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A Vixen's Revenge

The Secret and the Trials

© pumkinghost

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In Halloween town Anna's aunt Marie sent Oogie another note being a part of the plan. It said, "Dear Oogie,
This time another part of the plan will be to test Jack's love for his wife. When leaving the ransom note you should have it lead to another note. You will make him go through three trials all together in order to test what he would do in order to save his wife unlike my aunt's father. When she was a kid her mother died from being trapped in a house being burnt down and her father refused to save her because he was drunk and only saw auntie Marie as dirt. Eventually she was adopted by my father's side of the family and felt that there needed to be someone who'd do anything for their wife. Even if it killed them. As part of the plan Oogie we will test Jack's love and see what he would do to save her.
Love always, Anna"

After that one night of love making Jack and Sally had experienced for the first time they decided they would want to do it again. During the few days that passed by every night they made love to each other. They barely even needed the lust wine for them. Each one became more interesting and more passionate than the last one. However, they both now had only one day of their honeymoon left before they had to leave back to Halloween town, unaware that there was something going on that would change their lives forever.

When Jack woke up early that morning he saw that his wife was still sleeping. "She's still beautiful even when she's not awake. In fact she looks so relaxed. I better not wake her up." Jack thought to himself. After getting out of bed and quietly changing Jack went outside of the cottage to find something to do for the last day they had on their honeymoon. While Jack was out looking Sally woke up and felt a little ill. Luckily for her Prima was passing right by and heard her throwing up. As soon as she heard Prima opened a window and flew inside to see what was going on. "Are you all right Sally? You seem ill." Prima exclaimed. "I'm aware Prima but I don't know where it came from." Sally responded. "Hmm, well feeling your head your temperature seems normal and you don't look paler than usual so it can't be a fever. You also seem to breath just fine and your voice sounds normal so it can't be a cold." Prima said. Then she began to think about what was going on for a moment. Then she came to a realization, "Sally I think I can explain what's happening to you." "What, what is it?" Sally asked hesitantly. Prima then whispered the answer in Sally's ear and Sally gasped,"Prima are you serious?" Prima then nodded in response. Sally didn't know what to tell Jack she figured that she would have to tell Jack when it was the right time.

A few hours later Sally felt fine and was ready to spend the last day of her honeymoon with Jack. Jack then found his wife right by the cottage door waiting for him. "Sally,there you are. How about we spend our last day on our honeymoon together as our best?" Jack asked. "That would be a wonderful idea Jack." Sally answered. Soon they went out and wanted to make this day the best part of their honeymoon.

When the sunset came again Jack then stared into Sally's eyes held her hands and said, "Sally this has been some of the best time I've ever spent with you. I don't know how to describe it." Sally kissed him and said,"I see what you're saying Jack. I mean I've spent so much time with you I feel so at ease. We've also had so little worries. I mean there's no grouchy Doctor for me to help out." Jack followed up,"No Halloween planning." "No complaints from citizens," then they both said at the same time. "Best of all no Mayor to bug us." They giggled a little. Soon the sky had a beautiful Aura to it and Sally was resting her head lovingly on Jack's shoulder and said," Jack, do you ever think we'll have a chance to be together like this again?" Jack wrapped his arms around her and said, "I'm not to sure Sally. At least we'll always be married. Even if we don't this was some of the best time I've had in years. Especially with someone who actually loves me for who I am. For too long the citizens of Halloween town have only cared about me because I'm the pumpkin king. But I'm very fortunate that I met you. Because you treat me as if I'm someone with feelings. This is why I love you and love that fact that you're my queen." Sally blushed at what Jack said. Soon they shared a passionate kiss as the sun set once again.

The morning after Jack and Sally were fully packed up and ready to go back home. Soon they were at the door that led them back to Halloween town. After they went through the door they were back in the hinterlands. Soon after they reached the town the Mayor came out and said, "Jack, Sally I'm glad your both back and just in time for planning for Halloween." "That's nice Mayor, do you think we can start after we unpack?" Jack asked. "Why sure you can just don't take too long." answered the Mayor. As soon as they walked back into town there were cheers of "Their back!" and Yays all around. After getting through the crowds Jack and Sally went into their house and were greeted by Zero."Hey Zero did you miss us?" Jack asked. Zero simply answered with a lick on the face. After walking upstairs they both unpacked and Jack went off to catch up on his work.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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