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A Vixen's Revenge

Trial 3 Don't Look Into the Eye's

© pumkinghost

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After Jack went downstairs he spotted another bed on the first floor. Feeling tired again he went to go sleep on it. Looking at his watch he saw he had about 50 hours left and he was half way done all ready. "Well, there's no harm in a small nap." He thought to himself. He soon lied down on the bed and fell asleep. While sleeping he was also dreaming, or in this case a nightmare.

In Jack's dream he saw Sally just a distance away from him. She began to say Jack's name reaching out for him. Jack as well began saying Sally's name every time she said his name and reached out for her as well. They began getting closer and it seemed as if they would never touch. However, they finally did touch only to have Sally turn into dust. When she was blown away Jack then saw the area go dark. Then he saw giant evil green eyes and ran away from them. The eyes were coming toward's Jack's way, he ran as fast as he could from the eyes but he could hear them coming closer followed by an evil cackle that seemed to go with them. It wasn't until Jack was then at a ledge looking over a large pool of boiling hot lava. Unable to stop himself in time he accidentally slipped off of the cliff and fell into the lava. Just when he was about to hit the Lava he woke up just in time.

After taking a few quick breaths he sat up and said to himself,"Damn, what a nightmare. It actually scared me and I'm the Pumpkin King. But then again I would be scared to loose Sally." Then he went back to sleep. After looking at the windows light shining through he pulled out a pocket watch he had and asked himself, "Morning all ready? I wonder what time it is?" He looked at his watch and gasped," Oh my God! 10 AM all ready! I've only got 40 hours left to finish these trials. No more slacking around Jack its time to move it." With that said Jack got up and ran for the address.

Within two hours he made it to the address with time to spare. Jack then looked at the address and said,"2255 Gorgon Street. I wonder why they call it that?" As if it were on cue Jack saw the Manor of the address and saw a manor that looked kind of like the one on the first trial except this one had gorgon statues and decorations all around the area. Jack knew he wasn't getting a good impression from where this was going. He slowly walked up to the front of the manor's entrance but he found a note in one of the statues' mouths. He took it out and read it.

It read," So you've passed trials one and two but can you pass this trial? For the third trial you must face the gorgon in this manor,knock her out, and have her look at her own reflection with a mirror, and break her when she's stone to obtain the next letters. If you can't find a mirror there's one inside the statue. Are you willing to possibly be turned into stone to prove how much you love your wife? The choice is your's and your's alone."

Jack took the mirror out of the statue. It was a hand mirror that was large enough to protect his face from the gorgon's glare. This time without thinking he rushed in to find the gorgon.

Meanwhile back in town, the Mayor was in panic so was everyone else over Jack's disappearance and Sally's as well. "WHERE'S JACK? WHERE'S SALLY?" The Mayor shouted through his megaphone. "We've got to find them quick they've been gone for two days so far." He said in the megaphone. "Three days he's been gone." The Werewolf corrected. The mayor then said again,"Citizens of Halloween town, have the search parties found any clues or anything yet?" The clown answered,"Not yet." "Nothing at all."The witch sisters followed up "Not a thing." Followed the cyclops. "Not a trace." Said one of the vampire brothers. "ITS TIME TO SOUND THE ALARMS!" Yelled the Mayor. With that said the mummy kid cranked the alarm and it sounded while the search parties continued.

Back at the gorgon's manor Jack could hear something in the basement. Jack then knocked on the door of the basement to see if anyone was home. Knowing he wasn't getting any answer he opened the door and looked for the gorgon. He saw that the area was dark and damp.He looked and looked for a while until he heard the gorgon right behind him. He turned around to see the gorgon with a drooling mouth plenty of snakes for hair and red bloodshot like eyes. The creature hissed but Jack ran for cover from her glare. For a while the gorgon kept on looking at where ever Jack went to turn him into stone while he kept avoiding looking in her eyes. Soon he was cornered by her it seemed that all was lost for him that he would be turned into stone for what he was doing for Sally. Then he remembered,"Wait the mirror I almost forgot." With that he pulled out the mirror and placed it in the gorgon's sight. He kept on facing the mirror toward's the creature's reflection until eventually he finally made her look into her own eyes.

When the Gorgon looked at her own reflection it was in a matter of seconds she was solid stone. With that Jack shed a sigh of relief. He then grabbed a hammer he saw and said,"I know I feel like a killer but I have no choice I've got to do this. Other than that I don't even think we had a gorgon as a citizen in the first place."He then took the hammer and with one big hard blow he crushed the stone gorgon. When the top was completely separated from the bottom he found another note. "How'd a note get in that gorgon? Never mind I've got to read what it says." Jack said to himself.

The note read, "Congratulations, its brave to face the gorgon and live to tell the tale. Aren't we in love with our wife. The letters are 6 C L O E place them in this order 627 J_ C K O L A _ T E _ N _ O _ D. The last trial will be the biggest test of them all. Are you sure you want to do this? If you are willing to do so the address for the final trial is 5144 Reaper Lane."

Jack then placed the letter accordingly and went on towards the address and thought to himself, "This will be the last trial and that's it Sally will be with me and I'll keep her safe with me. However, on one hand this last trial might kill me. On the other hand if killing myself means saving Sally then I might as well do it. Just as long as there's a possibility I can say goodbye before I even get killed. I don't know, what I hope to do is find Sally and bring her back safely home. Don't worry Sally, Jack's coming for you." With that set in mind Jack continued to walk towards the address and figured there would be no stopping him now.

Back at where Oogie was holding Sally he was still looking through his seeing caldron and angrily said pounding a fist," DAMMIT! I was sure the gorgon would've turned his sorry ass into stone. How does he do this? No matter, the last trial will surely be his downfall I positive it will be. If it doesn't I might as well have to switch to plan B. I'm determined that that skeleton will be cremated and that rag doll will burn. I'll see them die and Halloween town will be mine."

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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