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Avenging Sweeney

Sandi Todd

© karutimburtonfan

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Chapter 7

Sweeney felt Outraged. Hurt. Angry. Suprised. Shocked. Sad. So Many Emotions Locked inside him. Mostly the Anger and the Rage and a bit of sadness showed though. He climbed the stairs returning to the pieshop of Mrs Lovetts. He remembered it all. His Wife, Her Death, The Judge, Mrs Lovetts Lies. He couldn't Help but fear he had done a horrible thing. Mrs Lovett was a friend. as well as the sailor.
He wondered how he had No memory of his first born, Sandi. She looked up when she saw him enter the shop. She looked up at him. "Father? Are you alright?" " I remember" was all he said. She thought for a moment. "Remember?" "My Death...and Everything before.." "what Happend?" Sandi said looking a bid sad for him, But curious to what he had to say. " The man who arrested me 15 years ago.... Locked My other daughter, Johanna in foggs asylum...I sent the close friend of mine, the sailor after her..
I sent him as a Wig makers Aprentice....then Killing my wife without knowing that was she....then my revenge on the judge... then figuring out a friend of mine lied to me, where i figured Lucy was dead...I burned the friend, Then my throat slit. By Toby Ragg." Sandi Felt her eyes tear a little. She felt so bad for him. "i..I am So sorry this happend Father...." " Do not be, Sandi...I wanted to die that day. Now, Sweeney's Back...and he's Feeling Vengance." Sandi Smiled at him. "I want to help, Sir." Sweeney Smiled back lightly "alright..." He simply said.
He went up to the Barber shop, Retreving his razor. Touching the photo of Lucy and Johanna. Sandi then entered the room, Seeing the look on his face while looking at the photo of his Late Wife. "Was...She the One in the Cellar?" Sweeney Nodded. "I....Tried to bring her back, Father. But.. there was no luck..." Sweeney Stayed silent. letting himself think. Soon he relized, She was gone. He wished she could be brought back like he was but knew She cannot. He sighed. He wanted a proper Buiral for Lucy though. It was the Least he could do.......

~ Returning back to the Otherside of London~

Nearly two days ago, Johanna and Anthony went off together. staying a bit close, So Anthony could Vist Sweeney. Which he then began to think. Was that really Mr Todd? The one Johanna Refured to? He figured he go sometime today...before the day is out. However, Anthony did wish to spend time with Johanna. The girl he had been admiring from the outside of her window for awhile now. She was finaly free. She was sitting by the window Sewing. Watching the Birds fly tree to tree. Anthony went up behind her. "so. Johanna," Anthony's Sweet and kind Voice came from behind her "How does it feel to have sort of free will?" She smiled up at him. "So far its wonderful.." He quiet and sweet voice replied. Johanna glanced into Anthony's Blue eyes. She found him Very cute and Hansome. If it was not for him, she would be in Judge Turpins Home. Or Even Bedlam right now. She felt sort of greatful to him. She suddenly smiled. She sorta shocked herself with her thoughts. She began to wonder how Anthony's Lips Felt. The strange kind of feeling she had. She just wanted to kiss him. Just for a minute. Anthony had been having simliar thoughts as well. He sort of longed to kiss her as well. Without knowning the two of them had the same thoughts in mind, they slowley leaned closer to each other. Slowley there lips touched. Johanna's Wish came true. When there lips parted, Anthony smiled at her, and she smiled back.

~ the Pie/Barber Shop~

Sweeney Brought lucy to a secret place only he and Sandi Knew of. Properly laying her to rest. It was a sad moment for them both, but more towards Sweeney. He did know her the best. He hid his Emotions back. Once they returned back, they entered through the pie shop. Things were quiet for a moment. Sandi Began to look though the items she brought with her. She had a Photograph of Elizabeth. She missed her best friend. Sandi then Relized. She had no clothing besides what she had on and a night gown. Sweeney Couldnt help but notice that as well. "father..?" Sandi's Voice finaly spoke breaking there silence. Sweeney Glanced over to her. " be alright if you took me into i could buy some cloth? to make clothing?" Sweeney Smirked lightly and nodded. He took her into the town so that they could shop. When Returning. Sandi had bought a similar black vest to her Fathers and kept the white shirt she had. She also bought red and black cloth. Sweeney Led her upstairs, and attached onto the barber shop was a couple sparerooms, which he let her in the space bedroom. He nodded to her and then went down stairs into the pie shop. Sandi However, sat down with the cloth and began to create a similar pattern to her fathers pants, but diffrent Much Diffrent. it was not a gown, and not a pair of pants. It was what Sandi Called The bottom of a gown, but shorter. It was Red with Black stripes.Putting her new Attire on, She then entered the Barber shop which was empty. She was alone in there. She picked up one of his razors and looked at its Beauty,She then raised it to the sky. " To Avenge my Mother, and to help my father in vengance, I will do whatever i can to help him! I will take the Name 'Todd'! Sandi Amber Todd!" she exclaimed.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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