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Luna's Stories


© ghostwolf23

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Chapter 17:Jealousy
Takes place:After Luna and the Giant Peach,James's Party and Luna and the Moonlight Romance.Before Luna and the Return of the Aunts and The Moonlight Legend
Starring:Luna,Centipede,Ms.Spider and Ruby(Centipede's old girlfriend)
Description:A girl from Centipede's past is visiting New York.Her name is Ruby and she believes Centipede is still in love with her,but when she catchs Centipede and Ms.Spider together,she goes crazy!Can Luna help calm things down?
A slight breeze blew the leaves around Luna's ankles.Fall was coming.She enjoyed the cool breeze.It gave her such sweet memories from her childhood.Centipede was out raking them up and Ms.Spider was inside preparing lunch for the two.

"'Ey Luna!I could use some help here,"Centipede said picking up a sack full of leaves.

"Coming Centipede,"Luna said running toward him.

"Just take that end there and pull up,"Centipede said.

After closing the last bag of leaves,Ms.Spider's french voice could be heard over the rustle of MORE leaves being blown into the yard.

"Lunch!"she called.

"Oh boy!I'm starved,"Centipede said.

The two ran into the house and took their place in the kitchen.Ms.Spider set a plate with a turkey sandwhich in front of Centipede and a plate with sliced ham,turkey and chicken on the floor for Luna.She even made a sandwhich for herself while she was at it.There was suddenly a knock on the door.

"Who could that be?"Luna said.

"Don't know.I'll go check,"Centipede said excusing himself from the table.

He walked into the hall and opened the front door.He gasped.Standing in the doorway,was another human sized centipede.It was a girl centipede with long curled antinnas,brown eyes,a Brooklyn style dress and a red bow tying her antinnas together in a sort of ponytail.She smiled and then blushed when she saw the sight of Centipede standing there.

"Remember me,Centipede?"she asked smiling.

"Ruby?Is that really you?"he asked looking at the familiar centipede in the doorway.

"Ofcourse it's me,you commandor you,"she teased.

"Centipede!Who's that?"Luna asked hearing the little giggle from Ruby's joke.

"Uh...Just...Just an old friend of mine,"he said blushing.

"Well,aren't you going to introduce them to your family?"Luna asked coming into the hallway.

She stopped at the sight of Ruby.She looked from Centipede to Ruby.Centipede.Ruby.Centipede.Ruby.Akward...Luna couldn't find the words to say.What now?

"Ya never told me ya had a pet,"Ruby said.She spoke Brooklyn too.

"Luna's not my pet.She's my friend.A part of my family,"Centipede said.

"Well,I can't believe your back in America,"Ruby said hugging him,"I thought I would never see ya again when ya went off on one of your adventures and never returned,"

"And how do you know her Centipede?"Luna asked,"Is she your sister?"

"Oh no,ya silly dog,"Ruby laughed,"I'm his girlfriend,"

GIRLFRIEND?!?Ms.Spider,knowning that it was rude to eavesdrop on a conversation flew off the handle.She never knew he had a girlfriend!He NEVER told anyone!She still waited for the right time to show herself.

"How'd you two meet anyways?"Luna asked.

"Well,before his family decided to go off on another adventure like the ones he would tell me 'bout ALL the time,we met at school,"Ruby said,"We were goin' steady until he told me that he and his family were goin' off on a adventure.They didn't know where though and he said he didn't know when we would see each other again,but here he is!He came back to me!"

Luna rolled her eyes.Whoever this girl thought she was,she was bannas!Calling Luna a dog and saying that her and Centipede were going steady when Centipeede clearly stated he was REAL little when he came to England.How COULD they be going STEADY at that age?!Something didn't smell right.Centipede knew her and she knew him.From childhood known the else,but Luna couldn't make out if she was lying about them going steady or if she spoke the truth.Ms.Spider,by this time couldn't wait any longer.She walked in and Ruby immendtily flintched.

"Who is this Centipede?"Ruby asked,"Our dinner?How sweet!You prepared a romanctic dinner for us,"

"Excuse?"Ms.Spider asked.

"Ya speak French,how...nice,"Ruby said,"Is this somethin' ya brought back from your journey Centipede?Does that mean ya went to France?"

"No,I went to England and she used to live there,"Centipede said.

"And you've been waitin' to eat her until we've reunited,"Ruby said,"Well,I'm here now so lets eat,"

Luna quickly jumped in her way,"Oh no.Ms.Spider is NOT to be feasted upon,"

"Then...why is she here Centipede?"Ruby asked.

"Um...She's...uh...My...MAID!Yes.She's the maid I hired since I'm mayor of the city and all,"Centipede said,"Please excuse me Ruby.I need to have a word with her real quick 'bout my study,"

Centipede grabbed Ms.Spider and ducked into the kitchen.

"What's this all about Centipede?How come you NEVER told me you had a girlfriend?"Ms.Spider hissed.

"I didn't know she grew too!Look long legs,I promise ya we're NOT datin' anymore,"Centipede said.

"But SHE doesn't know that!"Ms.Spider said.

"I swear,I'll tell her the minute we get back in there,"he said.

"Mon dieu!You better!"Ms.Spider said.

