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Avenging Sweeney

Mrs Lovett and Toby

© karutimburtonfan

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Chapter 11

Sweeney turned around to see if there was a face to match the voice. He saw nothing, so he did not speak. Suddenly, he saw a figure start to walk towards him. It was a woman's figure soon to show a red headed woman wearing a black and white dress. "Mrs Lovett?" She continued to make her way closer. He thought he was dreaming. Did he really bring her back? or was it just his mind playing tricks on him. "Mr T!" Mrs Lovett exclaimed. She quickly hugged him, then stopped.
She was thrilled to see him. "Oh Mr Todd! It was you who brought me back right?" Sweeney nodded.
"Thank you love, but why?" suddenly she remembered her death. "Mr T! you burned me! Then brought me back to life! What the hell was that for? Maybe i deserved it, but you shouldn't have played me like that!" She folded her arms and was then a tad angered by him. "Mrs Lovett, ive brought you back...only because i need your help to run the shop...i burned you out of anger. you lied to me. I was brought back myself. I thought without you, i wouldn't have known what to do with the victums. It requires the two of us to run the two shops."
She looked at him, unfolding her arms. She looked a bit confused. "Brought you to life? You died?" "Murdered." He corrected her. "Murdered? But who-?" "Toby." "Oh. Well..Where he is now?" "I don't know.." He began to make his way upstairs. Mrs Lovett followed him up. Sandi was seated at the table she then heard the door open. There was Sweeney, then followed by a woman with red hair in pigtails. "So that must be Mrs Lovett" she thought to herself.
"Mr T? Who is this?" Mrs Lovett asked curiously. " other daughter..." "You...have another daughter?" "I supose so." "I...i didn't know Mr Todd. I honestly didn't." Sweeney let a sigh out. he still couldn't believe he forgot his own daughter. "Mr T? Is her mother Lucy?" Sweeney nodded. "so Sandi, where have you been all these years?" "Ive been in an orphanage. They said ive been there since i was like a year old." "Do you remember either of your parents?" "Well..I remember my mother a little. I also remember how she talked about Benjamin Barker a little." Mrs Lovett smiled slightly, when Sweeney began to speak. "Mrs Lovett.. The sailor...he doesn't know. Anything. That i was killed...about you being. killed, our killings." "Should we tell him Mr T?" "Maybe.. I am not sure."
~Somewhere In the City of London~
The young boy, Toby had been wandering around. Was it wrong for him to have killed Mr Todd? No. Not at all he thought he killed his mum. Toby promised her, nothing would harm her and he was true to his word..Now, he had no one to be with. He just romed. He did not want to go to the work house, Pirelli, his first master was gone and Mrs Lovett and Mr Todd was gone. His only other option was to find that sailor Mr Todd and Mrs Lovett talked about, and the girl he wanted to help escape. But who knows where they could be..
~The Next day in the pie shop~
A New day had risen apon Fleet Street. Mrs Lovett and Sweeney had both agreed to start there shops up again. Soon enough the customers began to enter the shops. They did not have Toby, but they had Sweeney's older daughter to help run the shops, which she was glad to help.
Toby had walked past these two men and he over heard what they had been speaking about. "Did you hear about Mrs Lovett's pie shop? Its re opened again" Said one gentlemen. "Ah, yes i was starting to think they'd closed down for good." Toby couldn't believe his ears. The pie shop couldn't have been open..That Mr Todd murdered her..and he had murdered Mr Todd...How could it be opend? "What are you talking about" Toby piped in "Mrs Lovett has passed on. Just like Mr Todd! It can't be open!" Toby Exclaimed. The two men looked at Toby and laughed slightly "Kids, they say the darndest things" one of the men said. "No! i am Telling the truth!" Toby yelled Both Men continued to chuckle.
Then walked off into the direction of the pie shop. Toby paused for a moment and then made his way towards the pieshop. He got closer and saw people. Lots of them. just like when he helped Mrs Lovett serve before. He saw the young girl that he talked to about 3 days ago serving to the people. He then saw his mum Mrs Lovett in the pieshop. Toby couldn't believe his eyes.
Mrs Lovett was living.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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