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Avenging Sweeney

Bring Him To Life?

© karutimburtonfan

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Chapter 4

Sandi Was sitting in the little seat in the the pie shop. she had been sobbing. She would often glance up and look up out the window and see the Happy People walk by.. "Their happy." She Said.."But i am not" She continued to Sob. Sandi had now thought the fates hated her. She didnt know her mother and her father was dead. She had No friends outside the orphange and no where to go. Sandi Sighed. She the glanced over to her bag. Inside was a book. She didnt remember what the book was. Alot had been on her mind. She then walked over to the bag and pulled it out. The book was on Witchcraft. She then remembered how she wanted to learn more about it, so stole it from the orphange. Why they had a book like that there she didnt know. She opened the book and flipped through it.
She sat there continuing to read. she also kept looking to the picture of her late father. Sweeney. She stoked her hair. While Skimming the Book, She managed to Get upstairs to the Barber shop. Browsing around she saw a Photograph. It was a Woman and a Baby. From the Small Glimpse of the Woman Downstairs she looked very similar to the woman in the Photograph. "That Woman....was in Fathers arms. As if he loved her. Maybe.....They were in a relationship of Somesort....that would be a reason to Have a photo." She Looked around again. Her Father was a barber right? Could this be his shop? of Course. He was Holding that woman Before he died. Well. before he was murdered. Surely that was someone important to him..... Why else would he have this photo of her? and the Baby. was clear now. The woman was his wife. and the little baby was her sister. Maybe Half sister. She didnt exactly know, if the woman was her mother. She then sat in the chair. The famous barber chair and continued to read from the book. She then came to a Chapter on bringing the Dead to life. No. She thought. Can that really be possible? can you really bring the dead back? This began to intrest her. So she continued to read. She read the entire chapter atleast twice through. "Maybe...this works..." She thought. "Perhaps...I could...try...and bring them to life!" She exclaimed. "Hey, What have i got to loose....right?"
Sandi Smiled and Ran down the stairs and back into the pie shop. She then returned to the Cellar where she had the Horrid Memory of seeing her father. Dead.
Sandi began to lit several Candles. She then went over to the Woman. Lucy. She then carefuly began to try and get Lucy out of Her fathers arms. She groaned. but genently laid her down. Sandi then sat next to her. She felt it Sort of Erie to sit next to dead body. She shivered, but stayed calm. She then began to read the spell from the book.
Nothing happend
So She tried again. She repeted the Words again.
She wondered if she said it wrong..or something. So she tried once more. But still No luck. She sighed. Then bringing the Body a bit away from her father. She then sat next to her father. Sweeney was huntched Over. Sandi sobbed a bit to see him like that. She Then Laid him down. saying the words calmer than ever she began to say the spell.
Things were quiet. She was afraid it had not worked. She said it once more then squinted her eyes shut. She then opened them Quickly. In case something should happen.
and it did
Sweeney's Heart Nearly jumped out of his chest and his eyes flicked open. Then Shut. His heart was beating. But he had Passed out.
HES ALIVE? XD Maaaaaybe. Smile You'll Have 2 Read to find out Smile and ITS LONGER! Grin XD
So I Hope you Enjoy'd! Grin

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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