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Oogie's return

© hog s head

5 years after the Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie is brought back again. By Lock, Shock, and Barrel? Possibly.
Meanwhile Jack needs to sort out his feelings for Sally. Rated 13+ because of a rather violent fate the awaits Oogie.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

Chapter I

Oogie Boogie lay half asleep in his private lounge wondering, wondering how and why he had been brought back, again. His faithful minions Lock, Shock, and Barrel said that they had sewn him back together again, but he wasn’t sure he believed that.
For one thing when they had told him the where smiling in a mischievous way. Mind you they always smiled like that, but they had their hands behind the backs and he was sure that they were crossing their fingers. The Troublesome Trio as he called them was never very honest even to him. For another thing, they had told him, laughing when they did so, that they were not lying about how he was brought back. But it did not matter to him, what mattered was revenge.
He remembered the fist time he been brought back he had attempted to take over all the holidays. But he had been thwarted in his plans, again, by Jack Skellington.
That meddling skeleton would have to be stopped in order for his plans to succeed, but how? A trap? Yes, yes he would have the Troublesome Trio kidnap Sally then the fool would follow them here where he, the Oogie Boogie Man, would be waiting to take the Soul Robber, the little pile of green slime had helped Jack spoil his plans last time. But now he would have it even I he had to pry it from Jack’s cold really dead hands.

Chapter II

Jack was walking in the woods, as he had the first time five years ago, and once again he came across the clearing.
This clearing contained six trees each one with a door carved into it and each door leading to a different world. Each of the worlds was responsible for a different holiday: Easter, Valentines Day, St Patrick’s Day, The Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas. Jack had been though all but the Thanksgiving Day and Easter doors.
The Valentines Day world was home to a large heart shaped post office. Inside were winged men wearing nothing but diapers. They were receiving pink, purple, and red pieces of paper through tubes coming down from the ceiling. They sorted the papers and sent them to trucks which would when full would drive out of the post office. Only to disappear in a cloud of hearts as soon as they cleared the post office’s walls. Jack did not know why but he did not like the world much, and yet at the same time it made him think strongly of Sally.
He did not get a good look at the workings of the St Patrick’s Day world because as soon as he arrived there the whole place had erupted in panic. Little men and women in green suits with red hair and panicked at sight of him screaming of omens and bad luck. As much as Jack liked mass panic and screaming he had felt it best to leave.
When Jack opened The Fourth of July door a bright red rocket had zoomed through and nearly hit Jack. Instead it had flown up into the air done a loop then exploded in mid-air with a fantastic flash of blue light. Pretty as the firework had been Jack thought that they might be a fire hazard and shut the door immediately.
Jack was just about to open the Thanksgiving Day door when he heard footsteps behind him. Turning around he found Sally. “Jack!” cried Sally “Dr Finklestein wants you in his lab.”

“I need to borrow the Soul Robber” said Dr Finklestein later in his lab

“Borrow the Soul Robber?” repeated Jack looking confused “What ever for?”

“Experiments.” answered the Doctor “I want to try and create more. For that I would need a sample of it.”

“So, cut some of it off?” asked Jack

“Unfortunately it’s not that simple.” replied the Doctor “When I first discovered it I ran a series of tests and have concluded that it is indestructible.”

“Very well.” said Jack removing the Soul Robber from his wrist

Chapter III

“Lock, Shock, Barrel,” Called Oogie from his lair “come down here at once!”

“You heard him!” cried Lock, and into their elevator they ran. The elevator lowered down next to the sewer pipe that led to Oogie’s lair. The elevator’s door opened and Lock, Shock, and Barrel crawled through the pipe then dashed toward Oogie’s private lounge.
When they ran into the room they stopped immediately and bowed so low that their foreheads touched the damp ground. Oogie stood over them arms on his hips looking expectant.

“Yes master?” They said in unison

“I have a job for you three.” Boomed Oogie “Jack has thwarted me in my plans one too many times. I have a plan that will rid us of him permanently.”

“What is it sir?” asked Shock

“Yes do tell.” Added Lock

“Tell me first, tell me first.” Demanded Barrel

“Silence” Roared Oogie “You don’t need to know nothin’ yet but this. I need you to kidnap Sally, the rag doll that Jack is so fond of. Kidnap her and bring her here.”

“What for sir?” asked Barrel?

“It’s very simple,” answered Oogie “kidnapping Sally will lure Bone Bust here so I can snatch the Soul Robber from him”

“Sounds mean!” Commented Shock

“Sounds nasty!” Added Lock

“I like it, I like it” Shouted Barrel

“Then go!” Commanded Oogie “Oh and one more thing bring her alive!” and they scampered away.

“How will we do it?” Asked Barrel? Back in the elevator.

“I say we stuff her in a sack” Offered Shock

“And I say we that we take a cannon and blow her to bits!” Said lock

“That will never work.” Shock said

“Why not?” Inquired Lock

“Because Mr. Oogie Boogie told us to bring her to his lair alive!” Shouted Shock, whacking Lock with her mask as she did so

“We should-“Started Barrel but Shock interrupted him.

“Quiet Barrel! Leave this decision to me and Lock!” commanded Shock. The elevator had now reached the top and they dashed into their tree house.

Sorry I had to repost. Due to a mis comunacation
with Diabl@ it was acidently taken off the site. Please comment all positive comments are highly appriceated and constructive criticism is welcom. Everyone hail to the Pumpkin Song!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

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