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Luna's Stories

Brotherly Hate

© ghostwolf23

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Chapter 14:Brotherly Hate
Takes place:After Luna and the Giant Peach,James's Party and Luna and the Moonlight Romance.Before Luna and the Return of the Aunts and The Moonlight Legend.
Starring:Luna,Centipede and Ms.Spider
Description:Luna notices a scar on the back of Centipede's neck,but he won't tell her how he got it.Can Ms.Spider clear some things up?
It was a normal day in the Trotter family house.Luna was home insteid of working due to the fact that there hasn't been any reports or calls the past 3 weeks.She wasn't alone though.Centipede was looking over some documents and Ms.Spider was up in her room choosing some new music for her act.James was at school and eveyone else was working.Luna stood up from her nap and started to strench out her legs.

"Legs tired?"Centipede asked.

"No.Just strenching them out is all,"Luna said.

Something caught Luna's eye.As Centipede turned from her to get his brief case,she noticed a gash on the back of his neck.It was small,but it looked painful.It wasn't freash,it was old.Maybe years old.Luna narrowed her eyes in order to see it better and sure enough it was a gash.Centipede turned to face her when he realized she was looking at him.

"What's wrong Luna?"he asked,"Do I have somethin' on my face?"

"No.Where did you get that gash?The one on the back of your neck?"Luna asked.

Centipede quickly covered it,"Whatcha talkin' 'bout?What gash?"

"Don't try and lie to me Centipede!"Luna said,"I saw it.That gash on your neck!Where'd you get it?Did someone try to kill you?Murder you?Come on!Tell me!I need to know so I can tell the police,"

"I can't tell you,"Centipede said picking up his brief case,"It''s...It's too painful to talk 'bout,"

He lefted Luna in the living room,confused.What did he mean by too painful to talk about?There was one person she knew he told everything to.Ms.Spider.After all,they were dating.She headed up the stairs and opened Ms.Spider's door slightly.

"Can I come in?"Luna asked.

"Ofcourse.Please come in,"Ms.Spider said turning off her music.

Luna stepped inside and shut the door behind her,"I have something to ask you.Do you know how Centipede got that gash?The one on the back of his neck?"

Ms.Spider gasped and covered her mouth,"I promised I wouldn't tell anyone.How did you come to know about that Luna?"

"I saw it.When he turned to get his briefcase,"Luna said,"I just want to know how he got it,"

Ms.Spider lowered her head,"Well,for start,you know he had brothers and sisters,"

"Right.But he said only 5 of his sisters survived an attack,"Luna said.

"Correct.Well,he was very close to his father and his siblings,but one of his brothers never liked him much,"Ms.Spider continued.

"Why?What did he ever do to him?"Luna asked.

"He did nothing,"Ms.Spider answered,"All he ever did was do what the others did,worry,"

"Worry of Spiker and Sponge,"Luna said.

Ms.Spider nodded,"Indeed.His brother didn't like how he was his dad's favorite.His dad favored him then the others.Reason why I don't know and ether did he.His brother became jealus.One day,Centipede's father allowed them to go outside the house and play.While Centipede was playing with the others,his brother called him over away from the group,"

Luna knew where this was going.She still listened to the story.

"He went to see what his brother wanted and his brother used his pinchers to pinch Centipede in the neck.He tried to kill him,but his father came and saved him.Now Centipede has the scar that his brother gave him for no reason.He was lucky his father came to save him from that.He wouldn't be here with us now if his father didn't save him,"

Luna nodded,"I didn't know that,"

"That's why it's too painful for him to talk about.He doesn't like reliving the past that has hurt him,"Ms.Spider said.

"I see,"Luna said,"Thanks for the information Ms.Spider,"

"Luna,you can tell him that i told you.It'll be okay,"Ms.Spider said.

Luna nodded,"I will,"

She left Ms.Spider to her music choosing and went across the hall to Centipede's room.She opened it slightly and found the Brookyln talking centipede sitting on his bed with his face laid in his top two hands.She walked up to him.

"Hello Centipede,"she said,"I was told...about your brother,"

Centipede looked up at her,"I knew angel fangs would tell ya,"

"I'm sorry about that,"Luan said,

"I did nothin' to him,"Centipede said,"I didn't deserve this scar,"

"What happened to him?After he tried to kill you?"Luna asked.

"I don't know.We never saw him again after that,"Centipede said,"I bet those old hags killed him,"

"I think so too,"Luna said.

Centipede looked back down to the floor,"I wish he was still here.I would've told him that he got it all wrong.We were all pa's favorites,"

"He loved you all?"Luna asked.

"He did.After ma died,he knew we're all he had left,"Centipede said,"He had to protect us,but he knew I was still quite young at the time so he stuck around me and I stuck around him more,"

"So...that's why your brother attacked you?"Luna asked,"Was out of jealusty?"

Centipede nodded,"But I tried to cheer him up at times before the attack,but he never liked me,"

"I know how that feels,"Luna said thinking about Demon.

"But hey.Look on the bright side!I got a new family and they love me no matter what,"Centipede said petting the top of Luna's head.

Luna smiled,"We'll love you always,"

I had to do this!!!I hated how it came out,but it'll do I guess. SmileMORE WILL COME!!! Grin Grin

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