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A Vixen's Revenge

The Plan and the Lust Wine

© pumkinghost

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The note Oogie read said the following,

[i]"Dearest Oogie,

Knowing I was banned for life from Halloween town seeking revenge for us, I need you to follow these instructions to seek full revenge for each of us. Firstly, the Skeleton is married to the bitch rag doll who ruined my plan so most likely they're on their honeymoon now. So first priority of the plan, wait until they get back. Secondly, when they finally do come back find the right place and time to set the trap for that rag doll and kidnap her. Thirdly, when she's finally captured hold her hostage and when that skeleton comes looking for her leave a ransom note. Fourthly, when he finds out where she is you give him two choices to make. To surrender his position as king and his whole town to you and he shall have his wife back, or he can keep his town but his wife will die by being dropped in scalding hot magma. However, there is a twist to the plan in step four, if he chooses to keep his town over his wife I am currently making a forgetfulness fog that will wipe out the town's memory of the wedding incident and everyone won't even know who I am. This way I can really "marry" Jack but then kill him later and the whole town will be ours in the end and we shall expand our empire even further as we will eventually take over all holidays and we'll rule all as King and Queen.
However, I assume you might of heard this from Aunt Marie already but whatever you do. DON'T MENTON MY NAME TO ANYONE WHO DOESN'T KNOW OUR PLAN! If anyone even finds out I'm behind this I'll be kicked off the throne of Spook vile and I'll never be queen of anything. So remember this well and hard. Never ever, ever, ever mention my name to anyone else not affiliated with us. If that does happen I will personally kill you myself and find someone else to carry out plans.
XXXXX Your real Fiance,
Princess Anna."[/i]

"Hmm Anna really knows how to plan things out." Oogie thought to himself. "Now my henchmen let us start making sure this plan works. I wouldn't want my favorite vixen being let down." The three nodded as planning went on. "Soon Jack Skellington will have to bow down to me or at least I'll rule and no one will stop me at all." He said with and evil smirk.

Back in Valentine town Jack and Sally were finished with their small tour Prima gave them and soon made it to the small private cottage they were going to stay in. "Ah yes it seems Eros is done with the love nest for your honeymoon,and he made it look like something that would fit your taste." Prima said as she looked at the cottage. She then gave both Jack and Sally key cards and then flew off. When Jack inserted his key card he saw that he and Sally's bags were right inside and saw that the whole cottage looked like a vampire queen's bedroom. It had elegant black curtains, lovely wine red velvet over ebony black furniture, most of the wood furniture was even made of glossy ebony wood,the king sized bed had thick blood red and black blankets that were perfect for warmth,fluffy black pillows that were fit for a royal couple, an elegant dressing screen, and the bed was soft enough to provide comfort for both of them. It was perfect since everything was so well put together and decorated. Soon Sally sighed and bit her lip a little saying, "It's very nice Jack but it looks so expensive how can we afford it?" Jack soon found a note that said,

"No need to worry about money. Royals stay in this cottage for free. Please enjoy your time here. - Eros son of Aphrodite AKA Cupid."

"Well, that was nice of him wasn't it Sally?" Jack said with a smile on his face. Sally nodded as she was unpacking her bags to what Jack said. As soon as they were done unpacking they went out to spend quality time with each other.

"So Jack, what do you think we should do first together as a husband and wife? I mean we've seen a bit of the town thanks to Prima." Jack thought for a second and then he said,"Let's take a look at some of this scenery Sally. After all the sunset is an exquisite view to look at." "You're right Jack it's beautiful." Sally said softly. "But not as beautiful as you my dearest love." Jack said and then kissed her hair. Sally blushed as she felt the kiss.Soon they walked around most of the town to see the beauty the sunset gave. Eventually, nighttime came and the moon was only showing a small crescent shape that night but it was still beautiful. Jack and Sally loved their first day and hopped that their would be more like this. Soon they went to bed waiting for the next day.

When the next few weeks passed by both of them were having a great time together alone. No worrying about planning for Halloween,no needy doctor for Sally any more, and no Mayor to interrupt or bug Jack about decisions for Halloween. Soon it was Valentine's Day and they both had two weeks left of their honeymoon. They were both at the rose field hillside watching the sunset and Sally was resting her head on Jack's shoulder. "Jack the last few weeks have been wonderful and today was no different. I really wish this day could have lasted longer." "Myself included my dear. I felt so at ease ever since it started. Seeing lovely stars, watching the sunsets, and best of all spending time with you, my beautiful wife, my queen." He said emotionally towards Sally. It wasn't long until those words led up too a loving kiss they both shared. Jack then sighed and asked Sally," Remember our first kiss?" "How could I forget? You were so romantic that night, and I felt as if I was loved and noticed by someone who actually cared about me for me." Sally responded to Jack's question. "Oh Sally I felt the same way you did. I never thought that I would find someone who'd think about me as Jack Skellington and not as the Pumpkin King when I'm looked at. That's why I wanted to have you as my queen. Because, you actually care about me." Jack said as he passionately hugged her. Once again it was easy for that to turn into another kiss. After the kiss Sally asked ,"Jack may I please go back to our cottage for a little bit I feel like I forgot something there?" Jack allowed Sally to go back for what she needed. When she was out of his sight he figured he'd stop by the little flower shop and buy Sally some roses.

