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Oogie's return

Jack's Realization

© hog s head

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...Ripping holes in his burlap body. Underneath the green fabric was black.

Chapter VII

"Curse you Oogie!" Shouted Jack. It had been a fake. 'That cowerdly Oogie had sent his shadow to fight me.' Jack thought. The shadow laughed and started to melt into a puddle.

"So long Jack! Ah ha ha ha ha ha!" The Shadow was gone. Jack now untied the Dr. and Sally.

"I'm so sorry you had to go through that my friends." Said Jack With an apologetic look at Sally.

"It's not your fault Jack," Said Sally trying to comfort him "you couldn't have known that-" But Jack interupted her.

"Oh, yes I could. I should have been keeping an eye on those three little pranksters insted of-" But now Dr. Finkelstein wheeled forward.

"Listen to me boy, this is no time to wallow in despair. That monster is still out their doing who knows what!" Cried the Dr.

"Doctor you're right. I must go after him immediately!" Jack turned toward the door, but Dr. Finkelstein wasn't done.

"Hold it Jack!"

"What now?" Asked Jack impatiently.

"Remember my experiments on the Soul Robber?" Inquired the Dr.


"While my attempts to replicate it were unseccessful, I found a way to upgrade it. Lets go back to my lab." Back at the laboratory, Jack and Sally watched as the Dr. worked. First he put the Soul Robber into a large jar, then added a drop of clear liquid. The Soul Robber shuddered then split in half. Now the Dr. placed the two haves in seperate vials and put them over flame. Finaly he added three drops of a pink, bubbling liquid to each half. The haves started to expand and then turned aquamarine. Then the two Soul Robbers jumped out of the vials, and on to Jack. He now had one and each wrist.

"Now what exactly do these new Soul Robbers do?" Asked Jack.

"Anything you wish." Said the Dr. with a smile. He wasn't joking with a thought, Jack formed the Robber on his left writst into a shield, and the one on his right wrist into a spiked mace.

"Amazing!" exclaimed Jack. "And now I must find Oogie and put an end to him. Good day Dr., Sally." And with that Jack dashed out of the door. 'The first place I will look,' thought Jack, 'is the Hinterlands'. Four years ago, Oogie had attempted to take over the seven holidays,a nd jack had no doubt that Oogie would try again.

As Jack sped past the Hanging Tree he was suddenly filled with guilt. He had almost completely ignored Sally the whole time. 'I'm sorry Sally. I must make it up to her when I return' they had been going out ever sense the Christmas Incident, but Jack wasn't sure of his feelings toward her. It had been five years, but for Jack it felt like a few weeks. what with planning for Halloween every day of the year.

Jack had now reached the far side of the graveyard; he heard a strange buzzing. Jack looked up at the sky, and saw Oogie flying on a giant dragonfly. He was heading for the Hinterlands. Oogie looked around and laughed as he saw Jack.

"Hello agian Jack."

"Oogie, come down from there! Surender now, or I will shoot you down."

"Oh yeah?" laughed Oogie "I'd love to see you try. Bwah ha ha ha!" 'You asked for it.' Jack thought. With one Robber Jack grabbed the Dragonflies' tail, the other he formed into a sythe and started making swipes at Oogie.

Despite the Soul Robber's long reach, Jack could not quite reach Oogie. Then Jack had an idea. He took a swipe at the dragonflies' wings and sliced of the wings on it's left side. Oogie's face quickly turned from smug to panicked as the dragonfly started flailing around in mid air. It started losing altitude, Jack and Oogie both jumped. Jack landed on a nearby bridge, decorated with stone statues. But Oogie wasn't so lucky. with a huge splash he landed in the river. Right away he started to swim toward the shore; he made progress but the fast current was moving him slowly down stream. At the end of this river (called the Stick's River) is an endless waterfall called Diablo Drop.

"When I get out of here Bone Bust I'm gonna make stock outta' you!" Jack knew that he had to stop Oogie. Then he got an idea.

"Here Oogie catch!" shouted Jack as he grabbed a statue with both Robbers, and ripped the statue off the bridge. Spinning the statue around, he threw it at Oogie who caught it, and continued to swim. But the statue's weight was too much for him and he was quickly swept down stream.

"WOOOAaaaaaaaaaa-!" Screamed Oogie as he flew over the falls and down, down, down, out of sight.

Chapter VIII

"Make this wall go boom!" Shouted Shock pointing at the jail cell wall. Nothing happened.

