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Luna's Stories


© ghostwolf23

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Chapter 10: Porposal
Takes place:After Luna and the Giant Peach,James's Party,Luna and the Moonlight Romance,The Power Within and Luna and the Return of the Aunts.Before The Moonlight Legend.
Starring:Luna,Kaze,Centipede and Ms.Spider
Description:While out on a date,Luna and Kaze run into Centipede and Ms.Spider.They had to get away from them without being caught,but they witness something unforgettable.
"Kaze,where are we going?"Luna asked her boyfriend.

Kaze returned for the spring season and he decided to take Luna out.He was taking her to their favorite restarunt in New York.

"Well,I decided that we should take a walk and go by our favorite restarunt,"Kaze said stepping aside revivling the Bella Notte restarunt.

Luna gasped and she smiled,"Kaze,you didn't,"

"I did,"Kaze said laughing.

They walked up to the waiter standing outside and he led them to their table.It was set up next to the fountain outside the building.The waiter then brought out a plate of spaggettie.He set it down in front of the two wolves,bowed and then left to wait other tables inside and out.

"So what's been going on in your family?"Kaze asked,"Anything new?"

"Well,Mr.Grasshopper has two performances going on this week,Earthworm's new smooth cream commercial is coming along good,"Luna said.

"How's Mrs.Ladybug?"Kaze asked,"She been good?"

"Oh yes.She's been fine.Working late on some nights at the hospital,"Luna said.

"Gloworm?"Kaze asked.

"Nothing much to report there,"Luna answered laughing.

"How's the mayor doing?"Kaze asked.

"He's been good.He's been getting ready for two meetings this whole week,"Luna said.

"And Ms.Spider?"

"She's been fine,"

"No fights with Centipede what's so ever?"

"None.Ever since they started dating,they haven't been fighting at all,"

"Well,lets dig in before it gets cold,"Kaze said.

The two wolves started to suck up the noodles and chew the meatballs till there was nothing left on the plate.While eating the same noodle,their noses touched.They blushed and continued to eat their dinner.When they finnished,the waiter came by and cleaned the table.

"Come.I'll walk you home...,"Kaze was then interrupted by Luna.

"Oh no...,"she whispered.

Kaze looked over the waterfall flowing from the top of the fountain and he saw what she was nervous about.There,sitting outside at the table in front of the pathway to the house was Centipede and Ms.Spider.

"Ms.Spider will kill me if she catchs me here,"Luna said.

"What?I thought you were free tonight,"Kaze said confussed.

"I was,but...then Ms.Spider said she needed me to watch James while she and Centipede went out.Everyone else even James told me to go ahead and go out with you tonight,"Luna said.

"Well,we could go ahead right now and sneak past them,"Kaze said,"They're not looking.They're paying the check,"

"I agree,"Luna said.

They were just about to leave when something caught Luna's eye.She turned back to Centipede and Ms.Spider and she quickly stopped dead in her tracks.Kaze turned back to her.

"Luna,what's wrong?"he asked.

"Look,"Kaze turned to the couple.

"Why?What's going on?"he asked.

Centipede stood out of his seat got down on one knee and pulled out a ring box from his back pocket.Kaze's eyes grew wide.

"Is he going to do what I think he's going to do?"Kaze asked.

"I believe so,"Luna said smiling.

Centipede took Ms.Spider's hands in two of his and he took a deep breath.

"Ms.Spider,we've known each other for awhile now and I just have one question for ya,"Centipede opened the box with one of his other hands,"Will ya marry me?"

Ms.Spider smiled and she looked like she was about to cry,"Oh Centipede.Yes.Yes I will!"

Centipede slipped the ring on her fingur and they hugged each other.They then kissed.Luna smiled and Kaze did as well.

"It's so romanctic,"Luna sighed.

"That reminds me,"Kaze said,"Luna,we've known each other for almost a year and though we don't spend much time together due to me being around the world and all,I just want to know,will you marry me?"

Luna smiled and licked the side of Kaze's face,"I will Kaze.I will,"

Kaze smiled and licked her back.The two wolves headed back to the house,together forever.

This is a sort of introduction to Luna and Kaze's future before The Moonlight Legend.I'll soon type that story.Proubly tomarrow. SmileMORE WILL COME!!!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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