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Luna's Stories

Lost Memory

© ghostwolf23

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This was a request.
Chapter 11:Lost Memory
Takes place:After Luna and the Giant Peach,James's Party and Luna and the Moonlight Romance.Before Luna and the Return of the Aunts and The Moonlight Legend.
Starring:Luna,James,Centipede,Ms.Spider,Mr.Grasshopper,Earthworm,Mrs.Ladybug and Gloworm.
Description:When Centipede gets knocked out,he forgets everything.Who he is,where he's from AND his family.Two men tell him a lie about James,Luna and the rest and he believes it.Can his family bring back his memories?
Centipede was on his way back from City Hall.He just got out of a meeting.He puffed out some smoke from his cigar as he went,greeting people here and there.

"Hope I didn't stay in that meetin' long,"Centipede said checking his watch,"Angel fangs will be SO mad if I'm late for dinner,"

Suddenly,out of nowhere,a shovel smacked him in the face.
"Where could he be?"Ms.Spider asked.

"It doesn't take that long to get from City Hall to here,"Luna said,"He should of been home by now,"

"Maybe he's lost,"Earthworm said.

"Impossible,"Mr.Grasshopper said,"He knows his way home,"

"I'll go look for him,"Luna said walking out of the house through the dog door.
Centipede opened his eyes and looked around him.His head was throbbing and he slowly sat up.

"What a party,"he murmered.

"Excuse me sir.Are you alright?"a man asked.

"I...I think so,"Centipede said.

"Hey Jo.He's up,"the man called.

Jo came over,"That was quite a fall you had just now,"

"Fall?"Centipede asked.

"Yeah.Fall,"Jo said,"You...uh...You fell down by slipping on a ice cube,"

"Do you remember sir?"the other man asked.

Centipede scrantched his head,"Nope.Can't quite recall.

"What's your name?"Jo asked.

"Um...,"Centipede took a long pause.He shook his head,"I can't remember,"

Jo and the other man turned to each other.They both smiled and started laughing.

"It worked,"Jo whispered.

"Never doudted you for a second,"the other man said.

Centipede looked around while the men were talking.The men turned back to him.

"Well sir,you must be new here to New York,"Jo said.

"New York?Where's that?"Centipede asked.

"It's where you are right this minute,"the other man said.

"Oh.Is there any place for me to stay?"Centipede asked.

"There's PLEANTY of places,but you don't want to stay with the Trotter family,"Jo said.

"The who?"Centipede asked.

"The Trotter family,"Jo repeated,"They live in this little peach pit house in the park.They're super evil.I heard they're planning on taking over the world,"

"Really?"Centipede said wided eyed.

"Yeah.They got this dog you's not a dog.It's a wolf!A evil wolf!It steals for them.Money,jewels,everything they need to take over the world,"the other man said.

"What's it name?"Centipede asked.

"Luna.It goes by the name of Luna.Don't trust her or any of them,"Jo said.

"Hey Jo!Lets get out of here!She's coming!"the other man yelled.

Jo,Centipede and the other man turned to see Luna coming up the path toward them.Jo and the other man took off running leaving Centipede confused and scared.

"There you are,"Luna said,"Everyone's so worried about you.Come on.Lets head home,"

"Get away from me!"Centipede said hiding behide a bush.

"What?It's me Luna,"Luna said.

"I said get away from me!"Centipede said.

"Devil?"Luna said feeling hurt,"I'm no devil.I'm your friend,"

Centipede still wouldn't come out of the bush.Luna grabbed him by his suspenders and pulled him out.He tried grabbing benchs,trees or bushs as Luna pulled him to the house.Centipede really started to freak out when he saw the house.Luna scartched on the door when she reached it.Ms.Spider answered the door.

"Oh thank goodnes.You found him,"she said.

Centipede looked up at her and almost had a heart attack.He screamed and tried to get away from the two.It was her fangs he was nervous about.She looked over at Luna and Luna just shrugged.Ms.Spider yanked him off the ground and stood him up.

"What's gotten into you Centipede?"she asked.

