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The Wedding Night

Chapter 2 Part 2

© MissAmyLovett

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

A/N Sorry for the wait i hope it was worth it.

Some time later…

By the time Victor and Victoria were able to escape Nell from her rambling – apparently they were going to visit Lord-someone-or-other’s estate in the country, Victor had no idea who he was or really why he cared – the moon had raised fully into the black and blue sky. Both Victor and Victoria tiredly entered the old bedroom and collapsed on his bed.

“This may sound disloyal Victor” Victoria started whilst sitting upright on her husbands bed,” but your mother can really talk for England.”

Victor chuckled wholeheartedly agreeing with her. “I’m sorry if she made you feel uncomfortable, what with my childhood embarrassments being told.”

“Well” Victoria began forcing herself to keep a straight face “they were quite interesting really” she turned to him, “I still can not believe you spent every night sleeping in the bathtub after reading a story by Edgar Allan Poe.”

“I thought it was to do with birds!” he replied quickly, joining Victoria’s position on the edge of his bed “I was in the attic clearing out boxes trying to find my microscope when I found the book, I just glanced inside of the cover, saw the word raven and took it downstairs to read. I never left the house for weeks after that day. ”

Unable to contain her laugher any longer Victoria burst into a fit of giggles, Victor had to smirk himself when he looked at her. She’s so beautiful he thought as she began to rightened herself.

“Do forgive me Victor,” Victoria said her voice still filled with amusement, “that was most improper.”

Victor continued to stare at her. Noticing a strand of hair had fallen out of place he hesitantly reached forward and tucked it behind her ear then placed his hand on her cheek which he softly began to stroke with his thumb.

“I love you” he whispered to her in all seriousness.

Victoria looked into his eyes he really does love me she thought. She reached forward running her petite fingers down his cheek.

“I love you too Victor, so much” she replied breathless already leaning forward to close the distance between them.

Victor continued to stare at her. He seemed to be contemplating his next actions.

“Maybe we should get ready for bed? It has been along day after all.” Victor stated whilst standing up from the bed and making his way towards his dresser.

“Um- yes I suppose we should” she replied quite taken back by his sudden change of heart.

He smiled gently at her and began to prepare himself for bed, in which Victoria quickly followed suit - slightly uneasily – pulling her crisp white night gown out of her travelling case. Suddenly a thought struck her am I to undress in front of him? Glancing across the room she watched him remove his jacket and vest as if it was completely normal to undress in front of someone. Must I undress in front of him? Not that Victoria was against seeing Victor in his natural form, she just didn’t know what to expect, not having seen a nude male before. She could only imagine what a bare man looked like – all books with any sort of information on that subject or any romantic attachments were forbidden from her by her mother, saying that only the lower class read nonsense novels about such things, why then her mother owned one Victoria will never know. Taking another momentary look at Victor she could see him working on the cuff buttons on his shirt, thinking this to be the best time to voice her query Victoria spoke up.


“Yes Victoria” Victor said turning round fully to face her looking quite nervous to say the least.

“Am-I-I suppose to undress also?” she replied cursing herself slightly at sounding so nervous, if he can undress in front of me why can I not in front of him she thought hoping not to offend him. A small frown appeared upon his face.

“Um- well yes that is what people do generally when going to bed” he replied returning to his left cuff button, obviously not realising exactly what she meant.

“Yes I know that… but in front of each other?” Victoria said almost shocked that he was misunderstanding her question.

Victor froze and looked up at his wife again, suddenly understanding her predicament.

“Oh right, I’m sorry I-I-I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable, I’m just used to being alone I suppose” he replied nervously rubbing the back of his neck and faintly smiling, hoping his response wasn’t as childish as he thought it sounded. Victoria smiled at his gesture.

“It’s ok darling, I understand what you mean, it’s quite odd knowing you will be spending the rest of your life sharing everything with someone now isn’t it?”

“Well yes I will have to agree with you on that but hopefully odd in a good way? I mean, I’ m glad I’ll be sharing them with you” he replied his smile more prominent. Victoria made her way over to him never taking her eyes off of his, within a matter of moments she was standing in front of him resting both hands upon his chest tenderly massaging his chest more confident then before.

“As I with you Victor” she whispered sweetly her eyes still magnetised with his. Without another word being spoken Victor leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers, his arms wrapping around her waist as Victoria’s hands continued with their massage acquisition a quiet moan from Victor as one of her hands moved towards his neck. The kiss quickly became more passionate as; gaining confidence out of nowhere, Victor softly opened his lips and began prying Victoria’s lips open with his tongue. Victoria’s eyes fluttered due to her surprise at his forwardness but did not stop when his tongue gently touched hers. Finally the newlyweds broke their kiss and smiled at one another.

“To make this less embarrassing” Victor began his voice a little hoarse, “I’ll go change in the bathroom, call on me when you’re ready”

At this Victor moved towards the door connecting his room to the bathroom, he turned looking at Victoria - Her cheeks were slightly rosier than usually and maybe more flustered but she was still as beautiful - smiled then existed the room. Closing the door behind him Victor leaned against the door and released a content sigh, maybe what father told me won’t be as bad as I thought it was going to be he considered moving towards the sink beginning to prepare himself for bed, trying to calm his feelings of attraction to her. Well he thought with a smirk until it is appropriate which he hoped will be soon.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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