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Avenging Sweeney

The Job and the 'Insane' Boy

© karutimburtonfan

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Chapter 12

"Mum?" Toby thought "But, Mr Todd killed her...I...saw him...." Soon Toby witnessed something shocking. the man he killed went into the pie shop. Sweeney Todd. " And now they are running the shops serving-" Toby paused "Meatpies! The meat pies are made of human! I almost forgot!" Toby exclaimed But he didn't know whether or not to go and confrount them......As Sweeney entered the pieshop Mrs Lovett was on her way into the shop.
She had just been into her home area of the shop. Sandi had been comming in from helping serve the meatpies. "Father, Mrs Lovett? What are these pies made of anyway?" Sweeney hesitated and him and Mrs Lovett exchanged a look. Could they trust Sandi? Sandi gave them a confused look. Sweeney thought for a moment. "Maybe i can....tell her." He nodded at Mrs Lovett slightly. Sandi, follow me i would like to show you something..." Mrs Lovett smirked at him. Sweeney then led Sandi upstairs.
"Father, what is it you are going to show me?" "Sandi..i would like to show you my job..and how things work around here." Sandi looked at him funny. "surely there isn't anything diffrent he does that another barber would do...right?" Sandi thought. "Starting, Sandi with how we get the meat. I Hope you will not be frightend or anything" 'Frightend?' Sandi thought. Suddenly a man with a bit of stubble apon his face entered the barbershop. Surely for a shave. Sweeney greeted him with a smile. then seated him down in the chair. Sandi watched him place the white cloth around the mans neck, than began to apply the shaving cream to his face. Then looking into the razor's shine, Sweeney returned to the chair, then slitting the mans throat. Sandi gasped slightly. She wasn't sure why her father killed that man.
"Sir...why...did you-?" "For many reasons...Toby..the boy. his master Signor Adolfo Pirelli knew me back when i was Barker. I Had no memory of him. He black mailed i attacked him with a teapot..i then slit his throat. I was planning on only killing Beadle bamford and the Judge but the sailor ruined that for i vowed i would get vengance on the judge. to then practice on less honorable throats. Twas Mrs Lovett's idea, to use Pirelli as meatpie ingrediants. We continued. I killed my wife, shortly after the Beadle. Then right after Lucy...was the Judges Fate. my last murder. Mrs Lovett." Sandi stayed silent for a moment. "Vengance" she thought to herself. she understood. The men that troubled you most in life, why not muder them. It sounded wrong, but right. "wow..i understand, father. But what shall you do now that both men are dead?" "I do not know right now. The boy is still out there..and i am not sure what his punishment is..." Sweeney sighed. "Maybe you should continue, just a little longer with Mrs Lovett, until she can come up with a newer recipe.." "perhaps...Maybe."
As the Day continued on, Toby stayed close by just to monider this. He still couldn't believe that Mr Todd and Mrs Lovett were both living. He tried to tell himself he was loosing it. They couldn't have been brought back... could they? He looked in the window and saw Sweeney pacing around back and fourth by the window. Sweeney's thoughts continued about his feelings for Mrs Lovett. But know one knew his true feelings.The day ended. Toby continued to watch the shop soon being tired. He was about ready to head somewhere to sleep.
Anthony Had Made his way into town for a little. He began to wonder how Judge Turpin hadden't found out He broke Johanna out of Foggs and ran off with her. it was like...he had passed on or something... He did..But Anthony didn't know. Nor did he know how it happend..or who did it. So did Toby. Toby wasn't looking where he was going. and crashed into Anthony. "Sorry, sir" Toby said looking up at the tall boy. "It is alright. you look like someone i know." the sailor said "Oh, i am Toby Lovett" Toby said. His real name being Tobias Ragg, but he called himself that after Mrs Lovett adopted him.
"Oh Yes, you are Mrs Lovett's Son right?" "yes. Adopted...." "Are you still helping Mrs Lovett in the shop?" "Not exactly.." "why Not?" "well...Mrs Lovett kinda passed away... and now shes living again..." Anthony stayed silent. What was the boy talking about? Mrs Lovett never died? did she? Anthony gave Toby a look "What do you mean?" The sailor asked in comfusion.
"Mr Todd killed her! and now shes living and so is Mr Todd!" Anthony began to get very comfused. Dead? They died- Mr Todd killed Mrs Lovett? 'it doesnt seem right' the sailor thought 'would he really do that? kill her? or is Toby just out of his mind!, surely he hasn't slept well in awhile....' Anthony saw Toby staring at his feet in silence. Anthony figured he'd just walk away and pretend this never happend.
Not Knowing wheither to believe the boy, or to just go on with life was what was in Anthony's mind. "Hes a kid, Hes Probably making up storys" Anthony thought. returning back home.
Anthony is to soon find out that Toby has been right all along.
At Long Last, Ive posted the next Chapter!!!!! ive been kinda Lazy :/ ah, Whatever Smile here it is ^^ Enjoy!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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