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Avenging Sweeney

© karutimburtonfan

Avenging Sweeney is the 2nd to "Sweeney Todd the Demon barber of Fleet Street"
Everyone Knows the Story of Benjamin Barker, His wife Lucy and his Daughter Johanna. But little did people Know, Johanna was his 2nd born child. A Year before Johanna's Birth Sandi Barker was Born.
The Story takes place after Sweeney was Murdered by Toby Sandi Breaks out of the Orphange only to Find her Father was dead. Murdered By a young Boy. Toby. Sandi swore she'd Have Vengance. So She brings Sweeney Back from the grave with a witch craft spell.
Rated 13 plus for Possible Swearing and possible other stuff XDD

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"Nothings Gonna Harm You. Not while im Around."- Toby
And He really ment it..
Toby Killed Sweeney Todd.
There was little Known about Benjamin Barker. They Knew he was a Barber and a very good one too. He was said to have been a "proper Artist with a Knife." They Also knew that he was married to Lucy Barker and had A baby girl Johanna. Til that one day when Benjamin Barker was Arrested for a false crime. We already knew all this.....what we didnt know was that Benjamin Barker had a 2nd Daughter. Ah yes a 2nd Daughter....Her Name was Sandi. Although He had No Pictures of her. No One Knows why. Maybe he did. Just didnt have them out on display...
Benjamin's First Born was a spitting image of Him. Brown hair and Brown Eyes. They called her Sandi. Sandi Barker was there first born.About a Year Later They had Johanna. Who Looked much like Lucy. Sad. Benjamin Never saw How Sandi Looked like him and How His Johanna looked like Lucy.
Everyone knows Benjamin was transported for life, Came back as Todd and was then murdered by Toby...But What Happend Next with Johanna and this Child Sandi? and The Sailor Anthony Hope?
Well your about to find out...........

Chapter 1

The First Chapter Takes place With Sweeney Todd's Eldest Daughter Sandi Who has had ENOUGH of the Hellhole orphange she was living in since she was just little.... She had Disided, she was going to break out of there during the Nightfall. She was 16 and had been packing her things into a bag. Her Long Brown Hair was tied in a braid. Elizabeth, Who was Sandi's Best Friend Since she had been there knew Sandi was planning this for about a year. "Im going to miss you, Sandi." Elizabeth said. "I'm going to miss you too. You could always come with me.." Sandi said to her friend "I would, But im just afraid too....Think of me Sandi.." "I will. and when they Relase you, at 18 or you are adopted come find me okay? i cant wait any longer....." "I sure will Sandi!" the Two Girls hugged. Sandi Then Smiled at her, taking her bag as the Others Slept and Got her self up to the Window. She waved to her friend, then Climbed out the Window.
Sandi Had been walking from the orphange. She had been going around London. She kept walking. til Morning. But she had left around 3am when she knew everyone had been asleep. She seemed to Have Remembered Her Fathers Name. Benjamin Barker. Benjamin Barker. The Name Kept flying through her head. She had been wondering what he looked like....She wanted to know if She looked like him, Or her mother..... She wished, Oh how she wished to see one of them... or even both of them. She was in a day dream, Not knowing, She crashed into a young boy. "Ow." He said. "oh! im sorry!" Sandi Exclamied. She then continued "My Name is Sandi. Sandi Barker." Toby thought for a Moment. 'Barker'...Why did that name sound farmiliar?
He then remembered his Master Pirelli, right before he never saw him again kept saying something like "Sweeney Todd He reminds me much of Benjmain Barker." He also remembered how Mrs Lovett had spoken very Vauigely of Benjamin Barker as well and something with Sweeney Todd. He put it together later on figuring Benjamin Barker was Sweeney Todd. "Hello?" Sandi Asked comfused "Oh, Sorry Ma'am. I was in a thought. My Name is Toby." " Nice to Meet you Toby. Uh, Toby.....Do you happen to Know of where i may find Benjamin Barker?" Toby then thought again. 'Oh crap' "uh Hes Dead," "DEAD?" she thought "yes Dead....." Toby said Softly "B-But How?" She stuttered "well. I Kinda Killed him......." Sandi was quiet. A Boy? Killed her Father?! she was shocked. Sad. But mostly mad. " exuse me Sandi, But i have to go now" Toby Ran off. Sandi then looked up relizing she was in frount of a Building that said "Mrs Lovetts Meat pies." Sandi then walked into the Building to see if anyone in there knew of what happend. When she got in there, No one was there.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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