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Luna's Stories

© ghostwolf23

Find out what's been going on with Luna and the gang before and after the madness started.Join Luna,James,Kaze and the gang on a series of stories taking place before or after the Luna and the Giant Peach fanfics. Smile Please enjoy! Wink

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This series of stories take place before or after the events of the fanfics staring Luna and the gang.Please enjoy these little tales about Luna and her friends. Smile
Chapter 1:Safety
Takes place:After Luna and the Giant Peach.Before Luna and the Return of the Aunts,Luna and the Moonlight Romance and James's Party.
Staring:Luna,James,Centipede and Ms.Spider.
Description:Luna is in a race against time to save a little boy who's been missing for weeks from a burning building that won't hold much longer.This is the story of Luna's first child she saved since she and the others started to live in the peach pit house in New York.This is how she rescued that child and how she earned the title as "New York's Protector".
"Luna!Luna!LUNA!"a voice yelled.

Luna awoke from her slubber with a start.What was all the yelling about?Centipede burst through the door,followed by Ms.Spider afterwards.

"Come quick!It's the police at the door!They said they found that little boy who's been missin' for weeks!He's inside a burnin' building!"Centipede yelled.

James awoke as well when hearing this.Luna knew this was her first child she had to save.What if she didn't make it in time?She had to get there!Luna jumped to her feet and ran off.She rushed past the police at the door and ran off to the city.

"Great...My first day on the job and I over sleep,"Luna thought,"Don't think about that!Think about the boy!"

Luna sniffed the air and caught wiff of burning wood.She got the scent.She ran,following the smell and she gasped when she saw the building.She thought the building would be small,like a house,but it was a 12 story apartment!The whole thing was on fire!

"Oh no...,"Luna gasped.

"Luna!You're here!"the chief of police called,"The boy's on the inside!We belive he's on the 10th floor,but we can't get him to call to us.We need you to go in and smell him out,"

"I can't do that!It's smoke!"Luna cried.

"Just go!"the police yelled and cleared a pathway for Luna.

Centipede,Ms.Spider and James appeared later and gasped when they saw the building.Mr.Grasshopper was walking by when he saw it and Earthworm was too.Mrs.Ladybug was there with the doctors and Gloworm was with her.The whole family spotted Luna jumping into the flaming doorway of the building.

"Luna!NO!"James yelled.

Luna coughed abit once she was inside the building.Her eyes begin to water due to the smoke.She searched for the stairs and found them not a few feet away.She started to climb them and looked on each floor for the boy.

"Where are you?!"she would call,but she wouldn't get a answer.

She finally reached the 10th floor and started to search for the boy.

"HELP!"a voice cried.

Luna's ears perked up and she listen for it again.

"HELP!"the voice cried again.

Luna followed the cry for help and she could just see something crouched in a corner.She crawled up to it and nudged it with her head.The object moved back and looked up at her with pleading green eyes.The figure was crying and was covered in scars on his face.

"Are you Roger?"Luna asked trying not to choke.

The figure nodded.

"Okay Roger,I'm Luna,"Luna said,"I'm going to get you out of here okay,"

"You can't!"the boy cried,"They'll kill me if I move from this spot,"

"Who will kill you?"Luna asked.

"The ones who kidnapped me,"the boy cried.

Luna looked around for anyone else,"I don't see anyone else besides you and me.Now climb on,"

Luna knelt down and the boy climbed onto her back and held on tightly to her fur.Luna looked around for a way out,but she begin to panic.The way she came was suddenly blocked by flames.

"Luna!I'm scared!"Roger cried.

"It's okay just...don't look at it,"Luna said.

Suddenly,Luna heard footsteps.Was it the police?Fire department?She saw two figures appear in the smoke.

"Where's that brat?"one asked.

"Look!Over there!"the other called,"It's some kind of dog,"

"Dog?"the other figure turned toward Luna,"That's no dog.That's a wolf!That one that lives with the boy and bugs!Get her!"

The figures ran toward her and Roger.Luna begin to panic even more.The building begin to creek.It wasn't going to hold much longer.

"Dude,forget about her!Lets get out of here!"the other yelled.

The two figures ran out of the building down the burning staircase.Luna didn't hear any screams of pain.She crawled closer to the staircase and saw it was okay to walk down.She ran as fast as she could,keeping Riger on her back.Roger would start to yell when he heard the building creek even more.

"There's got to be another way out,"Luna thought when she saw the doorway blocked with flames,"That's the only way out,isn't it?"

Luna searched around and saw a small hole in the wall.She walked over to it and peeked through.It led outside to the police and her family standing with Roger's family.She turned to Roger.

"Roger,listen to me okay?"Roger nodded,"I need you to crawl through this hole.It will get you outside,"

"But what about you?"Roger asked.

"I'll follow right behind you,"Luna answered,"After I take care of something,"

Roger slid off her back and got down on his hands and knees.He crawled through the hole.

"Look!"James yelled.

Centipede ran up to the figure crawling out of the building and picked it up.He ran up to Roger's family and gave him to his mother.

"He's alright,"Centipede said to his mother.

The mother cried tears of joy,"Thank Luna for us.Please,"

"I will,"Centipede looked around for Luna,"Speakin' of which,where is Luna?"

Roger looked up at Centipede,"She's...she's...*cough*..inside the building still.She told me she had something to take care off,"

Centipede shot a worried look at Ms.Spider and James.James quickly tried to run to the building,but Ms.Spider held him back.

"Let me go!She'll die,"James cried.

Luna wasn't dead though.She was still alive,searching for the kidnappers.The smell of smoke had clung to her fur and it made it hard to breath.She spotted two figures running around on the first floor.They tried to break a window with a chair,untouched by fire.She ran toward them.

"This is for Roger!"she yelled.

The two figures turned to her and the last thing they ever saw was a flash of white and fangs aiming for them.James and the others waited outside still.They searched for a sign of Luna.Nothing so far.Suddenly the police gave a loud shout.James and the rest of the family looked up and saw a white wolf walk out of the building through the hole pulling two bodies with it.The police ran toward the wolf and took the bodies to their cars.The wolf ran toward Roger's family and Roger wrapped his arms around it.James ran toward them and he gasped when he realized it was Luna.

"Luna!"Luna looked up at James after Roger broke the hug,"You crazy wonderful wolf!"

James started to hug Luna as well.A newspaper reporter came up to the family and asked if he could have a picture for the newspaper.The family nodded and they all posed for the picture.That memory was forever graved into Luna's mind forever.She never forgot her crazy little stunt that she pulled,let alone knew why she did it.It was to save a life.It was to bring the child to safety and boy did she enjoy it.

That's the end of this story.I got more coming so be on the look out for more.I got a million of them. Wink

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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