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Oogie's return

A Typical Battle

© hog s head

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

Chapter V


“L-Lock Shock a-a-and Barrel t-tried to take on J-J-Jack sir.” Stammered a frightened skeleton.

“WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!” Boomed Oogie. The skeleton only nodded. ‘Keep after Jack.”

“Y-Yes sir”

“Well at least they did their job. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!” Laughed Oogie. Sally and Dr. Finkelestien were tied up and gagged sitting on the floor next to him. “Now where is the Soul Robber?” he shouted at the Dr. lowering his gag.

‘I told you Jack has it.” He answered calmly.

“Don’t lie to me old man,” Oogie snapped, “I know Jack lent it to you so you could experiment on it.”

“Very smart you fiend, I suppose that you had those infernal kids tailing me again.”

“A five year old could have figured that out.” Oogie retorted.

“Sir!” It was the skeleton again.


He is here sir.”

Oogie only laughed.

Chapter VI

Sneaking into Oogie’s lair was a cinch as it had been before. He now had the Soul Robber back with him having taken it from the Doctor’s lab earlier. “Oogie,” he shouted standing in the entrance, “release my friends at once!”

“I’ve got a better idea.” Said Oogie smiling evilly.

“What is it?” Jack asked

“Let’s make a bet on the outcome of our fight. If you win I will release them to you and you can leave with them.”

“And if I lose?”

“Ehu hu hu hu hu hu. You don’t want to know.”

Jack thought for a moment then, “Deal”

“Que the music!” Oogie’ Song started playing and inner ring of the floor, the part decorated with various Halloween and gambling symbols, started rotating slowly.

O Ohogie Boogie
J=Jack Skellington

O: Well well well, jack the pumpkin king
You think you can defeat me, when all you do is sing

The cards rose from floor and their swords started rotating.

J: Its time to finish this Oogie, I don’t have much to say

Jack danced out of that way of the cards.

O: Your joking, your joking, best laugh I’ve had in years
And if you don’t defeat me, I’ll likely drown in tears

The floor lowered and Oogie jumped off his pedestal and landed on what is now the wall and was before part of the floor.

J: I’m serous you’ve gone too far and now its time to pay

Some floor panels moved and robotic cowboy skeletons holding revolvers and with slot machine panes on their chests rose up. They started shooting at Jack.

O: I might just split a seam now if I don’t die laughing first
When Mister Oogie Boogie says there’s trouble close at hand
You’d better pay attention now ‘cause I’m the Boogie Man

Jack jumped onto the robots and launched himself at Oogie who jumped back onto the pedestal he had been standing on in the first place. The robots sank into the floor again as it rose up making the floor and the wall, Jack was now standing on, level.

J: Well I’m not shaking!

O: Then there’s some thing very wrong
‘Cause this will be the last time you hear the Boogie Song
Whoa oh!

Oogie threw some exploding dice at Jack.

J: Whoa oh!

Jack dodged.

O: Whoa oh!

Oogie threw some dice again.

J: Whoa oh!

Once again Jack dodged.

O: Whoa oh!

J: Whoa oh!

Jack was charging up a Soul Robber attack now.

O: I’m the Oogie Boogie Man

Jack launched the attack and Oogie dodged.

Well if I’m feeling angry nothing much to do

The cards again.

I might just cook a special batch
Of snake and spider stew

They work just as well as before.

And don’t you know that one thing that would make be worth a bunch
A foolish little Skellington to add a little crunch
Whoa oh!

Oogie threw some exploding dice at Jack.

J: Whoa oh!

Jack dodged.

O: Whoa oh!

Oogie threw some dice again.

J: Whoa oh!

Once again Jack dodged.

O: Whoa oh!

J: Whoa oh!

Oogie stomped on a hidden switch. And a bunch of black widows fell from the ceiling toward Jack.

J: I’m the only Pumpkin king

Jack dodged them.

Let my friends go Oogie, or face the consequences

One of the cards came up behind Jack.

And if you don’t do it now I’ll have to beat you senseless

Jack grabbed the card with the Soul Robber and threw it at Oogie.

O: Oh, your joking, your joking I can’t believe my ears

Oogie dodged it and jumped onto the outer floor that quickly became a wall as the rest of the floor sank again.

J: This is no joke Oogie, its time to face your fears

Oogie started running around the wall and throwing even more exploding dice at Jack as he ran.

O: Your funny, I’m laughing, you really are too much

Jack was now dancing out of the way.

And now without permission
I’m going to do my stuff

The floor started to rise again and Oogie jumped back onto the center pedestal.

J: Which is what?

O: Finish you of course
The sound of rolling dice is to me is music in the air

Oogie stepped on another switch and a large number of exploding dice fell from the ceiling in circle around him.

‘Cause I’m a gambling Boogie Man although a don’t play fair
It’s much more fun I must confess

Jack just barley managed to avoid being hit but is knocked back by the force of the explosions.

With lives on the line not mine of course, but yours old friend
Now that would be just fine

Jack got back up and started doing a complicated dance.

J: Really Oogie this is wrong, I’ll give a chance to surrender

O: Oh Bone Bust, you’re something you put me in a spin!

The floor’s rotation speeded up.

J: You aren’t comprehending the position that you’re in
Its hope less you’re finished you haven’t got a prayer
‘Cause I’m the Pumpkin King
And you aren’t going anywhere

Jack finished the dance and streached his arms out toward Oogie. A bunch of spectral notes flew from his outstretched arms and smashed into Oogie ripping holes in his burlap body.

Sorry I haven't updated this sooner but I have been having some computer trouble and had run out of Ideas. But never fear more soon. If the above battle confused you then go to your fav video site and look up 'Oogie's Revenge Casion Clash" hopefully it will give a better picture of the lowering and raising floor thing. If anyone actully reads this then thank you for reading and please comment. Next 2-3 chapters contain JackxSally so be warned but don't worry there will be no inappropriate content. Everyone hail to The Pumpkin Song.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

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