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Avenging Sweeney


© karutimburtonfan

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Anthony finally knew the truth and some how understood all of it. He sat there for a moment with Mrs Lovett, Sweeney and Sandi. The one thing he didn't fully understand was why he murdered all the people before the judge. Though he did not question it. He looked at the girl who claimed to be a family member to Sweeney. They did have quite a resemblance to each other. Mainly in the eyes. Anthony had a few other questions, though he could save them for another time. He felt grateful his friend truthfully told him. Johanna was correct. Things would become clear. After a long moment of silence, Anthony then stood up to get ready to leave. He then stopped dead in his tracks. This received puzzled looks from all three of them.
"Johanna.." He stated
"What about her, love?" Mrs Lovett questioned.
Anthony then turned around. "Mr Todd. What about Johanna? Will she be permitted to know?"
Mrs Lovett and Sandi looked to Sweeney for his answer. 'My daughter.. Perhaps she would understand as the sailor has. What if i am never able to see her..?'
"Mr Todd?" he repeated.
Sandi stepped over to Anthony and brought him to the side.
"Mr Anthony.. I don't recall he told you...But Johanna is my sister. He has never seen her, which is why he was so willing to help you. He is afraid of you telling her, simply because he is afraid he'll never get to see her."
Anthony nodded. "I understand. I am sure she will understand. I hope so at least. I hadn't realized that was why he was so willing to assist me.."
Sandi nodded. "I'd love to meet my sister as well. I haven't seen her since i was very little." She smiled at him.
"I should be on my way." He smiled. then turned to leave. Anthony walked down the stairs and out of the shop He started to walk to where he and Johanna currently lived. Toby had been lurking around the corner, keeping a look out. He wanted to know what the deal was. Why were the two living? He watched the sailor leave the shop. By the time he reached home, the sun was just about down. To not worry Johanna about her father, he would wait till the morning to tell what he had learnt.
Sandi was looking the mirror of her room. She twirled her long hair in her fingers looking at the white streak through it. "Perhaps my hair is a bit to long. Maybe it would be easier to tend to if it was a bit shorter." She then touched the streak "And maybe i should get rid of this. It isn't my trademark. It is fathers." She yawned lightly. "I'll rest now and i will debate in the morning what i should do." She smiled then walked from the mirror and peered out her door and saw Sweeney simply standing by the window. He had been thinking again of the red headed women. Mrs Lovett. She smiled again and then went over to her bed, climbed in and covered herself. Shortly, she began to drift off to sleep.
Sandi awoke the next morning yawning lightly. She stretched lightly before stepping out of bed and over to her closet. She took a red gown out and begin to dress herself. Sandi always had to dress herself. Unlike most girls, she had never had a maid to assist her. She opened the door, seeing Sweeney standing in the window. For a moment she had thought he didn't sleep at all. She approached her father. "Good morning father" She said with a light smile. "Did you sleep well?"
"I suppose so.." He said quiet, almost coldly.
"Are you still thinking about Anthony and Johanna..from last nights events?"
"Yes, a bit.." He replied quietly.
Sandi nodded then went down to the pie shop where Mrs Lovett was located.
"Good morning, Sandi." She greeted her with a smile.
"Good Morning, Mrs Lovett." She smiled lightly back "I think father is worried..About everything that has happened last night with Anthony."
"Yes, poor thing. desperately wishes to see his other daughter."
Sandi nodded. After a moment, Sweeney entered the pie shop joining the two.
"Good morning, Mr T!" Mrs Lovett smiled
Sweeney replied with a simple 'Mhm.' The morning seemed to go by fairly slow. Soon, the shops began to open. Sweeney and Mrs Lovett began to get to work. Sandi started by assisting Mrs Lovett and after a while went up to help her father, who had just killed off another victim for Mrs Lovett's meat pies.
"Hello father. " She said with a light smile.
"Hello, Sandi." He replied looking up at her, sending the body to the cellar.
" are not busy...I think i want you to cut my hair a little bit."
"You wish for your hair to be cut?" He raised his eyebrow lightly.
Sandi nodded. "I think it would be easier to tend to if it was a bit shorter."
Without speaking, he motioned for Sandi to sit in the chair. She carefully walked over to the chair and sat down in it, sitting back. He took her long hair in his fingers.
"Such long hair you have, Sandi. How short would you like it..?"
"At my back."
He took the scissors out, as Sandi shut her eyes. He began to cut her hair. After a short moment, the hair that was once to her knees was to her back. She opened her eyes then getting up to look in the mirror. She smiled at his work. "Thank you father." She then went over and hugged him lightly. He then placed his arms around her and hugged his daughter back with a small smile. "Your..welcome.."

---The other side of London---
"Johanna. Do you remember what i had told you about Mr Todd The other day?"
She looked at him and nodded slightly. "Yes, have you figured anything out?"
"Well..Yes. I have figured out that..first Mr Todd is your father. Also..everything the boy said..was true."
Johanna's eyes widened in shock "Wh-what..?

OMG i updated!!! took me long enough. Well, i don't think this is very good, but hopefully it will satisfy the ones who liked it and are looking forward to me posting XD So i plan to do more and i had writers block. So hopefully as i write they will get better~

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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