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Avenging Sweeney

To Help A Friend

© karutimburtonfan

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Chapter 13

As Anthony Entered his home Johanna greated him at the door. His Face was deep in thought and a bit comfused. "Anthony? Are you alright?" Her sweet voice asked "I Believe so.." He responded. "What are you thinking about?" "huh?" "You Look deep in thought." " Oh..Well.. I ran into a kid on the street Today." "A Kid?" "Toby. He worked for Mrs Lovett...I think the lad is insane.." Anthony finished "How so?" "He said Mr Todd and Mrs Lovett had Died... or something." "Didn't you just Visit Mr Todd?" "yeah.He looked fine to me-" Anthony stopped. "Whats wrong?" "He...did have this weird scar on his neck.." "Oh Dear." "I May want to Stop By Tomorrow..." Anthony said "But i'd Love to Rest for the evening" "that'd Be good." Johanna smiled. "Things'll be clear soon"
She was right.
When the sun Rose the next Day Anthony had questions he wanted answers to. He set off to Visit Sweeney, Mrs Lovett and Sandi.
Sweeney Hardly slept. He didn't sleep very well. He never did. He woke early, waiting for the rest. Sandi began to miss her friend, wondering how she was and whats going on in the orphanage now. Mrs Lovett's Anger at Sweeney Died down alot. She still loved him and wished he'd be hers. Concidering His wife was truely gone maybe there was a chance. Maybe he really did care for her...or maybe he really did need her help. It was a mystery she probably would never solve. Sweeney Stood in the window of his shop. Sandi still slept, Mrs Lovett already awake entered the room. "Good Morning Mr T!" She said happy, yet quietly. "mhm.." Sweeney replied. His mind on Toby and his vengance. To Avoid the Awkward silence "Did you sleep well?" "Not really." Mrs Lovett sighed.
Sweeney had another thing on his Mind. Nellie Lovett. He glanced at her. He thought she looked very Beautiful with her curly red pigtails. He would never say that to her face. She put her hands on her hips. "Mr T..Whats on your mind?" She questioned him Sweeney stayed quiet for a minute "The Boy." he muttered. "Toby?"She asked Sweeney Nodded. Things got silent for a moment, but that Silence was broken by the sound of the barbershop door slamming open Mrs Lovett flinched and turned to see what it was Sweeney remained calm. It was Anthony. "Oh, Anthony." Mrs Lovett started "You gave me a fright" "Sorry, Ma'am." Anthony Said. the slam of the door had woken Sandi. She laid there trying to hear what was to be said. Why the door slammed and who was there. She made out the faint voice to be Anthony, chatting with Mrs Lovett, Sweeney not speaking yet
"What brings you, boy?" Sweeney said faintly, quiet enough that Sandi could not hear him well. the curiousity got the best of her, and she crept over towards the door and placed her ear to it "Mr Todd, I Have unawnsered questions" the sailor started. Mrs Lovett gave Sweeney a glance. "What is it Anthony?" Sweeney asked. "Last Evening, i ran into the young lad employed by you ma'am. Toby. He rambled on about You Both being dead...and then living...and you killing Mrs Lovett." Sweeney didn't speak. He was trying to get words, Mrs Lovett didn't speak either. Sandi in the doorway was hoping that he'd get a good responce. "And the Scar...on your Neck Mr Todd.." He continued. "What happend...." Sweeney snicked. 'Do i tell the boy, or do i lie to him?' Sweeney Thought. "It's really a long story.." Sweeney Finaly Said. "What do you mean..?" "Ugh"
Sweeney Sighed and rubbed his temples. "Look, Anthony...All of this is true.." Mrs Lovett and Sandi both were shocked out of their minds he didn't lie. Anthony however was shocked worse. "What?" Anthony said slightly scared. "Don't over react, Anthony. All this had there reasonings.." "You...You Killed her....and shes living? W-Why?" "Its more than complicated... Something Mrs Lovett said, a lie, that angered me into Burning her... and we are living because-" He was cut off "They are living because of me..." Sandi entered her long hair in a braid. " I brought him back using a witchcraft....i ran away from my orphanage... and i found him dead.. my only living family member. He brought Mrs Lovett back from Guilt."
"Toby slit my own neck not realizing why i had killed Mrs Lovett." Anthony listening began to slowley understand everything. Now realzing because of that one man (Judge Turpin) why Sweeney Todd became who he was today. He didn't exactly like the fact his best friend was a muderer...But he had a purpose. He felt the pain Sweeney had. Sweeney was really the only friend Anthony ever had. He knew that Sweeney would never try to hurt him. It would take time to get over, But he would manage. Swearing not to tell a soul of to what happend.
To Help a friend.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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