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A Vixen's Revenge

A Kidnapped Wife and A Ransom Note

© pumkinghost

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While Jack was working with the next plans for Halloween Sally started to look around her new home. She was still thinking about what Prima told her earlier. "What should I do? If Jack finds out without me telling him he might get upset with me because I didn't tell him in the first place. But if I tell him before he finds out he still might get upset or disappointed because he might not be ready for this."She said to herself. "Should I not tell him unless he asks' me? Or should I just tell him?" She then spotted an open door on the spice cabinet and saw that he was out of witch hazel. She then decided to get some more. So she took a small basket with her and went to the graveyard.

In Oogie's lair the messenger crow came back with another note that said,"Quick note, if any of them ask about why you are doing this. Just make something up. I am watching you through my seeing caldron and if you mention my name I know a spell that will kill you immediately before you can even say my name at all." Oogie said,"Well, at least I know she's not kidding around. That and the rag doll is finally back and nobody will know."He called for his henchmen, "LOCK, SHOCK, BARREL!" All three of them came down and said at the same time,"Yes Oogie?" "Begin step one of the plan." He commanded. They all nodded and went to the grave yard for step one.

Sally was at the graveyard minding her own business picking witch hazel and other herbs as well for the cabinet back home. However, while she was walking home from picking she noticed a strange purple fog coming. "I wonder what this fog is doing here? I mean it's too sunny for." She was then knocked out before she could even finish her sentence. After the fog cleared up Lock, Shock and Barrel went towards her body gaged her, tied her up and then put her knocked out body in a bag. Shock then left a ransom note in Sally's basket and then they took off.

Meanwhile Jack was coming home from work and found a note right in the cabinet. It said, "Dear Jack,
I went to the graveyard to get more witch hazel and other herbs. I'll be back later.-Sally" Then Jack thought, "Well there's no harm in checking up upon my wife." So he went to the graveyard to look for Sally but when he arrived she wasn't around the herbs at all. He then began looking for her. Eventually he started screaming her name and running around looking for her. He found Sally's basket and screamed out her name again as loud as he could,"SALLY!" He then found Sally's basket and saw that there was a ransom note inside that was written using different magazine and newspaper letters. It said, "How far are you willing to go in order to save your own wife?" There was another note with an address on it that read "1017 lantern avenue." Jack then asked himself "Could that be where Sally is?" He wasted no time and ran off the the address.

When he got to the house it looked very old and beat up. It was as if it was reserved for demolition. He then went into the house and looked around to see where Sally was. Soon he found another note that said,"Are you willing to prove you are a husband that would do anything for his wife? Follow these instructions." Jack then looked at another note underneath and read the instructions.

The instructions said," If you want to find your wife safe from harm read these carefully. With every note you find you will find clues to where she is. However, there are 4 trials you must do in order to find each clue. With each trial you do you will find letters to where she is hidden. You have 72 hours to do all the trials. If you fail to save her after 72 hours are up then your wife will be slowly burned to death." Jack was shocked to read that sentence and saw a metal word pallet with empty spaces on it. "This must be where the letters go." Jack thought to himself. Then he read the last sentences of the instructions that said," The first trial is at this address and the instructions for that are there. The first letters are located at 113 Black luck road."

After he read the last sentence he ran off to the address. While Oogie looked into his seeing caldron sent to him and said," Well now, we've fallen into a little trap haven't we? Well, that was just step One Jack. The rest will be more fun to watch. Seeing you suffer in order to save your doll. Haven't you learned that by now you should stop playing with dolls? But maybe this one might be the key to you're undoing Skellington."

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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