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Oogie's return

Sally's Betrayal

© hog s head

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

Ch X

Jack just barely managed to dance out of the way, as the jet of flame reduced to nearby pumpkin plants to ash. He looked straight into Sally's eyes, and saw a purple gleam. He knew immediately that something was wrong.

Jack could smell the scent of magic in the air. But now the Big Pumpkin grabbed Sally with one of it's vines and lowered her into the hole in the top, that Jack had once entered to confront Barrel. Once again Jack found himself singing as he fought.

S = Sally
J = Jack
Original song is “Dr. Finklestein's Song” from Oogie's Revenge. As with all my songs so far some or most of the lyrics belong to the original song.

S: "Oh, I have changed, dear Jack
Since you've been away"

The Big Pumpkin advanced on Jack its many vines flailing through the air

S: "Without a Pumpkin King
It's Oogie Boogie's way"

Was dancing out of the way

J: "Sally, please
Can't you see that I love you!"

The Pumpkin expelled more fire.

S: "You were the king
But soon you'll only be dust"

Once again Jack dogged.

S: "Oogie Boogie is back
And he’ll crush you Bone Bust!"

One of the vines started snatching at Jack, trying to seize him.

J: "It's a crazy web you're weaving
Oogie Boogie will soon be leaving"

Just cut it off at the base with the Soul Robber

J: "Sally, please!
It's not to late"

Two more vines grew in its place.

S: "Oogie Boogie will surely seal your fate!"

Now three more vines, with sharpened ends, were stabbing at Jack.

S: "His armies will crush you
His traps will do you in"

Jack jumped high, out of the way of the vines.

S: "It's almost all over
There's no way you can win!"

Jack cut all three vines with one swipe of the Soul Robber

S: "The days of your good natured
Mayhem are through"

Six more vines grew in their place

S: "He'll tear up this town
and he's starting with you!"

Jack realized that cutting off the vines was only giving the Pumpkin an advantage. He started looking for more ways to defeat it.

S: "Well now dear Jack
It seems you've lost your crown"

Jack formed the Soul Robbers into a sword and shield and charged at the Pumpkin Head itself.

S: "In few mere moments
you'll be six feet in the ground!"

Jack was quickly thrown back by the flailing vines.

J: "Stop at once!
Can't you see this is absurd?"

Jack quickly got up, and ran as more vines slashed at him.

S: "No more tricks!
Your friends are now your foes
And now this dance is nearing it's close!"

Out of sheer desperation, Jack grabbed a pumpkin in each Soul Robber and threw them at the Pumpkin Head.

J: "Oh I feel my heart is breaking
And dear Sally you'll soon be waking"

At the same moment, the Pumpkin Head expelled another blast of flame. It hit the pumpkins in mid-air and they exploded.

J: "Sally please
Your thinking is all wrong!"

Jack had found his only weapon. Now he needed his chance.

S: "In a moment finally you'll be gone"

Jack started grabbing Pumpkins and throwing them into the eyes and nose of the Big Pumpkin.

J: "Your intentions are all evil!
Your thoughts are all bad!"

Sally, who had been looking out of the Big Pumpkin's right eye the whole time, started throwing the pumpkins back out.

J: "The thing that you fell
for is no more than a cad!"

Jack grabbed Sally with one of his Soul Robbers, and continued to throw pumpkins with the other. Jack set Sally down in a patch of tangled pumpkin vines.

J: "When finally I break that
Foul spell cast on you"

As the Big Pumpkin drew breath, ready to expel fire again, Jack threw two more large pumpkins into its mouth.

J: "You'll feel no more hate
But a love that is true!"

The Big Pumpkin exploded as it opened its mouth to breath fire. Pumpkin guts splattered the whole patch. Jack was drenched, but Sally was lucky and nothing hit her. Almost nothing.

When Jack had wiped orange goo out of his eyes, he spotted Sally lying on the ground with a lump on her head, and a giant pumpkin seed beside her. Jack dashed to her side and knelt beside her.

Sally opened her eyes. The purple gleam had gone. The blow must have undid the spell, or the Big Pumpkin Head had been sustaining the spell somehow. Jack knew little about magic, but he didn't care now. Sally was back, and that was all that mattered.

“Jack.” She whispered “What happened? It's all a blur.” As Jack helped her to her feet he told her about coming to find her, how she was under a spell, and how he had defeated the Big Pumpkin Head. When he finished Sally broke down in tears.

“J-Jack I'm sorry.” She sobbed. “This was my fault. The last thing I re-remember is a voice saying something in a language I don't know. It sounded like Shock. If I hadn't been- ” But she stopped as Jack embraced her. Patting her on the back gently he said.

“It's okay Sally. It's not your fault. No one knew that Shock had learned Magic.” After a minute or so Sally stopped crying.

“Behemoth won't be happy about this. She said

“Yeah.” Jack agreed looking around. They both burst out laughing. They laughed and laugh until Jack though his ribs would crack.

When they finally stopped laughing Jack took a quick dip in the river to wash off the pumpkin guts. He attached one of the Soul Robbers to the nearby bridge first, so he wouldn't be swept away by the current. When he got out Sally spoke again.

“Why were you looking for me anyway?” She asked. Jack blushed.

“Well Sally I-” But Jack was interrupted by a huge explosion.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

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