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Avenging Sweeney

Revealing The Truth

© karutimburtonfan

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Chapter 10

"No Sweeney, you dont Like Her. No you Didn't You Lost your wife because of her..." he kept telling himself this but is Failed to Listen "Father, I think you like this Mrs Lovett" Came Sandi's Voice from the Door way. "No! Sandi..I.....Dont." She giggled to herself Knowing he was lying then closed the door. "Well....i Wont make Much Money with out her.......nor will i know what to Do with the Victums...." He Sighed. "Damn it Am i falling in Love with her?" He started to pace the Floor and he could only think Of Mrs Lovett. She was So Beautiful. As much as he hated to Admit it, he missed her around.
He missed Lucy and Hated Mrs Lovett For her lies. But he didn't care right now. He missed her. and he wasn't sure what he could do. He probably couldn't do a thing. so He thought..."I Love you Lucy...But.. I think I'm Falling for another woman." He said to himself.
"What am i saying! This Happend what a couple days ago! and i'm already In love!? What the Hell No..I think i've been in love with her... She did...cover my Murders up...and She was so...Kind and we thought alike at times..." he couldn't believe it. he was Falling in Love with her.
He sighed slightly. Sandi Had over heard him speaking. After all She did with lying he still felt for her. It was Sorta Romantic She again heard his Voice "I'm In love with her..and...She Isn't Around anymore." He thought to himself. Maybe i shouldn't have Thrown her in the bake house oven.... She sighed feeling for him. He missed his Wife and the woman he started to Feel for was gone too. She had nearly forgotten what she had done to him. when she suddnely looked back at the scar "thats it!" She exclaimed quietly. "I couldn't bring Mum back...and i brought Father Back...we burried Mum. and hes feeling for Mrs Lovett...He could Bring her back!"
She exclaimed silently!
She giggled and then set her witchcraft book on her desk then made her way out of her room and Down to the Pie shop. She had to have been his daughter because they thought the same. He thought about it Bring Mrs Lovett Back.... it went though his mind. " this worth it? why don't you bring Lucy back? Sandi tried and didn't Suceed maybe you can....No" He stopped himself. He missed Lucy..and thought Maybe he should move on.
His Wife tired to Posion herself...she didn't try to stay around for Johanna Sandi or His Arrival Back She wanted herself dead after what happend. He sighed. touching the photos on his Vanity.
"I'll Always Love you Lucy..and Miss you...But i think its time to Move on." It was hard for him to say this..but he ran his fingers over the Photos. He kept them out He still wasn't fully over her. He wanted the Memory of His Little girl and his deceased wife.
He paced around and noticed Sandi's Room door was Cracked open slightly. He peaked around the door and turned back to see if she was around. then slowley pushed the door open. The Room looked like it once was slightly colorful. Perhaps the old Room of Sandi's before. Possibly his girls shared a room. He made his way in and Browsed over everything quickly.
Then his Eyes made way to the witchcraft book sitting there on the small Vanity type desk. He picked the book up and looked at it carefuly. Opening the book he looked carefuly at its contence.
Soon he found a Chapter of Bringing the Dead back. After skimming it, he folded the page down slightly and placed it under his arm and went down to the pieshop. Sandi was sitting there Reading a newspaper she found. he walked past her. "Sir? where are you going?" "to the backhouse." he replied She smirked as he made his way down. He opend the bakehouse ovens Door and let out a sigh. he began to speak the spell that came from the book. When finishing the spell he assumed nothing happend. Nothing looked changed. He sighed again.
He turned around and began to head to the stairs "At least i tried" he thought. What he didn't see was the little black Ashes that were happening near his feet by the Oven. He made his way up the first stair when he heard a Voice it was Odd. As if he heard it before. "Mr. T?"

Hello Everyone! i have been posting alot of Chapters to this Recently because it seemed to upload one of the chapters real slow and i had come out with 2 after it. so i figured i'd Post them as they uploaded. Unforcunatly, to those following it, I have a case of Writers block, so i have no clue to when the next Chapter will be out or what to do with it. Smile
Thank you.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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