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Avenging Sweeney

An unpleasnt Flashback

© karutimburtonfan

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Chapter 6

My Daughter? Sweeney's head was all screwed up... My Daughter? How could i have forgotten her? he kept thinking, but he never spoke. He only could Remember Johanna. His other Daughter. He thought his only daughter. But apperently, Johanna was his Second born daughter. things were quiet. very quiet. "hello?" Sandi asked worried. He wasnt speaking. Suddenly he broke his silence. Seeing the necklace she was wearing. It was an L Shape. "who was your mother child?" Sweeney asked all comfused. "i think her name was Lucy.. Its been a long complicated morning..for me." Sweeney Nodded. Things were very screwy for him. He tried to move his head, only snickering and groaning from the pain. Touching his neck, He realized he was covered in blood. What happend recently? and why couldnt he remember?
"Sandi How did you find me?" "I Lived in an Orphange since i was very little. and early this morning i snuck away remembering one name. Benjamin Barker. which my mother told me alot about him who is you are.... i then found out you were murdered...A boy told me. Infact it was the boy whom killed you." The boy whom killed him...He thought again....Who killed me? "i can't remember anything of that evening...its very faint.. all i know is Benjamin Barker. That man is dead. Its Todd Now. Sweeney Todd." Sandi smiled. "Sweeney Todd"

Sandi then Went to get a damp cloth to help her father clean the blood off his face and neck. His hands where too bloody. Hers were as well, but are clean now. Gently tending to him, and gently cleaning off his neck Sweeney began to question. "Wheres my Life, Lucy?" "Father, She was dead too. I tried to bring her back the way i had you, but there was no luck." Sweeney Let out a sigh. Relizing She was Gone. He felt Alone. His Wife was dead. He never really met his Johanna. The Sailor, Anthony Eloped with her. He had Sandi. Maybe for now, it would satisify him. Maybe.
Sweeney Then began to Stand up, But let out this groan. he was a bit weak, and his neck was killing him. Sandi Too stood up with him, only to sit him down. "Father, i think you should rest a little bit. You still are not yourself." Sweeney Then sat down. She was right. Maybe a small rest. Then he would continue on. He layed back on the couch of Mrs Lovetts Livingroom and glanced around the room a little bit. Then Slowley shut his eyes and fell asleep. Sandi Too slept in the livingroom with him, She had no where else to sleep, But if she did, this would be to Moniter Him
The London Sky began to lighten. The sky was Partly Cloudy. Sweeney Opened his eyes. A bit of light peaked in through the Window. He sat up trying to remember all that has happend. He thought he was dead,waking up in Mrs Lovett's Old livingroom, only showed he was no longer dead. Sandi Barker. How could he forget his own daughter. Inless he was dreaming. He looked up and saw no one in the room. He couldn't Of been dreaming...Could he? Why would he dream himself up a love child? Sweeney grinned for a moment, But then returning back to a netrual Frown he went into the Pie shop. Many Memorys which were far away in his mind happend here.
Sandi Was sitting at the table. "Good Morning, Father" She greated him with a smile. He only could give a small smirk. After Drinking Tea and Becoming awake, Sweeney Disided to take a tour of what he remembered as his home. His neck Still ached. A Permant scar would remain. He Climbed up the stairs to his old Barber shop. He spent most of his time there. He scaned the room. Everything looked slightly farmilliar. He wasn't sure if he remembered it. He glanced down at a picture frame. It Contained His Wife Lucy and His second born, Johanna. He smiled at the Picture. His Memory of them was Little. He knew of them. He remembered a Sailor. Anthony...But It was very brief. "How long have i been gone?" He thought to himself. He placed the Photo on the desk and made his way back downstairs.
Sandi sat there combing her hair. He then made his way to The Bacement. Opening the door, a smell hit him. An Odd smell as if hes smelt it before. But he continued down..It seemed fairly dark. Looking for a bit of light he opened the little Firebit door. Showing a Farm fire, that lit the room. The Day of his death was a bit un clear. A couple words rang through his head. Turpin. Bedlam. Johanna. Beadle. Anthony. When he attempted putting them together not all of them didn't Quite make since. He remembered he murdered for Vengance til the day he got the judge. But did he? He gave a sigh. He couldn't remember that. He glanced down at the floor. Seeing blood. That would explain his Bloody face. He had Murdered someone...or some people.. The night of his death. That could of been his fate. The blood led to a body. A womans Body. He got closer. Scootching down to get a better view of her. "L..Lucy?" Sweeney Blinked into a flash back.
He saw Anthony Perfectly. His exact words "He has her locked in the mad House."
"Bedlam. We'll Set you up as a wigmakers Aprentice. That'll gain you acess. Then you take her"
"Don't I Know you...Mister?" " His Razor Slit her neck. The judge entered He sat him in the chair. The Years, No Doubt have changed me sir. But then i supsose the face of a barber. The face of a Prisoner in the dock is not Particularly Memorable" "Benjamin...Barker?" "BENJAMIN BARKER!" He stabbed Judge Turpin Torturing him to the death. His flashback then changed "'Don't I Know you?' She said. You knew she lived. You Lied to me..." "REALLY LIVING IT!" Mrs Lovett was buring in frount of his eyes
~End of flash back~
It was all clear to him now.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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