After Sally opened the door she saw a brand new wine bottle on the table. She walked towards the bottle and saw a note that said it was a complementary Valentine's Day gift for her and her husband from Eros. She read the label on the bottle that said, "Lust Wine," and she wondered what it meant. But that didn't stop her from trying the wine out. Soon she took a cork screw out from a drawer and unscrewed the cork off. Then she found a glass, poured in the wine, and saw that it was pale but it had a slight pink tint to it. She took a tiny sip and enjoyed that the wine had a sweet strawberry taste to it. She then drank a little more, then more, and more until the glass was empty.

Jack grew a little impatient wondering what was taking Sally so long. Soon he walked back with the roses he bought for Sally and opened the door. He saw that the whole place was a little dark with only a few red candles lighting the room around the bed and he turned the light on after closing the door. When the light was on he saw Sally on the bed surrounded by candle light wearing a revealing silk black baby doll dress, a garter belt attached to her spider web like stockings, and black high heels while holding a glass of the lust wine for her husband. Jack was feeling shaky when he saw his own wife in those clothes and dropped the roses. He opened his mouth slowly and said nervously,"Sally I'm speechless. What happened?" "Does it even matter my dear husband? Maybe you should calm down by drinking this wine we received as a gift from Eros." She said seductively while giving Jack the glass. He hastily took the glass of wine from Sally's hand and took a small sip. After that sip he calmed down and then he began drinking more, and more, and more until he finished. After that he started to feel just as lustful as Sally. When he sat on the bed he began to stroke Sally's hair and then Sally asked, "Jack honey, have you ever felt anything like this before?" "No Sally, why do you ask?" "Well, I've kinda been thinking about adding a little bit of more fun to this honeymoon." Sally said with a seducing grin on her face."Well Sally this is our first time doing something like this. Do you think we'll be able to do it?" Jack hastily asked. "Well, we're married so there's no guilt. But we'll have to find out for ourselves." Seeing what Sally meant he began to kiss her.

They kissed again and again and again. Soon after kissing Jack then slipped his forked tongue in between Sally's lips, as Sally felt it she pushed her own tongue into Jack's mouth having their tongues slide together smoothly and lovingly. The kissing soon turned into passionate making out. "Oh Jack." Sally moaned softly. "Oh Sally, you look so beautiful tonight I want you so badly, I just want to all to myself tonight."Jack said in a lustful tone. "Jaaack, make love to me." Sally moaned again. Then Jack started to loosen up Sally's baby doll dress by pulling down on its zipper. Then Sally took Jack's coat off and then his shirt. Jack then unclipped Sally's stockings from her garter belt and even loosened the ribbon holding it in place followed by kissing Sally tenderly on the neck. As the making out continued Jack began to gently pull off Sally's loose baby doll dress and felt her tender breast against his bare chest. Soon they lied on the bed and kept on making out pushing each other towards the back of the bed as Jack turned off the lamp, only to have candle light provide low soft flames around them.

"Ooh Jack this feels so nice." Sally moaned as Jack slid her panties past her knees. Soon Jack licked and sucked on Sally's breast while entering her with a deep thrust. The pleasure could not be described in words. "Sally your body it's so soft." Jack said with a pleasure as he began pulsing into Sally. Sally gasped in pleasure with every push and then she flipped him over with her hair surrounding both of their heads. Jack soon kept on going and then he hit Sally's G-spot. Sally felt where he hit and began to moan even more,"Oh that's so good." She soon screamed in pleasure as Jack flipped her over and began to pulse even harder and faster while she was breathing hard and her faced flushed a deep purple.The only thing he could say to Sally was,"Oh Sally I love you, I love you,I LOVE YOU!" Jack then screamed in pleasure as well and spilled within her.

Meanwhile Prima was passing by the cottage and heard the noises. She then thought for a moment and then came to an epiphany,"Eros." She then flew to Eros/Cupid who was wearing a male greek robe, had brown hair that had a slight gold shine on it, and had his bow and arrows with him. He just came back form a long day of work and Prima looked at him with a stern face. "What are you looking at me like that for Prima?" He asked. "Now Eros I'm very aware that you did it again." Prima said crossing her arms. "Did what?" Eros/Cupid asked. "You put lust wine in the love nest cottage again. Now don't lie to me I'm a truth sprite and I can spot a liar." Prima said. "All right you caught me again, but look I just felt that they needed to have a little bit of fun involved in their honeymoon there's no harm done." He said in a slightly nervous tone. "Well, all right just as long as it's not causing any harm at all. However, no more lust wine unless they ask." Prima said sternly. Eros/Cupid nodded in agreement as Jack and Sally continually enjoyed their night.

Soon Jack and Sally were still in bed with each other but still entwined. "Oh Jack that was amazing." Sally said collapsing on the pillows. " I never knew it would be so fun myself Sally." Jack said wrapping his arms around her. "I feel we should do this more often. Since it was so good." Jack said suggestively. "I see where you're going Jack, and I love it." Sally said while cuddling into Jack's body.

NOTE: Once again please give me some crituque on spelling and grammar. Also, big reminder RATED M. Thank you.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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