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The Wedding Night

© MissAmyLovett

Victor's nervous after his father talks to him about wedding nights and his "duties". Will Victor swalllow his fear and do what must be done or run away? This is my first T rated story, that means there will be some Dodgy parts. Please read and comment

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

Wedding Night
"Well that was eventful" Victoria exclaimed whilst taking a seat inside the Van Dort carriage.

"I do agree," Victor replied. "I never thought that our parents would get on so well together or at least make an effort just for us." Closing the door of the cart and taking a seat next to Victoria.

She smiled. Yes today was indeed a very eventful day. Their wedding, finally she thought. It had been three months since the corpse bride incident. Three months of being avoided, people giving weird looks and waiting lots of waiting not to mention mourning over that good for nothing Lord Barkis but the worst was not seeing her beloved Victor. She glanced at him. How did she mange to stay away from him for so long, his raven Black hair, Pale complexion, and his gorgeous brown eyes. She missed him so much


Her beloved s voice cut though her thoughts like a knife.

"Yes Victor?" her voice sounding absent.

"Is there something wrong, you ve been staring at me since we left your parents house?"

"Really?" He nodded. "There s nothing though with me darling, I was merely thinking." she replied.

"May I ask what about?" he asked still a little concerned. She smiled again he was wearing a very concern, worried face. In fact it was the same face he had been wearing when he came back after his father asked to speak to him in private. "I ll ask him about that later" she thought before she remembered that she hadn t answered his question.

"Us" she replied. He smiled, with that he reached over and took her hand in his wrapping his long digits around her small ones. They stared at each other. Victor bravely started to move towards her; his head lowering to her level continuing to stare into her eyes. Victoria closed her eyes and moved forward as well. Finally after all this time- our first kiss.

Just as Victoria felt Victor s breath upon her skin the cart suddenly halted causing Victor to tumble over and land hard on his knees.

Victor Victoria gasped "Are you alright darling?" taking hold of his arm to help him back up.

"Yes" he whined Just fine whilst sitting back on the more than uncomfortable seat.


Suddenly they came to an un expecting holt.

"You ve arrived Mr & Mrs Van Dort" came a voice from outside.

"I gathered that" Victor mumbled. While helping Victoria out of the cart and onto the pathway which led to the Van Dort mansion. Sadly, for Victor, Both sets of parent had agreed that the newly married couple will be staying the night at Victors parents and then in bark on their honeymoon until their new house was finally finished. The house was already built; all that was being done was a little more decorating and the moving of more furniture. Victors parents left a few hours earlier then the loving couple so they could tidy up their house saying that it was simple not presentable for an Everglot coming to stay. This left them alone with Maudline and Finnis Everglot doing absolutely nothing but sipping wine and staring blankly at random objects around the dining area.

"I'm dreading this" remarked Victor taking Victoria s hand once more to place into the crook of his arm.


"We should be by ourselves not around my mother and father all night."

"It isn t that bad Victor, and anyway we have all night after we retire to bed to be by ourselves" Victor stopped in his tracks. He thought back to after they had there celebration feast at the Everglot mansion or to be more precise when his father wanted a Father and son chat.

"Does this have to be now father?" Victor asked ask they exited the parlour and headed into the west wing were he and Victoria had there wedding rehearsal.

"Yes it does, I do believe you will be too busy with Victoria when we re home and I want to get this over and done with." A very nervous William replied.

"Erm ok"

William cleared his throat and proceeded to tell Victor what newly-wed couples do on their wedding night. Victor s face paled.

"W-w-why do I have to do er that to Victoria?" He asked dreading the answer of which he didn t know. There must be a good explanation to that to a woman especially my Victoria.

"To finally declare to you and to everybody else that Victoria so now yours"

"But everybody already knows that Father, I mean we re married now, She is mine and im hers."

Victor s father sighed. "Victor my boy, very soon you will start to have urges, very strong urges about very indecent things which include Victoria."

"Include Victoria in what way?"

"Well might find that you find her very attractive, and start looking and thinking about certain parts of her body."

Victor blushed. The truth was that he had already thought about Victoria in that way. All the way through dinner he couldn t help just staring at her: Her heart-shaped head, her beautiful hazel eyes, her rosy pink cheeks, her chestnut brown hair tided up into a tight bun but it wasn t only her face He was staring at. He had also had a few quick glances at other parts of her body mainly up top. It was only if Victoria was leaning over to pick something up or if she straightened up her dress he would let his eyes drift towards something he shouldn t which became clear when embarrassingly his father and Lord Everglot caught him staring, luckily Victoria had been too occupied to notice or so he thought

Woo my first story of Victor and Victoria. I Love them so much.
Im sorry there s hardly any action in here but I promise it will get better Pretty Please Review and leave comments, Much appreciated.
Thank You Signed Miss Amy Lovett XOX

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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