"This isn't working." Complained Lock.

"Oh wait, spells are in Latin." Shock said remembered. Pointing at the wall agin she shouted "delendi huius muri!" (and yes that is actual Latin, according to Google Translate) the cell wall exploded.

"Yes! Shouted Barrel we are free!" Lock and Shock glared at him, he hung his head sadly, and said no more.

"What should we do now? We can't stay here." Pondered Shock

"Why not?" Asked Lock.

"Because Jack is going to come back here and beat us black and green!"

"Hey you're right." Said Lock with a worried look.

"Lets hide in the Hinterlands." Suggusted Barrel. Lock and Shock didn't seem to be listening, beacuse Shock exclaimed.

"I know lets go hide in the Hinterlands."

"That's a good idea I'm glad I thought of it!" Lock smiled. Shock Glared and started smacking him with her mask.

"Ok, ok it was yours!" Lock shouted as he ducked and covered his face with his arms. Suddenly they heard singing it was Sally.

"And will he see how much me means to me?
I think it's not to be
What will become of my dear friend?
Where will that Oogie lead him then?”

"Lets give Oogie a going away present." Said Shock with a evil smile. She jumped out from the cell and pointed at Sally

"Facies sicut dixi!"

Chapter IX

Jack watched as Oogie was swept over Diablo Drop. Jack regretted that it had to come to such a punishment, but Oogie had cause more trouble then Jack could remember. He put Oogie out of his mind. Now he pondered his feelings for Sally. Did he love her or was Jack fooling himself. He walked to the Spiral Hill, and began to sing.

Something's up with me
Something's up with me

Don't know if it 'ill ever let me be
It's all alone up there, locked deep in my mind
Never quiets down, eats me from inside
Something's up with me
Something's up with me

Sally's voice echos deep in my soul
Will it let me be I cannot tell
There are so many things I cannot grasp
When I think I've got it and then at last
Through my bony fingers it does slip
Like an ember in an icy grip

Something there I'm not quite getting
Though I try I can't keep forgetting
Like a memory long sense past
Here in an instant gone in a flash
Do I love her?
Do I love her?

Deep inside my lifeless heart
My feelings are tearing me apart
My emotions confuse me though
Confound it all I love her so

Simple feelings nothing more
But something's hidden through a door
Though I do not have the key
Something's here I cannot see
Do I love her?
Do I love her?
Do I love her?

I've searched inside my heart so many times
I know the reasons, and I know the rhymes
I've read so many books, I know the part
My heart's so full its tearing me apart!
As often as I've read them something's wrong
So hard to put my bony finger on

Or perhaps it's really not as hard
As I've been led to think
Am I looking far to much?
Of course I been to close to see
The answer's right in front of me
Right in front of me

Its simple really very clear
Like music drifting in the air
Invisible but everywhere
Just because I cannot see it
Doesn't mean I can't accept it

You know I think this love thing
Is not as tricky as it seems
I think that now I get it, yes
Why can't I just confess

Not to just anyone, no sir
But I need to tell only her
And there's no reason I can see
Why she wouldn’t marry me
I think that it would prove it too
And that's exactly what I’ll do

Ha ha ha ha!
I've got it!
This year Sally will be my bride!

Jack looked around quickly hoping no one had seen him, But the graveyard was deserted.

“Yes, my boy I just finished it.” Said the Dr. back at his Lab. He handed Jack a small, black velvet box.

“You're sure you don't mind Doctor? She's your creation after all.” Jack inquired for the third time.

“My dear boy nothing would make this old man happier.” He answered shifting his glasses so he could dab at his eyes with a cloth. “Now go she said she would be by the Big Pumpkin at the end of the Patch.”

“Goodbye Doctor.” And with that he strode off to the Pumpkin Patch. When he got there he found Sally just as the Dr. had said. She was facing the Big Pumpkin. Jack waked up to her and

“I'm sorry that I didn't speak to you earlier Sally, I just needed to sort out my feelings, and well,” He got down on one knee “Sally I love, you will you marry me?” She turned around.

“Sorry Jack but you are too late. I love Oogie, and I hate you!” she smiled evilly”Prepare to die again Jack Skellington!” She snapped her fingers, and the Big Pumpkin stoop up on eight long, spider-like vines. It opened its mouth and expelled a huge blast of fire.

Yay I finaly wrote more! Sorry for the delay but I finaly have my own laptop so I will be doing a LOT more writing. Plz plz comment.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

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