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The Wedding Night

Chapter 2

© MissAmyLovett

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After arriving at The Van Dort estate, Victor began to give Victoria a tour around the house.
The house was a lot warmer and more 'homely' than the Everglot Mansion Victoria noted with the walls covered with personal pictures and shelves full of ornaments - she loved it immediately. The tour finally ended at Victors' bedroom. He gulped and started to feel a little nervous. Besides his parents nobody had ever been in his room before - let alone a woman.
Standing outside his door Victor turned to his young bride.

"...And this is my room, its quite small and cold but you learn to get used to it I suppose" he announced quietly smiling "I hope you like it."

"I'm pretty sure I'll love it" Victoria replied as she caressed his arm, "it's yours after all"

Victor smiled. She always made him feel better. Tentatively he pushed open his bedroom door,
the darkening lavender sky coloured Victors' walls through the long, narrow square shaped windows. Victoria gasped and walked into the room, it's much smaller than mine she thought and oddly feminine but she loved it immediately. His walls were a dull shade of blue, were somewhat bare save of the various pictures of butterflies, after gliding across the room to look at the images more closely she realised they were hand-drawn.

"These are beautiful" Victoria stated turning to Victor "who drew them? Whoever it was they have great talent. They have so much detail in them."

Victor blushed. "Well, actually, I-I-I did. There just sketches really, nothing special."

Clearly embarrassed with such praise, he averted his eyes. Victoria bounced towards him and took his hand in hers.

"You really have such great talents Victor; you compose music on the piano beautifully and can draw near masterpieces with little effort, you really are a wonder..."

She stop herself abruptly, surprised that she had complimented him so and was even more surprised at his shocked expression upon his face.

"No-one's ever said anything approving of my art before" he replied, his voice suddenly as low and velvety as a whisper.

Suddenly feeling brave Victor touched Victoria's cheek making her lift her head to face him. Looking into his eyes and seeing all the love and obvious affection he had for her, made Victoria's stomach flutter, she knew from the first moment they had met that he was the man of her dreams but this feeling just confirmed it. Daringly Victoria began to move her head towards his dying to know what the feel of his lips are like. Realising her actions, Victor followed her actions and finally there lips met in a sweet, gentle kiss.

She smiled slightly against his mouth; his lips were somewhat thin against hers and quite cold she noted as she relaxed within the kiss, resting her hands against his chest and trying to move herself closer to him. Victor, too, was dumbfounded at the emotions that washed upon him-self, he carefully moved his hands that were resting on her cheeks to her waist to pull her closer to him. The kiss deepened and the couple begin to gain confidence Victoria massaging his chest whilst Victor ran his hands through the curves of Victoria's waist and hips.
Suddenly – and unfortunately for the young couple – There was a knocking at the door and here entered Victor's father, William, causing the pair to quickly break their kiss.

“Oh, sorry for interrupting” William said winking over at Victor knowingly “I've just come to tell you that supper will be ready shortly.”

“Er y-y-yes thank you father we'll be down directly. ” Unmistakably embarrassed by getting caught in an intimate moment with his wife. William nodded and left the room.

The couple glanced at each other. “Well Mrs Van Dort, may I escort you to the Dining room for tea?” Victor jokingly asked. Giggling at his antics Victoria replied, “Of course Mr Van Dort, I would be very grateful ” Victor gave Victoria his arm which she took with a smile which seemed to big for her face and they headed down for supper.


Im so sorry about the ridiculously long wait, i had extremely bad writers block. i hope it wasnt a complete waste of time.
Thank you for your wait !!! Smile Smile Smile

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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