black cloak covering most of her body. She had a somewhat elderly face but she looked a bit like Anna and could still move around just fine. She came in carrying a platter of tea cream and small cakes. "Oh Aunt Marie I'm glad that my afternoon tea is here. It seems that you're the only one that still understands me. Even after my plans were ruined." Anna said hugging her aunt after she put the platter down. "Now my dear I feel your pain. I had my fiance killed before my wedding as well but I couldn't find the courage to seek revenge like you do." Said Marie. "But how will I get into contact with Halloween town without anyone knowing its me? If they find out I'll be kicked out into the streets to live like a fucking rat." Anna exclaimed. "Well, now my dear, they didn't say anyone else couldn't do it for you." Marie said with a suggestive smile on her face. "You would do that for me Aunt Marie?" "Yes, I would my dear just tell me what to do and it'll be done." She said answering her nice. "Brilliant, now here's what needs to be done."After Anna told her the plan her Aunt Marie waited until nightfall and ran off with one of the horses secretly to Halloween town carrying a note with her.

When she got to Halloween town she arrived at Oogie's old manor and saw that their were three children that weren't asleep. "These must be Oogie's henchmen that she was talking about named Lock ,Shock, and Barrel." Marie thought to herself. Soon Marie made a paper airplane and threw it into an open window. "Hey what's this paper airplane doing here?" asked Lock. "There's something written on it." Shock followed while grabbing the note form Lock. She opened up the note and it said,"I know how to get revenge on Jack for killing Oogie and I know a good plan. Let me in." They looked down and saw Marie. They could tell from the note that they needed to let her in. After they let her in Marie told them about the plan and gave them a new sack body for Oogie. After helping them stuff it with bugs Marie put in Oogie's main bug that she revived with a special potion Anna gave her. When it was put in she sewed up the top and Oogie was back to his old self. "Ah back and better than ever thanks miss. Umm what's your name?" Asked Oogie. "Marie, I'm your fiance's Aunt." She answered. "Anna remember's after all this time that I'm still her's?" Oogie asked in surprise. Marie shushed him and said,"Listen don't say her name out loud and nobody can know its her pan to do this. If anyone finds out she'll be disinherited from the family throne." He nodded in agreement and read Anna's note. He promised that he wouldn't even mention her name to Marie and he even struck a deal with Lock, Shock, and Barrel about mentioning Anna's name. They agreed not to mention his name and instead say it was Oogies plan all along. With that Oogie used Anna's note and began following her plan as Marie went back home with a carrier crow to send notes back and forth for the plan.

Ok that's the first chapter guys please tell me any grammatical,spelling, or writing things I can improve on. *PS remember it's M rated.*

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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