"Stay...stay away from me,"he studdered.

"Centipede,it's me,"Ms.Spider said.

"I don't know ya,"Centipede said holding up a chair.

James then walked in and gasped when he saw the sight of Centipede shielding himself with a chair and Ms.Spider and Luna trying to get him to put it down.

"What's going on?"James asked.

Centipede turned to him,"Stay away!Get away from me!"

Mr.Grasshopper,Earthworm,Mrs.Ladybug and Gloworm then came in.

"Mr.Centipede,what on Earth are you doing?"Mr.Grasshopper asked.

"I know your plan!It will NEVER happen!You'll never get me!"Centipede said.

"Centipede,I'm your best friend!"James said,"Don't you reconize me?"

Centipede looked eye to eye with James and shook his head,"Your face doesn't look familiar to me,"

"Centipede!This is James!"Ms.Spider said,"What about me?Don't you know me?"

"I don't know you ether!!But ya do look hot,"Centipede added.

"Vampire?"Ms.Spider said.

"Centipede,lets not start a fight here,"luna said,"What about me?You must remember me.I'm Luna.Your friend,"

Centipede shook his head,"Your no friend of mine.Your evil.You steal,"

"Steal?I've never stolen anything in my life!"Luna said.

"Oh dear!"Mr.Grasshopper said,"He's lost his memory,"

"But how?"James asked.

"Someone or something must of knocked him out and he's lost meory of everything incluiding us,"Mr.Grasshopper said,"Quickly!Tie him up!"

Everyone grabbed Centipede and he struggled to be set free.They set him down in a chair and Ms.Spider used her string to tie him up.They all stood in front of him and watched as he tried to get out of the string.

"Maybe if we ask him easy questions,he'll start remembering again,"Mrs.Ladybug said.

"Lets try it,"Luna said.

"I'll go first,"Earthworm said,"What was I used for bait for?"

"Huh?"Centipede asked cocking his head to one side.

"Try something easier than that,"Mr.Grasshopper said.

"I got one,"Luna said,"That one night abroad the peach,you and I talk about what?"

" do remember a peach,"Centipede said.

"He's remembering it!"james said.

"Oh yeah!I ate one this morning,"Centipede said.

"So close,"Ms.Spider sighed.

"Lets try another one,"Mr.Grasshopper said,"Remember when I kicked you?What was it for?"

"I got kicked?"Centipede asked.

"Yes.In the face.What was it for?"Earthworm asked.

"Um...Proably for...I know this!"Centipede said,"I got sidetracked!"

Mr.Grasshopper sighed,"No.I kicked you for getting us lost,"

"Lost?Where were we lost?"Centipede asked.

"What did you save me,Luna and Ms.Spider from?"James asked.

"I dunno,"Centipede said.

"This isn't working,"Luna said.

"What else is there to try?"Mrs.Ladybug asked.

"I'm not fried!"Gloworm said.

The family didn't corrected her.they continued to throw ideas at each other,asked Centipede even more questions that he saddly didn't know the answers to and thought long and hard on other ideas.Ms.Spider was silent for the most of it.She had her thinking face on.She suddenly had a idea.

"I've got it!"she said out loud.

The family turned to her.She leaned down and whispered her plan into Luna's ear.Luna smiled.

"Not bad.It might work,"she said.

Ms.Spider walked up to Centipede until she was face to face with him.

"Your not gonna eat me,are ya?"Centipede asked.

"No.I'm part of your family,"Ms.Spider said placing her two hands on his face,"I would never do that,"

The family watched as she leaned in and kissed him on the lips.Centipede was shocked for a moment.Suddenly,images flashed before his eyes.Memories.They were memories.Ms.Spider broke the kiss and everyone was silent,waiting for a responce.

"I'm not late for dinner,am I angel fangs?"he asked.

"Centipede!"the family cried as they threw their arma around him.

"I don't know what's goin' on,but I think I like it,"he said as he too hugged his family.

YEA!!! Grin Grin Grin GrinHe got his memories back!!!MORE WILL COME!!! Wink Wink

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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