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The Wedding Night

Chapter 3 - WARNING

© MissAmyLovett

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

Victoria continued to stare at the door which Victor just went through still trying to calm her racing heart-beat which was proving to be a little difficult. After a few minutes she made her way towards her chest of drawers and removed her crisp white night gown then began to remove her outer clothing having only difficulty when she came to her corset. Making her way towards the bed she turned the covers down on her side and sat on the corner next to her bedside table and began to untie her hair from her tight bun. She loved this time at night, letting her smooth hair run down her back, it allowed her to relax more especially since it was just her and Victor. He’s the only man who is ever going to see me like this she thought blushing somewhat. She wouldn’t admitted it but she was actually looking forward to tonight, not that she had any idea what was to happen of course but the fact that it was just the two of them, as husband and wife. It was a beautiful thought, no matter what was to happen.
Abruptly there was a knock on the door.
“Victoria? May I come in?” her husband said on the other side of the door across the room.
“Of course darling” she replied picking up her brush and began teasing the tackles out of her hair.
Victor entered the room glad in his sky blue nightclothes and with a smile on his face. He walked over to her and sat onto the bed next to her gently taking the comb out of her hands and carrying on with the task himself.
“You look lovely with your hair down Victoria” he whispered after a moment into her ear whilst placing the hairbrush back onto the bedside table and instead trailing his fingers gently through her hair taken back by how soft it was.
“Thank you” she replied her voice coming out as a murmur also as fireworks went off in her blood, anytime Victor’s skin touched hers, even briefly, the same reaction would occur.
As a sudden wave of confidence washed over him, Victor placed a tender kiss below his wife’s ear making her sigh softly and move her head more towards his lips. With this response he continued his playfulness, quickly learning that she liked the feeling of her ears and neck being touched just so. In time Victoria moved around so that she was facing him and placed her lips to his taking him quite by surprise but still he responded to the kiss.
He gently leaned in to kiss her and stared at her eyes looking for something to let him know if he should continue or not but her eyes were closed. He placed his hand on the back of her head letting her know that he sought more. She felt his tongue push her lips apart. Slowly Victor lowered them both onto their bed pausing their kiss temporarily whilst they got into a more comfortable position. She looked up to his body leaning over hers. He smiled back and kissed her and pushed through her mouth with his tongue. She caressed the back of his head as his tongue danced with hers. Removing his hands from her body he began to do away with his night top. At his movement Victoria broke the kiss and leant up onto her elbows to nervously glance at his eyes then chest then back again,
“Victor, may I ask you something?” she questioned her voice breathless from the kisses they had shared. Victor stopped what he was doing and stared at her.
“Yes my love?”
“W-w-what are we supposed to do tonight? Has it anything to do with what your father spoke to you privately about?” she replied her voice faltering a little.
At this Victor flushed, he had just presumed her mother had already told her about what was to come when she was forced to marry Barkis, and by the way she had kissed him just moments ago she seemed to know to a certain extent what to do. Wondering how on earth to explain to her what was meant to happen, Victor moved over to his side of the bed and took her hands into his and looked into her eyes, here goes nothing…
“Well V-V-Victoria, my father told me that what was supposed to happen tonight was me declaring to others that you are mine, so to speak” He stared still looking into her eyes for any signs of disgust or understanding of what he meant. She continued to look at him very oddly her brow creasing slightly as she absorbed his words.
“But Victor everybody knows that I am yours already, we’re married.” She finally said thinking the same thoughts he did whilst his father told him.
“That’s exactly what I said to my father but he also said that that its natural and all married couples do this at least once during their marriage-”
“If it’s to declare you belong to someone or they belong to you, why do you only find out just before your wedding night” Victoria interrupted clearly puzzled about the whole situation.
Victor turned an even more brighter red colour – if that was possible – and turned his attention to their joined hands knowing that Victoria’s gaze was still on him.
“Well, what we do tonight if we still choose to, will help us when or if we decided to have ch-h-hildren”
Victoria’s eyes widen at the word, not that she didn’t want a family with Victor just that thinking about having children this early on in their marriage was still daunting. She took her hand away from theirs and lifted his chin so that he would meet her eyes,
“Victor I love you and whatever happens tonight is not going to change that.”
He smiled at her and took her into his arms again, caressing her back and whispering words of promises and love. Eventually he pulled away and brought her lips to his. Their kiss was just as passionate as before. And gaining her own self-confidence, Victoria continued to remove his nightshirt leaving his chest bare to her. As they parted for air Victoria glanced down towards his chest, it was more toned then what she expected and to her delight smoother.
“You can touch me if you w-w-want Victoria” Victor said which snapped her from her thoughts, she looked up at him again and smiled nervously and placed her hands on his chest rubbing them up slightly to meet his collarbone and down again to just below his ribs. Looking up into his eyes she could see the change in his eyes that almost made her swoon.
