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A Vixen's Revenge

Trail 1 Step on a Crack Watch out Jack

© pumkinghost

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Jack headed for the address "House 113 on Bad luck Road. I think that's the abandoned manor on this road where if you preform a bad luck action the bad luck will happen."Jack thought to himself. Soon he arrived at the house and saw that it was an old fancy black manor that looked haunted with a cracked paved road, fancy flame gas lanterns being held by their rings on rusty hanging posts, and a ladder in front of the house. Jack then spotted a note in the mailbox. He took the note out unfolded it and it read.

"It seems you've decided to try and save your wife. Are you ready to test your love for her? If you are the first trial starts here at the unluckiest area of all of town. For the first trial you must head up to the master bedroom of this house in order to find the letters to the puzzle. It may seem easy in your eyes but there's a catch. You have to try and face bad luck and survive. Since this area has bad luck triggers all around it might be hard for you to survive. But if you're willing to do this for your wife. It's your choice."

After reading the note Jack began to think,"There are so many bad luck triggers around this area. Should I do it? Should I kill myself in order to save Sally? Maybe there's a little hope to this. If I'm just careful and try to avoid anything coming at me I think I might be able to make it." With that Jack started the trial.

At first it wasn't so hard he managed to walk without stepping on cracks for about half way up to the house. Then things took a turn for the worse. While he was walking a black cat walked by him. When the cat finished passing him a flaming lantern dropped from it's hanging post. Jack quickly avoided it but then stepped on a crack. Then another lantern fell. He kept on avoiding the dropping lanterns yet he kept stepping on cracks. It became a pattern to him, step on crack, lantern falls, avoid the falling lantern. It was lather rinse repeat for about five times. Soon he made it off the road and accidentally forgot about the ladder. When he walked under the ladder a small chandelier fell causing Jack to swiftly move to the left of it. After he moved he bumped into an old dining table where a salt shaker fell and spilt some salt out. Jack wasn't too worried about it because he took a small pinch of it and threw it over his left shoulder just in time. He then wiped his skull with a sigh of relief and said,"That was a close one. I've got to be more careful around here. I almost got myself killed. Sally I may be putting my life in danger but I'm doing it for you." With that Jack got up and carried on with the trial.

Back where Oogie was holding Sally captive she was still tied up, gagged,and knocked out from the fog and Oogie was just sitting near the cage watching Jack go through the trials. "Aren't we persistent Jack? Going through my little trials in order to save your doll. Oh how I love watching you try and suffer at the same time.You'll be lucky to survive the first one if luck is on your side Jack. But if that doesn't do it then the next three trials will surely have your bony ass cremated." Oogie said with an evil smirk.

When Jack got up to continue the trial his suit was a little scorched and torn from the smoke and fire from the lanterns from before. Then he saw that there were plenty of mirrors around the staircase area and then said to himself," Okay,I've got to avoid breaking any mirrors in this damn house. If I go through anymore bad luck I'll be more wrecked up than I all ready am right now." Jack tried to be quick but careful. However, things once again took a turn for the worse when he accidentally stepped on a mirror lying flat at the top of the stairs and broke it. Jack gasped at what happened and moved as fast as he could because some areas on the floor were breaking and he almost fell through with every step. He finally made it to the master bedroom and even though his pants were a little torn up from big wooden splinters in the breaking floors he was relived to have made it.

He opened the door and said with a sigh of relief,"Thank God, no mirrors,ladders or anything anywhere." He then saw a note on the pillow of the master bed that said," Congratulations, you made it through trial one the first few letters are 2 J O N D put them accordingly in this order _2_ J_ _ _ O _ _ _ _ _ _ N _ _ _ D. With that done are you ready to face the second trial? The address is 6191 Hex Avenue. Your love will be tested further there."

Back in Spook Vile Anna was watching the events as well from her seeing caldron late at night in her tower. "It seems that Oogie is not short of giving the asshole a test of his love. The bright side of it is that what he's going through might just kill him anyway. If it does then Oogie can kill off that fucking doll. This plan so far is making us king and queen without having to lift a finger. Except for the fact that this concentrated forget fog juice is taking some time to work with. It will come in handy just in case. Still, soon revenge will be mine. Both of those assholes will pay for what they fucking did to me and then the world will then see the fury of this princess that will soon be queen." Anna said with an evil look.

*Ok guys that's 5 chapters so far. Sorry for the lack of updates but could you please criticize me. I want to avoid any bad grammar and spelling as best as I can.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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