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Luna's Stories

Starting A New Life

© ghostwolf23

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Thank you Demonwolf for yet ANOTHER AMAZING IDEA!!! Grin
Chapter 19:Starting A New Life
Takes place:After Luna and the Giant Peach
Starring:Luna,James,Centipede,Ms.Spider,Mrs.Ladybug,Mr.Grasshopper,Earthworm and Gloworm.
Description:Luna and the gang begin to start their new lives in New York.
"Welcome home,"the chief of police said to the family as they came into the park.

"Is that the pit from the peach?"Mrs.Ladybug asked.

"It is indeed,"the chief said,"We had permission to set it up here as a home for you,"

"Well,atleast it's better then stayin' in that old hotel,"Centipede said,"My back has been killin' me sleepin' on that old bed in there,"

The Trotter family was welcomed in New York ever since they landed there and a hotel maneger allowed them to stay in a hotel room for the night until they got their house set up.He was alittle scared of Luna,with her being a wolf and all,but none the less allowed her to stay at the hotel.Centipede would barely get any sleep at all because of the bed being too hard for his taste.Atleast now they had a home.

"By the way,we recovered this compass after you landed here.It just fell out of the sky the same night you all did,"the chief said handing James the compass.

The compass was broken,but none the less James smiled at it and then looked up at the police officer.

"Thank you chief,"he said.

"Well,I'll let you all go check out the place and I'll get the city to help you set up some furniture in here,"the chief said leaving.

"Thank you chief,"Luna said.

The family walked into their home which they lived in through the whole journey,but most of it was fixed.There was a staircase added in,a extra floor and some electric plugs here and there.The family walked around,checking the place out and remembering all the good times they had inside the pit.

"Okay the bedrooms will be upstairs,the living room to the right over there and that will be the kitchen to the left behind that one room,"Mr.Grasshopper said.

"Which will be the dining room,"Mrs.Ladybug said.

Luna walked upstairs with James following behind her.They looked around the long hallway.

"There's enough rooms here for all of us,"James said.

"You sure?Because I only counted 7 rooms.Where am I suppose to sleep?"Luna asked.

"With me ofcourse,"James said.

"I can make you a bed in my room,"James said.

Luna smiled,"That's very kind of you James,"

The two then headed back downstairs and met up with the rest of the family.

"Okay,so we're going to need 7 beds plus a dog bed for Luna here,"Mr.Grasshopper said counting the number of people there,"One dining table,7 chairs,a couch,two armchairs,a stove,refridgerator,some sinks,doors to put into the door frames,curtains for the many windows we have around here,dressers for each of our rooms and anything to deacorate the place with.Got it?"

The family nodded,"Yep,"

"Maybe we should just make it six beds insteid of seven,"Ms.Spider said.

"Why?"Earthworm asked,"Don't you want a nice soft bed to sleep on?"

"I do,but haven't you all forgotten I'm a spider,"Ms.Spider said.

"She's got a point,"Luna said,"She can make her bed.She can weeve a web out of her string to sleep,"

"Ofcourse!"Mr.Grasshopper said,"Okay then,just six beds plus a dog bed or two for Luna,"

"Wait a minute!"Centipede said,"Now,HOW are we goin' to PAY for all this stuff?"

The family looked around.They haven't thought about that.The chief said the citzens would help them set it all up,but how would they get the stuff with no money?They were all broke.

"I...haven't thought about that,"Mr.Grasshopper said.

"I'm not a bat!"Gloworm said.

"Well,lets walk around the city and see what we can do,"Luna said,"I heard from the humans around here that there's ALWAYS money lying around in the streets,"

"Perfect!"Mr.Grasshopper said,"Okay everyone,slip up and look for any money you can get.Gloworm,you stay here incase the chief comes by,"

"I got it,"Gloworm said.

"Lets get going!Luna,you go with James,"Ms.Spider said.

Luna nodded,"Got it,"

the family went off in separate directions.Centipede was walking around the city,checking high and low for a dollar or atleast a quarter.Something then caught his eye.It was a flyer.He took it from the wall it was tapped to and read it over.

"VOTINGS FOR NEW YORK MAYOR!"It read on the title,"Sign up today to be in the running for New York city's next mayor,"

He smiled,"This could get us all the money we need.If I win,I'll be mayor and get paid millions.Wait!That's just greedy!Usin' the money on myself and my family,but we need it inorder to pay for everything we need,"

He re-read the flyer,"I might as well keep this,just in case I might want to do this,"

He stuff the flyer in his pocket and continued his search for money.Ms.Spider was checking around the city as well,but she was in the much darker places of the city.She suddenly caught sight of an empty building.It was for sale,but she knew she wouldn't be able to buy it.Wait a minute!What was that thing Centipede mentioned when James said there were lots of drak hiding places?What were they called?Night clubs?