Victor moved his lips to hers again moving her back to lay onto the bed his tongue finding its way back into her mouth. Gently he began to kiss down her neck occasionally allowing his tongue to stroke her untouched skin. Growing more confident as he heard her quiet moans and wanting to feel more of her bare skin Victor suggestively began tracing the buttons of her nightdress with his fingers whilst looking into her eyes to ensure she was comfortable with his actions, Victoria nodded slightly.
"Are you sure?" he asked willing his nerves not to show.
"Yes Victor" she gave him an adorable smile. He leaned forward and kissed her greedily. He began to unbutton the front of her nightgown as she continued to rub up and down his chest smiling as she made him groan, finally all the buttons were open and looking into her eyes Victor grasped at the hem of her night dress, removing himself from her mouth quickly to pull it over her head. She blushed as he stared at her body and got even redder,
"You’re so beautiful, Victoria" She blushed. He kissed her again and she pulled away and nervously began to help remove his bottoms to ensure he was as naked as she was, she noticed how nervous he was so she grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast needing to feel some prove of his opinion of her. He looked at his own hand and couldn't believe what he was touching. He was touching the women he loved. He removed his hand and quickly detached himself from on top of her to throw his legs over the side of the bed and put his head in his hands, she felt hurt.
"What’s wrong Victor?"
"Nothing, I’m just getting nervous I suppose" he replied turning to look at her smiling to some extent. She smiled gently and put her hand on his arm,
“It’s alright darling you can take as long as you want”
He turned fully towards her and reached forward and pushed a fallen curl behind her ear,
“I should be saying that to you my love.” He replied stroking her cheek, abruptly her smile turned into a deep frown,
"Victor, is this going to hurt?"
He grimaced "I’m not so sure darling…If you don't want to I understand, really" she grabbed his broad shoulders and pulled him back to her,
"I still want to Victor." she pulled him to her lips.
"Okay... But tell me...if I am ...hurting you" he muttered between prying her mouth open with his. He leaned against her again his body was leaning in to her between her knees that were wrapped around his hips. He forgot the task at hand as he was still amazed at what it felt like to kiss her. He carefully moved his hand from her cheek down her elegant throat to her breast again, but now taking his time to see what she enjoyed, as she began to moan and his name fell from her lips a few times his lips followed the trail which his hand took and began kissing her soft beautiful skin. He pulled away somewhat as he felt her hands tentatively on his stomach rubbing circles on the line of hair which ran down towards his manhood, groaning rather loudly he moved closer to her entrance . He looked at her eyes wondering if she was sure. She guessed his thoughts and nodded her head. He slowly entered her and couldn't believe what it felt like to have her warmth wrapped around him. He leaned down to kiss her as he slowly eased himself all the way into her. He felt her mouth wince under his. He pulled away and stared at her hurt expression.
"Victoria?" he wiped a tear from the corner of her eye.
"Victor, please stop for a moment."
"I'm hurting you"
"Just a little, it's easing don’t worry darling”
He slowly pulled out of her and slowly entered her again. He stared at her expression before looking down. He watched himself slowly thrusting into her. Still staring at himself he noticed something. He stopped moving,
“Victoria, you're bleeding." he watched her expression as her shocked face morphed into tears. He pulled himself completely out of her as she began to sob.
"I'm fine Victor really."
He took her chin and pushed it up towards his face and kissed away the tears running over her cheeks.
"Do you want me to continue?" he gave her a questioning expression .She nodded.
He slowly entered her again. He bent over and kissed her gently on her lips as he began to thrust into her as he whispered in her ear.
"You are so beautiful Mrs Van Dort" she pulled him onto her lips. He felt her smile underneath him. He heard a gasps escape her mouth as he pushed into her deeper and more powerful with every one of her whimpers. He’d never felt this way before in his life, it was incredible.
She cried out his name and he threw his head back. Her muscles unexpectedly tightened on him. The only sounds were moans and the whispers of endearment from one to the other. He leaned over to kiss her but she turned her head. She moaned his name softly in his ear as she finished around him, stars appearing in front of her eyes. Feeling her erupt around him caused him to finish with her and collapse against her resting his head on her breasts. They were both panting as he removed himself from her and rolled on to his side, Victor took his wife into his arms and let her get comfortable as she rested her head on his shoulder.
"Victor that was lovely" she sighed, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath.
"Yes it was” he replied, kissing her on the forehead as she cuddled closer, “I love you Victoria”
“I love you too Vic…..tor.” Victoria whispered through a yawn as she snuggled in closer and wrapped her arms around his thin frame.
Victor chuckled and rested his cheek upon her head whilst rubbing his hands up and down her side listening to the soft sounds of her breathing until it become regular and apparent that she was asleep he allowed himself to give in to the idea of a pleasing slumber knowing that his dreams would be filled with his newly wedded wife and all the memories they were going to make.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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