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Luna's Stories

That Strange,Little Boy

© ghostwolf23

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I suck at POV.
Chapter 12:That Strange,Little Boy
Takes place:Before Luna and the Giant Peach
Starring:Luna,Demon,Fang,Silver,Bullit,James,Spiker and Sponge.
Description:This is the story on how Luna first came to know about James before she lost her brothers and her journey on the peach.Told in Luna's POV.
"Demon,I'm tired,"I cried.

"Stop complaining Luna!"Demon growled,"We're almost there,"

My four brothers and I just left our old home.We couldn't stay there any longer.Our parents were dead,we had no where to go,what were we to do?Nothing,but wait and see if something good would happen.

"Demon,we've gone far enough,"Fang said,"Lets stop and build a den here,"

"I'm not stopping till I get to the top of this hill,"Demon said.

Demon and Fang always fought.I never liked seeing it.I was young and had no idea what to do as a wolf.Demon,Silver and Bullit never liked me much.Fang did though.He loved me.I was his sister after all.We still walked up the steep hill,legs sore and out of breath.I stumbled a few times,but Fang got me back to moving.Demon finally stopped.

"We made it,"he said,"We'll build a den right there.Behind that wall,"

"But Demon,there's a house here.What if some humans live here?"I asked getting worried.

"She's right.They're not here now,but later they'll come,"Fang said,"We'll be spotted,"

"No we won't!"Silver growled.

"We're behind a wall Fang,"Bullit added.

We started working on the den,taking turns catching food.I never got to though due to my age.I never got to do anything because of my age.I decided to take a walk insteid.As I was walking,my ears perked up.A car was coming up the road to the house on the hill we were living on.I knew it!Humans did live here!I hid in a bush and watched as two woman,one fat and one skinny climb out of the car and a small boy get out later.He looked depressed.I wtche dhim closely from my hiding place.He had tear stanes on his shirt and he was carrying a small suitcase.

"Who is this strange,little boy?"I thought.

"Hurry up you little magnet!"the fat woman yelled.

"Don't rush him Sponge,"the skinny woman said,"All in good time,"

"But Spiker!I'm starving!"Sponge yelled.

"The boy just lost his parents.Give him some time to get used to the place and THEN we'll put him to work,"Spiker said.

The boy lost his parents?Sounds like me.These two women,Spiker and Sponge,they weren't being very nice to him.He's just a little boy!He's looks to be 4 or 5 years old.Poor boy...

"Luna!Lets go!"Demon barked.

"I'm coming!"I yelled back.

I watched as the small boy carried his suitcase into the house and the two ladies shut the door behind them.I came out of my hiding place and looked up at the top window of the house.I could see the little boy through the window.He wiped his tears away and started to unpack.He didn't see me standing there,but I silently walked back to the finnished den.

"Where'd you get to?"Silver asked as I came in.

"I went for a walk,"I answered laying down and starting to eat.

"To where?"Fang asked.

"To...To the house,"I said,"I saw the humans who live there.There's a fat one named Sponge and skinny one named Spiker.They're both mean to a little boy,"

"And what's his name?"Bullit asked.

"I'm not sure,but he's like us,"I said.

My brothers stopped eating and looked around at each other.

"Like us?LIKE US?!"Demon barked,"How can a human ever be like us?!"

"He lost his parents too.He's just 4 or 5 years old.Too young to be without a mother or father.He's like a pup...if he was a wolf that is,"I said.

"Luna,promise me you won't go back there,"Fang said,"They could be dangerious,"

"I promise Fang,"I answered.

Yes.I did promise,but I still went just to the tree,sit down behind a bush and wait for that little boy to come out.I'd see him from time to time,wprking outside.I felt sorry for him.He shouldn't be working.He should be playing with other childern his age.Why wasn't he?I wish I could talk to him.Could humans understand us?Maybe.I thought so.Maybe I should try it one day.Who was this strange,little boy and what happened to his parents?Maybe they were shot like mine or they got lost and couldn't find their way home.Anyway,this boy needed a friend.I wish I could go play with him,but Demon would kill me if I became friends with a human.

"HURRY UP YOU BRAT!!!"Spiker yelled from the window,"Finnish the laundry and come in and get started on the dishes,"

"They're so mean to him,"I thought.

"Can't...can't I for a bit outside?"the boy asked.

Spiker came out and slapped the boy across the face.I gasped at the sight.They abussed him?

"You'll do what I say or it will be the last thing you'll ever say!"Spiker yelled walking back into the house.

The boy sat down on the ground,buried his face in his knees and started to cry.I had to do something.I quietly crawled out of the bush and made my way toward him.I was half way toward him when someone grabbed me from behind.I looked up to see Demon.

"You shouldn't be here!"he growled picking me up by the neck,"What did you think you were doing?"

"I...I just...wanted to play with that boy,"I said.

"Play?With a human?Never!"Demon said carrying me back to the den.

That night,I laid thinking about everything that happened that day.Those women are SO mean to him.He should just run away like we did to escape the pain we suffered there.Why didn't he when he had the chance?Why didn't he take off running after she slapped him to get away?I would of followed,but Fang would be so heartbroken if I did.There's something not quite right about those ladies.But that boy.That strange,little boy.Me and him.We're the same.

This is what Luna thought of James when he first came to live with his aunts. SmileThank you Demonwolf for such a wonderful idea!!! Grin Grin Grin GrinMORE SHALL COME!!! Wink

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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