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A Vixen's Revenge

Trial 4 your Crown, your Wife, Or your Life

© pumkinghost

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Back in Spook Vile Anna was watching the whole thing through her seeing caldron in her tower,"FUCK! He made it through the third one. I thought that gorgon would take care of him for good. Still, at least Oogie thought ahead and made the 4th trial. He always likes to add on to my plans. Mark my words Jack Skellington, you will fail and Halloween town will be mine."

In Halloween town Jack was headed towards the address on the note. "5144 Reaper Lane. The last letters the last trial." He thought to himself. He made it to the address with plenty of time to spare and save Sally on time. The house he arrived at looked pitch black with only one glimmer of candle light on that could be seen through the window it was behind of. "That must be where the last trial is." Jack said to himself. With that he went inside and headed towards the candle's light. There he saw a note that said the following.

"Congratulations, you proved yourself worthy of being a husband willing to do anything for your wife as a result I'm going to give you the last letters. The letters are A N R R A. Put them in the following areas 627 J A C K O L A N T E R N R O A D. After you do that just head towards the address and you'll find your wife. However, it won't be as easy as you think right now. In order to figure out about where this is going. You'll just have to go to the address and find out."

After Jack read the note he placed the letters accordingly and went to the address on the plate. 627 Jack O' Lantern Road. As soon as he knew about the address he ran off to the area where Sally was held knowing that nothing would stop him from completing what he had to do.

While running towards the area the citizens of Halloween town saw Jack running through the town and the Mayor switched to his happy face,stopped him and said with excitement,"Jack you're finally back we've been looking for you.We're very glad that you've returned. We can finally get started on Halloween planning again." Jack then looked at the Mayor and said,"That's nice to say Mayor, but I'm leaving again to find this town's queen. That's why I was gone for such a long time. You see Mayor, I love my wife and I was going through these trials because I would do just about anything for her. I have only a limited time to save her and don't you think that maybe there needs to be more time for ourselves rather than just planning all the time for next Halloween." Then he ran off again. The Mayor switched back too his sad face and said,"Well I guess it's his choice to leave us for his wife again."

Jack kept on running towards the address and no matter what it took he remembered his promise and kept it for Sally. He wouldn't let anything get in the way of the love of his wife at all. He wanted Sally to be safe with him and knew that his love for her was stronger than any bad luck prone manor, hexed smoke on a wall , or a furious gorgon.Finally he arrived at the address of where Sally was captured and marched right into the building.

While Jack was marching Oogie saw that he was coming towards him and he thought to himself,"DAMMIT! He actually made it to the last trial. Well, at least with the final trial he will have to see one of the hardest decisions of his life." With that in mind the still tied up Sally was then hung over hot burning magma while Oogie set up the rope release crank to control the speed of Sally's drop into the magma. Now all he had to do was wait for Jack to arrive.

Jack finally arrived on time and saw Sally hanging over the magma tied up and gagged. "Sally!" Jack yelled with relief. "I'm here to save you you'll finally be safe." He said as he ran towards Sally. Soon he heard a gate come down behind him. Wondering what was going on the lights lit up and Oogie came out clapping slowly saying," Bravo Jack. It's not everyday I would find a creature like you to do trials like that." "OOGIE I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!" Jack yelled angrily. "Now there, no need to get angry my friend. After all this is the last trial in order to save your rag doll." Oogie said with a sly remark. "What do you want Oogie? I did those other trials now just tell me the last one and I'll do it." Jack said enraged. "All right then, the last trial will be the choice of your life." Oogie said. He then slowly opened his mouth and said,"The last trial is a trial of sacrifice Skellington. For this trial you must choose between giving up your position as pumpkin king and keeping your wife, or keeping your position but giving up your wife. But if you're willing to give up neither you can always give up your life and I'll set your town and wife free. It's your choice." Jack then began to think about his choice.

While Jack was thinking the fog that knocked Sally out wore off and she began to wake up. Seeing what was going on around her she moved her face around to remove the gag. Jack then said to Sally,"Sally I'm here now. The last trial and you'll be safe I promise." Sally then removed the gag and said,"Oh Jack please hurry I can feel the magma's heat." Jack was still thinking. Oogie then slowly lifted the lever lowering Sally towards the magma a couple of inches at a time. Sally screamed as she went lower. "Come on Jack, I'm waiting for you to decide. It's either your crown, your wife, or your life my boy." Oogie said while still letting Sally slowly drop.

Jack was still thinking about what to do. It was a hard choice for him to make. "Oh dear, what should I do. If I let Sally die it would be incredibly selfish of me and I would never want to marry another woman. But if I sacrifice my town to Oogie he might turn this town in to a living Hell. But Sally would still be alive and in my arms and we would be together just as we wanted. But then I would be choosing my own wife over my people and my town. Now if I sacrifice my own life this town would be without a king and I don't want Sally to be alone without me at all. On the other hand Oogie could be lying and he would take Sally's life as soon as I die as well as take the town and become the new king of Halloween. Or if I pick to give up my crown I could still loose Sally. What should I do? This is the hardest choice of my life."

As Sally was slowly lowering she then shouted in fear,"Jack I forgot to tell you something about me before we got home form our honeymoon a few nights ago." Jacks head turned towards Sally and asked,"What is it?" "I'm Sorry I didn't tell you this earlier because I didn't feel you were ready for this. However, right now I feel maybe its time I tell you." She paused then the very words she wanted to say slowly escaped her mouth,"I'm pregnant." Those words said echoed in Jack's head and he was surprised at what she said. He knew now what choice to make.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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