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A Vixen's Revenge

The Decision and Epilogue

© pumkinghost

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"Oogie, STOP! I've made my choice." Oogie stopped lowering Sally and asked him, "Well, what's your choice my friend?" Jack blurted out, "I've decided to let you take my life away form me." Sally was in shock when she heard this. "I'm letting my life being taken away because I don't want Halloween town to be in your hands, and I don't want Sally to die as well, now that I know she's carrying my child, I know that if I die my child can take over the crown, Sally and Halloween town will be safe, and most importantly free from you. Oogie walked over to Jack and said, "A wise choice how will you choose to die?"
"I choose to be thrown in the magma pit. But will you please allow me to say goodbye to my wife before I die?" He asked Oogie. "You may, but make it quick." With that he brought Sally to the ground,she was untied and she ran into Jacks arms.

"My dearest Jack, I can't believe that you did this for me." Jack wrapped his arms around her and said, "Sally, I would do anything for you, because I love you, and I would've loved our child. I'm so sorry that right now is goodbye." He gave her one last kiss before saying, "Goodbye Sally." They both let go of each other, Jack slowly walked towards Oogie and was guided towards the magma. As he was approaching Sally thought, "He's done all of this for me and now he's about to sacrifice his own life to save everyone and everything he loves. But what if Oogie is lying and just wants to take the crown as soon as Jack dies. I can't let this happen, Jack has done so much for me, its time I do something for him." She began to think hard and quickly came up with an idea.

Oogie was right next to Jack as he was about to be pushed into the magma. Oogie then asked him, "So, what are your last words bone man?" A piece of metal the size of a large apple was thrown at Oogie followed by a voice that said, "He doesn't have any!" Oogie turned around to see that it was Sally who threw the metal and shouted those words. This gave time for Jack to run from the magma. "What?! Jack made a deal rag doll, it looks like you'll have to die as well." "Just try." She talked back. Soon Oogie activated his machines and both Jack and Sally avoided them as much as possible. Soon Sally found another piece of left over metal but it had a sharp end. Soon Jack found himself cornered by Oogie until she threw the sharp metal at him catching onto one of his threads. Jack knew what he had to do and almost grabbed it, but it turns out that Oogie started to run away from Jack when he saw the stray thread, and it snapped so he couldn't be opened. However, he began to lose his balance and fell into the magma pit. Both Jack and Sally got up and again ran into each other's arms. As soon as they were with each other, they kissed passionately.

"Sally, that was amazing, I never thought anybody would do that for me." "Jack, you've suffered through so many things while you were trying to find me. The least I could do for you is to try and do something for you." They kissed again. "Its best we finally return to Halloween town after all of this, and that there's an announcement for the whole town."

After that Jack and Sally walked into Halloween town and the whole town was happy that they finally returned. Afterwards he made the announcement of Sally being pregnant with his child and the crowd was overjoyed that there would be an heir to the throne. Meanwhile, back in Spook Vile Anna was sitting in her tower. looking in her cauldron, shocked that Jack had survived everything and Oogie was killed, again. "DAMN DAMN DAMN! I was so close! Well, just because he won this time doesn't mean he will win again. I'll get you Jack Skellington and take over Halloween town if it's the last thing I do.Who knows, I might be able to use his child someday."

9 months later Sally was in labor. She was in bed with Jack holding her hand and a doctor waiting for her to push. "I'm very glad that this doctor came just in time." Jack said to his wife. "I still don't understand why Doctor Finklestein couldn't have done it." She said between breaths. "Well, he's not a medical doctor, he's a mad scientist, and I don't think you would have been too comfortable being with him again." Soon the doctor told Sally, "Okay you're completely dilated,you may push now." Sally pushed for some time and eventually a new set of screams entered the room. "Congratulations it's a girl. I'll take care of everything from here." After the doctor washed and clothed the baby, Jack and Sally finally got to see their little girl. She had Sally's hair, and blue body, but her father's face and arms. "She's beautiful Sally. What should we name her?" Sally thought for a moment, "I'm not too sure, I was thinking of Sarah, Samantha, Julia, Jennifer, or Janice." They thought for a few moments and Jack said, "I've got an idea, Janet." Sally agreed with the name, "That's perfect, Janet Skellington, Halloween's Princess." It was a happy ending for Jack, he saved his wife, and now had a beautiful baby girl to call his own. Yes, it was a happy ending, for now.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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