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Luna's Stories

Lets Dance

© ghostwolf23

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Chapter 15:Lets Dance
Takes place: During Luna and the Giant Peach
Starring:James,Luna,Centipede and Ms.Spider
Description: One night abroad the giant peach,Luna and James come up top to look at the stars,but witness a dancing lesson insteid.
"James!James!"Luna called crawling inside the tunnel on top of the peach.

James,the little red headed boy looked up at his friend coming in from the tunnel.

"What is it Luna?"he asked.

"You must come and look at the stars with me,"Luna said,"They're amazing tonight!You can see the constolations,"

James always wanted to see the constolations.He started to crawl back up the tunnel with Luna close behind.Once they reached the top,James and Luna sat side by side on the edge.They looked around the dark nighttime sky,looking for a constolation.James pointed to the sky.

"Look Luna!There's the big dipper,"James said.

Luna smiled,"I didn't know you knew that one,"

"I saw it in a picture book my aunts had in their libary.It was so beautiful,but not as amazing as the others,"James said pointing out another one,"Like Pegasus,"

"Do you see the three rows of stars?"Luna asked.

James nodded,"Yes.They're part of a belt right?"

"Yes.The belt of O'ryan,"Luna said.

"That's it,"james said smiling.

Suddenly,they heard laughter.They looked behind them and started to laugh themselves.Centipede and Ms.Spider were twirling around each other,but Centipede kept loosing balance and falling over.

"You got to keep your footing,"Ms.Spider laughed.

"I got it this time,"Centipede said.

"Now,watch me.1,2,3 and 1,2,3,"Ms.Spider said turning around him,"Now you try,"

"Okay.1,2,3 and 1,2,...WOAH!"Centipede yelled flying backwards into Ms.Spider.

Luna and James ran to them to see if they were okay.

"Are you two alright?"Luna asked.

Ms.Spider looked up at them laughing,"I'm fine.Centipede,we need to work on your balancing skills,"

"I tell ya.My balancin' skills are fine,"Centipede said getting back up and helping Ms.Spider off the ground.

"If they were,you wouldn't be falling over,"James laughed.

"Oh yeah.Lets see you try to dance,"Centipede said.

"Okay,"james said taking Ms.Spider's hands.

"Now James,watch what I do,"Ms.Spider said,"1,2,3 and 1,2,3 and again,"

"1,2,3 and 1,2,3...,"James continued to count and twirl around Ms.Spider.

"Beginners luck,"Centipede said.

Luna just smiled and shook her head,"Come on Centipede.Go for it,"

Centipede took off his hat and laid it on the stem of the peach.He went up to the two and tapped James on the shoulder.The two stopped dancing to see what he wanted.He smiled.

"Mind if I cut in?"Centipede asked.

"Not at all,"James said stepping aside.

Centipede took Ms.Spider's hands and started to count and twirl.He didn't fall over at all.He stayed intact.They twirled around and round.Luna and James just watched them as they did.They both smiled at each other.

"Love's a speacil gift,"Luna said.

"It never goes away,right?"James asked.

"Never,"Luna said.

The two friends stayed there,watching their two family members dance their hearts out.True love.What a sight to behold in their eyes.To Luna,it was a preacious gift that all held in their hearts and here was the two unlikelist of creatures sharing true love together by dancing.

"Lets leave them,"Luna said turning around.

James followed her and the two returned to their star gazing,but they could still hear the laughters and giggles of the couple behind them and they didn't mind.It was love.What could you do about it?

I got this idea when I was listening to Dreaming of You by Selena Quintanilla-Perez.My Spanish class was watching the movie Selena and when I heard this song,I was drawing Ms.Spider at the time and this idea struck me.Hope you enjoyed it! SmileGot any requests for me?Just let me know by sending me a message or posting a comment. Wink

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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