Luna came in later,"You guys better hurry.She's trying to get me to move aside,"

"We're coming,"Centipede said.

Centipede and Ms.Spider came back out of the kitchen and Ruby was still there,smiling and waiting for Centipede to kiss her.Centipede gulped.

"So...uh...Ruby?How long are ya in the city for?"he asked.

Ms.Spider shook her head.Luna did as well.He wasn't going to tell her that he was in love with someone else.

"Just the weekend,but now that I found ya,we can go back to Brooklyn together and get married,"Ruby said.

Centipede's jaw dropped and Ms.Spider's eyes flaired.Luna could tell a fight would start soon.She quickly said something at random.

"Why don't I show you around the city?I mean since you'll be here for awhile,"Luna said.

Ruby smiled,"Sure!Comin' Centipede?"

"I...I'll...Catch up.I've got...some things to take care of first,"Centipede said.

"Okay,"Ruby said,"See ya then,"

The two walked out of the house.Centipede quickly turned back to Ms.Spider.

"We've got to think of somethin'!The walk won't last long!"Centipede said.

"You her,don't you Centipede?"Ms.Spider asked feeling her chest ach.Her heart was breaking.

Centipede looked over at her bewildered,"No.No.I love ya.You're my love.I love you more then her.She drove me CRAZY sometimes,but you're...You're my everything,"

Ms.Spider looked up at him and the two shared a kiss and then another and another.But that quickly came to a end when the door flew open and Ruby walked in.
(What happened on the walk)
"And this is Central Park,the most beautiful place in the city,"Luna said.

"Listen little dog,we've passed by that staue three times already!Where's Centipede?!?"Ruby asked.

"He's mayor of the city so he's REAL busy at the moment,"Luna said.

"Oh is he?"Ruby said turning around to head back.

Luna quickly jumped in the way,"No!He's working!"

"But he should take a break,"Ruby said shoving Luna aside.

Luna shook the feeling away and tried again only to get kicked in the side by Ruby's heel.

"Oh no...,"Luna thought,"This is NOT good,"

She still followed Ruby,trying to get her to go back but she would ether get shoved aside or kicked out of the way by Ruby.Ruby opened the door to the house and walked in,but she immendtly paused when she saw the sight in front of her.Centipede had his two top most pair of hands around Ms.Spider and Ms.Spider had her two hands on his face.They were still kissing when they noticed her standing there.
Ruby's face lit up with rage.Her eyes were reading anger.

"YOU LIER!!!"she yelled as she grabbed Centipede by the throat,"You LIED to me!SHE'S your little girlfriend!I'M your girlfriend!NOT THIS MONSTER!!!"

Luna walked in later and she was limping on her left front leg.The one leg that got kicked too much.Ms.Spider ran to her.

"What have you done to Luna?"she hissed.

"Stupid dog kept gettin' in the way of my walkin',"Ruby said letting go of Centipede's neck to allow him to breath.

"Ruby...Listen...I can explain...,"he coughed.

"EXPLAIN WHAT?!?How ya forgot 'bout me and started datin' a spider?"Ruby asked,"What's happened to ya?Where's the Centipede I loved?The one that was brave and sailed the oceans of the world?"

"'Bout that...I lied...'bout that too,"Centipede said rubbing the back of his neck.

Ruby's jaw dropped,"Ya what?You mean to tell me that ya NEVER sailed the seas?EVER?"

"I did, was on a peach and that' I got here,"Centipede said.

","Ruby couldn't think of anything to say so she ket her anger get the best of her.She slapped him across the face.

Luna and Ms.Spider both gasped.Luna limped over to the two.

"Ruby,listen to me okay?Centipede never mentioned you.Maybe he forgot all about you while he lived in England,but all that matters is he's moved on.Look at him.He's happy with Ms.Spider.Now,I think you should turn around and head back to where you came from.Centipede doesn't love you no more,"Luna said.

Ruby still was angry and let her anger get the best of her.She kicked Luna in the leg again and Luna yelped in pain.Centipede and Ms.Spider ran to her and made sure she was okay.

"I'm fine,"Luna said,"It's just sore,"

Ms.Spider looked up at Ruby and she glared at the Brooklyn centipede,"You think you can just come in here and hurt my family?Who do you think you are kicking a poor wolf who's had it as rough as we had?You're such do you say?A jerk.A brat.The one nobody wants to be around,but Luna is right.Go back from where you came.En ce moment,"

Ruby just glared right back,"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!?Coming over to america to steal other girl's boyfriends!"

Centipede jumped into the arguement,"That is enough Ruby.Luna and Ms.Spider are both right.Ya should go.Now,"

Ruby still glared at the three and threw her head in the air and left with a SLAM of the door.Luna stood and limped over to the two.

"That took some guts Centipede,but atleast you showed her what for,"Luna said.

"I'm just glad she's out of my life,"Centipede said,"Anyways,I got another girl in my life now,"

Ms.Spider lightly kissed him on the cheek.Centipede blushed and the three went back to their normal day.

MAN!!!Ruby's a jerk,is she not?!? FrownbGot any requests?Let me know! GrinMORE SHALL COME!!! Wink

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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