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Avenging Sweeney

True Love and Comfusion

© karutimburtonfan

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Chapter 8

Sandi Returned The Razor Back to its Case. She then Made her way down the stairs Wearing her short Mini Gown. It was Impropper for a Lady to Show off her legs like that. In Sandi's Orphange it was diffrent. They didn't Go Outside too Often. Nor did they need to Worry. There Uniform (which was Similar to what Sandi Had on Now) Was Only worn in there time living there. When Adopted they were Clothed into a Gown.
Living in the Orphange was another matter. She would not wear that in Public. She had a Red Gown to wear out. When She entered the Shop, Sweeney Didn't Speak to her, He looked to be in deep thought. Was he Plotting Something?
~Back to the Other Side of London~
Johanna was Seated at the Window. It felt weird to not be placed there. Although she was free she just sorta sat there. It may be hard to Adjust to not sitting there. The Couple had Eloped A Couple Nights ago. Maybe Anthony Was Right. Maybe all there Dreams Would true. To Be Loved By a Man Who Cares. Johanna Finaly Had that. Something About Anthony She loved. Not Just his Sweet and Kindheart.
She Loved Him when She first saw him. Like Love at First Sight. She went Over to Join Him by the fireplace. She remembered her first time seeing him. Which caused her to Remember The other things that Happened in between. She shivered thinking about The night they eloped.
The Man with the white streak nearly ending her life, she got frighted. Anthony Noticed her remembering. and that she was sorta afraid He Pulled her close to him. She then felt safe in his arms. She had also Remembered everything he'd Been though and Just to Save her.
"Johanna?" His Sweet Voice asked "yes Anthony?" Her Quiet pretty Voice Responded. "Johanna, You Do Know that i Love you right?" "yes, Anthony. and I Love you too. Which is Why i agreed to Join you." Anthony Smiled. He then Leaned in to Kiss his Wife. She closed her eyes Accepting his kiss.
Something inside the young girl wanted him to do more than just Kiss her. the thoughts worried her, It was not propper for a Lady to think thoughts like this, she believed. but it was only the Lords Truth. The sailor Did not want to Push anything apon her. but to his suprise She did not want there kiss to End. He could tell in her eyes, She wanted something more.
*A Couple Hours Later*
Johanna Had been resting. He than began to think. Johanna's Terrified of a Man. Who she descriped sounded much like Mr Todd. Maybe he should talk to him. Yes. Maybe i should. He looked at his beautiful Johanna Sleeping so Beautifuly. He kissed her forhead and a small smile brushed acrossed Her face.
He touched her cheek and scurried out towards Fleet Street. it was a somewhat Long walk, so he'd better get prepared. In about 20 Minutes, Anthony made it to the Little shop. and at this hour, he assumed it would be opened. He remembered just a few days ago the shop had great Buiessness.
As he walked past the window of the pie shop he saw a young lady similar to Sweeney, He peered in. Sandi looked up and Saw the Boy around 17 years looking into the shop. She got up and let him in. "Oh Hello Ma'am. am i intreupting something? is Mr Todd. Or Mrs Lovett Around?" Mrs Lovett? Sandi Looked at him Comfused. Suddenly Sweeney Entered the shop Sweeney looked at him from the back a moment. "Anthony?" He asked. "Mr Todd!" Anthony exclaimed. Sweeney Stood in silence. Not Knowing exactly what to do or say.
"Mr Todd?" He asked again. "Anthony. I Beg your indulgence Anthony. I've been though alot in the past couple days." "What Do you mean?" "its a long story.." "Look Mr Todd. Im Sure of that. Johanna is afraid of Something. The day i brought her to your home, she said she was threatned by a man with a Razor who was described as you." "as. Me?" "yes Mr Todd." "That..Was Johanna? The lad dressed to Look like a boy?" "Yes Sir. It was to hide her." He looked at His Neck, Which revield a mark, a scar, looking like someone slit his neck.. "What's Happend to you Mr Todd?" He asked
Voila! Heres a new Chapter. Better than the Last...=3 but u know blah! the the title sucks but u know. and i ran outta ideas so thats why i ended it. Plus at a cliff hanger. =3 Hope u enjoyed

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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