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A Vixen's Revenge

Trail 2 The Hexed Wall

© pumkinghost

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After Jack went through the first trial he used the master bedroom to sleep in for the night. When morning came he woke up as soon as the sun shined through the windows. "Oh no I almost forgot. The address for the next trial and I wasted a night here!" Jack exclaimed. "Still it's not so bad I do have 62 hours left I've still got time to do the next 3."He said looking at a clock in the room. "Sally I promise you that no matter what happens I will do whatever it takes to find you. When I do I'll have you safe in my arms and I'll all ways be with you to make sure you'll be safe." He thought to himself as he left the manor.

When Jack finally left the manor he headed towards the address with everything he had in hand. Including the metal plate with the letters he found. He read the address and it said,"6191 Hex Avenue." He knew that it was where the next trial was and rushed to the address as fast as his skeleton legs could move.

He got to the address with plenty of time to spare and saw that there was no mailbox nearby at all. Instead this time he saw another old abandoned house this time it was very tall seemed to be 6 stories tall, with weird vine plants growing out of it, and it had a blue smoke surrounding some of the vines. Jack knew that this trial was bad news when he first saw the house. Then when he arrived at the house he found a note right by the front door. The note read,

"Congratulations, if you're reading this you've made it past the first trial. Now the second trial will be a bit more of a challenge for you. All you have to do is climb the hexed vine wall to the sixth story of this house without dying. However there is a catch. The hex is coming from that smoke you're seeing. If you touch an area with the smoke on it the vines below it will turn into sharp thorns. If you're willing to scratch yourself up to save your wife. It will be a real test for you."

Jack thought for a moment what to do,"If I do this and trigger the thorns I might risk falling, cracking my bones, and then it might take longer to find Sally.If that happens I might be too late. But if I don't do this I might never find out the next clue. I have no choice, I've got to do it I promised myself that Sally would be found and safe in my arms." With that set in mind Jack went inside the house and saw the wall. He saw that it was very tall and the blue smoke seemed to come out in small spurts so he had a chance. He took a deep breath stood in front of the wall and started to climb up.

Where Oogie was hiding Sally was still out cold and tied up and gagged. But Oogie was still having a good time. Well, if anyone was like Oogie they would enjoy watching through their seeing caldron to see Jack try another painful trial. "He just won't give up now will he? Still at least its fun to watch what he's doing. I wonder if he'll make it this time. No doubt the next one will slow him down and it will be too late." He said with an evil smirk.

He climbed with all of his might and moved like a spider. Carefully but quickly he kept climbing. Things again were working out great at first he was more than half way there and saw that there was no turning back at all. However, his hand touched a small section of the smoke and sharp thorns pricked his left hand. "OUCH!" He yelled. But he remembered that he couldn't let go at all so he tried his best to focus on Sally and not the pain. At times he touched the smoke with his shins, his arms, and his knees. He kept on feeling the pain but he kept on going.

After the pain and thorns Jack made it to the sixth story of the house. The shins and arms of his suit were torn but not severely torn. He found a note on the floor that had the letters 7 K T A. The note told him to put the letters in the following spaces _27 J_ _ K O _ A _ T_ _ N _ _ _ D. He had the metal plate with him and put the letters in like so. After that he saw that there was a key next to where he found the note. Underneath the note it read.

"If you're reading this you seem to be pretty brave that you completed the second trial. Are you sure you wish to test your love further? First, use the key on the door near the stairs in order to unlock it and go down. Second, go to this address for the third trial 2255 Gorgon Street."

Jack read the note and used the key like the note said. While he was running downstairs he thought to himself,"From the sound of where I'm going I know things aren't going well for me. But I can't back down on my promise. If I do I'll fail as a husband. I could never marry another woman. Sally no matter what it takes, not matter how much I go through I'm willing to do it for you. I swear that I will not fail you." Jack then marched on with determination and was willing to keep on going. He figured if saving Sally meant risking himself so be it.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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