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© SkellingtonGirl

I know I've started alot of other stories. Don't worry though. I'l finish them later. For now...ENJOY! XD Btw, this is based off how I've been feeling lately. So Im gonna use SkellingtonGirl, since we are basically the same person.I'm gonna go by my nickname Skelly throughout the story, also, you can PM me if you would like to bring one of your characters into the story!

Chapter: 1 2

I stood in the empty room for a long time. Staring out the window at Halloween Town. My wings lowered. At the top-right corner, there was a crack. To be honest, I came in to fx that crack. But...Something made me stare out the window. I saw Lock, Shock, and Barrel up to their tricks again. Jack had been so busy with next Halloween. Though now he was happily married to Saly and had about four kids as well. I saw Sally come and they happily hugged eachother. I smiled at how happy they were. Though something quickly turned it into a frown.

I'd been feeling so alone lately. My heart trying to pull me somewhere else. I whispered to myself silently, "Home is where the heart is. But...This sadness as I look at the town...Is my heart truely here? Or...Is it someplace else?" I felt a tear fall. I wiped it away as I walked to the door. I just had to get out of the house. I couldn't take this emptyness any more. It just made things worse somehow to stay.

I walked throughout Halloween Town. Wondering what made me feel so alone. "Hello Skelly!" I heard Jack say. "Hi Jack" I said plainly as I continued to walk. A few more residents greeted me. I greeted them all back. Though I still couldn't get the lonely feeling away. Staring at my feet as I walked, I unknowingly wandered into the Hinterlands. Wandering throughout them, somehow not bumping into any trees. There was a cold wind blowing. But I didn't mind it. I was used to the cold. After all. I was a demon whom lived in Halloween Town. Each wind, however, seemed to make my depression worsen. I continued my walk though.

I wandered throughout thr Hinterlands, still watching my feet. As soon as the fall wind kissed the trees, a few more leaves fell. Despite they had so few already. I stepped on a few of them. Still looking down as they crunched under my feet. I stopped eventually, it was pretty late at night when I did. Where did I stop? I think you can guess it. I stopped at the holiday doors.

Looking up, I examined each tree. Though it was to my dismay, for as I looked at each one. They seemed to tear at my heart. I wasn't sure which one to go to. Or weither to just run back. I stood in the middle, unsure of what to do. I felt even emptier as I stared at each one. Eventually, I sunk to my knees, crying. My wings lowered. I was unable to hide my tears anymore. "Why do I feel so empty inside?" I asked myself as I curled up, allowing the tears to flow out. I stared at the stars that were out. So pretty. Another tear fell. "Why do I still feel sad?" I asked myself. Though as I layed there. I eventually passed out amoung the few leaves that were on the ground.

Chapter: 1 2

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