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Avenging Sweeney


© karutimburtonfan

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Chapter 9

"Mr Todd?" Anthony asked again Sweeney Covered his neck by the shirts Collar. He Then Let out a Sigh. "Alot has Happend Anthony. I Can Hardly Explain." Which Sweeney was Sorta Lying. He could, but doubted the Sailor would understand. "Wheres that Scar From? What happend to your Buissness..and Mrs Lovett's. Where is she? it looks so..Dead.." Sweeney Began to think. 'The Boy is asking to much...What do i do..." He thought. Then he got it. "Oh The Buissness is still up and around. We Just Have not opened today. Mrs Lovetts Not here now, But shes around.... Probably out Shopping.. for items to make the pies" Sweeney Lied.
"Oh. I see.." Anthony Said looking around. He looked abit worried. "Then...Was that you, Mr Todd With the Razor? and Johanna? " Anthony asked again. Sweeney Then thought "Damn it, What the hell do i say to him? I cant tell him i am a Muderer can i? no. He wouldnt understand why i am what i am. "Well, Anthony. That was Myself. But It was nothing she should worry about just a miss understanding. Women Should not be dressed the way she was..."
Sweeney lied again Sandi smiled "Yes Sir. Thank you sir for clearing things up. Oh And Mr Todd, Tell Mrs Lovett that i said Hello." Anthony Smiled then left the shop. Sweeney Let out a groan then sat down. "Damn it all to Hell..i tried to kill my daughter, ive been lying to the sailor. and I lied about...." Sweeney then broke into Silence. "Father? You lied about..? " "Nellie." He spoke out "Sir, Who is Nellie?" Sweeney Sighed again
"Nellie Lovett. Mrs Lovett and i worked together. She ran downstairs Serving pies. I ran a barbershop upstairs. When I returned from Austrailla, She Informed me My Wife, your mother, Lucy. Was Dead. Later on, I found out She lied to me and she was still living..I made this Discovery when i saw her lying dead in my Cellar. I Killed her. Only because she lied to me. Told me she posioned herself. She was a Beggar..Refuring to Mrs Lovett as a Devil. " Sweeney Glared. "because of her, and her lies. I killed my wife!!" He exclaimed.
He was angery now. "Wait...You Lied to That Sailor about " "I told her i forgave her...then threw her in the Oven. Shes Gone." Sandi let out a gasp "Shes the One you burnt!" Sweeney Nodded then placed his head in his hands "Fuck." He groaned out "are you Going to Continue to Lie to him? What...will you do if he comes and wishes to see her?" "I Guess i'll Continue to Fucking Lie to him... Damn it..." Sandi Thought about it for a Moment. "Father? Do you..Love this Mrs Lovett?" Sweeney Looked up at her "Huh?! What?! No! Of Course not! Why On Earth would you say such a thing?!" "Well, It just Seemed like you did. Sorry." "No. No. I Don't She lied and i killed my wife because of her..No..."
Sandi Then Tried to Change the subject. " So uh. Are we gonna open the shops or atleast yours?" Sweeney Thought about it " Not sure.." It stayed Silent for a moment when Suddenly Sweeney and Sandi were going up the stairs to the barbershop. Sandi went into her room Sweeney went to his barber chair and sat in it. Sandi's Words rang through his head. 'Do you Love this Mrs Lovett?' "no. I Dont." Sweeney Thought. "No I Dont love her! Don't Ever let yourself think you do Sweeney! She caused you to loose your wife. you don't love her and you don't miss her." Sweeney was only lying to himself.
Somewhere inside him, he felt something, Even if it was slighty, he felt something for that Red head Mrs Lovett. He Knew he couldnt Have Lucy Anymore..He didn't Even Have Mrs Lovetts Compainionship.
Or Atleast He thought....

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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