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Luna's Stories

Birth of a Flower

© ghostwolf23

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Chapter 13:Birth of a Flower
Takes place:After Luna and the Giant Peach,James's Party,Luna and the Moonlight Romance and Luna and the Return of the Aunts.Before The Moonlight Legend.
Starring:Luna,Mizu,James,Centipede,Ms.Spider,Mrs.Ladybug,Mr.Grasshopper,Earthworm,Gloworm and Sakura.
Description:This is the begining of Sakura's story.
Centipede paced the floor of his office at City Hall.He was nervous.He wished he was at home insteid of here at the office.He glanced at the phone several times.Should he even call?Were they too busy at the moment?He continued to pace.Suddenly,his scertairy came in.

"Mayor Centipede,you have a call waiting for you on line 2,"she said.

"Who is it?"he asked stopping his pacing.

"It's your girlfriend sir,"she said,"Appartntly it's very urgent,"

"Thank you,"Centipede said grabbing the phone and pushing the line two button,"Hello!Angel fangs?"

"I'm here,"Ms.Spider said on the other end.

"How's Luna?She okay?"he asked.

"Yes Centipede.She's fine,"Ms.Spider said.

"How many so far?"he asked.

"She had four so far,but...,"Ms.Spider stopped.

"What's wrong?"Centipede asked.

"They all died,"Ms.Spider finnished.

Centipede collapsed in his chair,"All four of 'em?"

"Yes.I'm afraid so,"Ms.Spider said.

"Okay.Thanks for calling,"Centipede said,"I may be alittle late gettin' home tonight,"

"You working late?"

"No.Just 'ave abit of extra work at the moment,but I'll be home soon,"

"Okay.I love you,"

"I love ya too,"

Ms.Spider hung up the phone and Centipede returned to his work.Luna was alright.That's all that mattered to him right now.
At the house,Mrs.Ladybug was running up and down the stairs all day,getting water,blankets and anything else she needed.The rest of the family was waiting downstairs.Mizu was with them.Mizu came as soon as she heard the news.

"When will Kaze be back?"James asked.

Mizu shook her head,"I don't know how long they'll be gone.I just hope he gets home okay,"

"Poor Luna.Already loosing four puppies,"Mr.Grasshopper said.

Ms.Spider glanced up at the clock,"It's now 8 PM,"

"Is Centipede going to head home soon?"Earthworm asked.

"After he finnishs some work,"Ms.Spider said.

Mrs.Ladybug came down again and the family awaited for any news from her.She looked up at them.

"Another puppy was born,but it too has died,"she said.

The family all frowned.

"That makes five dead!"Earthworm yelled.

"What's that about a bed?"Gloworm asked.
Centipede glanced at the clock on his desk.It read 10 PM.He's done enough for the day.He packed his stuff.Papers and documents in his briefcase and headed on home.He then started to run.He reached the house and when he came in,he found everyone expect Luna and Mrs.Ladybug downstairs asleep.He tapped Ms.Spider on the shoulder.

"Wake up angel fangs,"Ms.Spider slowly opened her four eyes,"Did I miss anythin'?"

Ms.Spider yawned,"Luna had another one after I got done talking to you,but it died shortly after,"

Centipede frowned,"Oh,"

He sat between her and James,who was also passed out.Ms.Spider rested her head on his shoulder and fell back asleep.James even laid on his other shoulder.Mr.Grasshopper was reading a book and Earthworm was watching TV.Gloworm was passed out in the chair across from him.Centipede glanced at the clock.10:30 PM.Mizu was pacing the floor.

"Any news from Kaze?"Centipede asked.

"Not since last week,"Mizu reported.

"What if...known survive?"Centipede asked.

Mizu stopped her pacing and looked up at him,"Then...they'll both be very heartbroken,"

Mrs.Ladybug came down again and Mizu turned to her.

"Any news?"she asked.

"Two more were born,"Mrs.Ladybug said.

The family awoke or stopped what they were doing to listen.Mrs.Ladybug smiled.

"They're still alive,"she said.

The family smiled and returned to sleep or whatever they were doing.Mrs.Ladybug returned upstairs and Mizu followed behind her.Centipede glanced at the clock several times.He couldn't keep still.Now it was midnight.Everyone was asleep expect him.His eyes were getting drowsy yes,but he couldn't sleep.Mrs.Ladybug retunred back down with Mizu following.Mizu didn't look happy.She looked up at Centipede.

"Those two she had an hour ago...just...died,"Mizu said,"They were strong ones too,"

Centipede too frowned,"I guess...that's it then,"

"I'm afraid so,"Mizu said.

"WAIT!"Mrs.Ladybug ran downstairs.

The whole family awoke.

"She...she ahd another one!And this ones been alive longer then the others!I must of not noticed it till Luna showed it to me,"Mrs.Ladybug yelled.

The whole family ran up the stairs and went to James and Luna's bedroom.They smiled when they saw the white wolf,tired but still alive looking down at her newborn puppy.The puppy was light brown almost like Kaze,but lighter and it yipped lot when it felt the persence of it's mother.

"It's a beautiful little girl,"Mrs.Ladybug said.

"She looks as pretty as a flower,"James said.

"Indeed she does,"Mr.Grasshopper said.

"Wait!That should be her name!"james said.

"Flower?"Centipede asked,"Like that skunk from Bambi?"

"No.Sakura,"James said.

"What's that mean?"Centipede asked.

"It means flower in japanese,"Mr.Grasshopper said.

"Then...I think that's a wonderful name,"Centipede said.

Luna smiled,"I think so too.Sakura.I like it.My little Sakura,"

The family smiled as the new mother licked her newborn and they left them for them to get some sleep.Luna smiled in her sleep.She was a mother now.And it felt peaceful.

Yep. SmileHope you enjoyed this story about Sakura. SmileMORE SHALL COME!!! Wink

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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