"Maybe I could buy this building and open a night club,"Ms.Spider said,"That will get most of the money we'll need for the house,but how will I get the place?"

She kept the thought in mind as she continued her search.Mrs.ladybug wasn't having any luck ether.She suddenly caught sight of a "Help Wanted" sign in the window of a hospital.

"Lets see,maybe I can get a job here and get paid most of the money will need,"she said,"What do they need help with?"

The sign read,"HELP WANTED:Baby nurse needed,"

Mrs.Ladybug smiled,"Yes.This will get most of the money,"

She went into the hospital to see the maneger.Earthworm was also out of luck.He searched the subways and streets,but nothing caught his eye,if he really had any.Suddenly,someone tapped him on the shoulder.

"AHH!!"he yelled,"What do you want?Money?Well,go somewhere else.I'M BROKE!!"

"No my good worm.I am Mac Four.I'm a commercial/billboard avertiser,"the man said.

"Oh,then what is it you want Mac?"Earthworm asked.

"Well,I want you,Mr.Earthworm to star in my next commercial and billboard,"Mac said,"I'll pay you.Whatever you need,"

Earthworm smiled,"I'll do it.When can I start?"

"First thing in the morning,"Mac said walking away,"See you then,"

"Thank you,"Earthworm said,"I got to tell the family,"

Earthworm then took off back to the house to see if the others have arrived back.Mr.Grasshopper wasn't having much luck ether as much as the rest were.

"This is hard.How are we suppose to live in our house without any food?"he thought.

"Excuse me,but are you the grasshopper that was abroad that peach that landed here last night?"a young man asked.

"I am,my dear boy.What can I do for you?"Mr.Grasshopper asked.

"Well,I was told by that little boy that your a musician.Am I correct?"he asked.

"Yes,my boy.I am.I play the violin.Why do you ask?"Mr.Grasshopper asked.

"Well,we are in deseprate need of a violin player in the New York City orchastrung.And we were wondering,would you like to play with us?"the man asked.

Mr.Grasshopper smiled,"Ofcourse.I would be honered,"

The man shook hands with the grasshopper,"Okay then.We preform next week,"

"I'll be there,"Mr.Grasshopper said.

The man walked away and Mr.Grasshopper walke don back to the house.Luna and james were on their way home as well.They were VERY upset.They thought they could find something,like a penny out on the streets but nothing.

"What are we to do?"Luna asked,

"I guess,we could go talk to the chief and tell him our troubles,"james said.

"We will tomorrow,but at the moment,we should rest a bit,"Luan said.

"LUNA!JAMES!"Luna and James both turned to see the chief coming up to them.

"Hello chief,"they both said with a smile.

"Listen,I got great news.The mayor of New York City is going to help you all get everything you'll need for the house,"the chief said.

Luna and Jmaes both smiled with glee,"REALLY?!You mean it?"

"I sure do.But he wants to know one thing,"the chief looked over at Luna,"Luna,he wants to know if you want to become part of the canine police force,"

Luna gasped,"Me?"

"Yep.We sure could use a wolf like you on the force,"the chief said smiling.

Luna nodded,"I would be honered to sir,"

"Then I'll let him know right away,"the chief said,"Good-bye and welcome,"

"Thank you sir,"James said,"And good-bye to you too,"

"Lets get home and tell everyone,"Luan said.

They took off for the hosue and once they arrived,everyone was waiting for them.

"Any luck?"Centipede asked.

"Nope,but we have news,"James said.

"The mayor of New York is going to help us,"Luan said.The family all clapped and cheered,"And I got a job,"

"What?"Earthworm asked," a job?"

"Yep.the mayor wanted me to be on the canine police force,"Luan said,"It was an offer I couldn't refuse,"

"And we are very proud,"Ms.Spider said,"Speaking of jobs,I myslef decided to get one,but we don;t have the money,"

"What would we need money for to get you a job?"Mrs.Ladybug asked.

"We need it in order to buy the place.I'm opening up a night club,"Ms.Spider said.

"A night club?"Centipede asked stunned,"Are ya just gonna run the place or are ya ACTUALLY goin' to perform?"

"I'm going to run the place AND perform,"Ms.Spider said,"What good would it be if I didn't,"

Centipede smiled,"Well,ya are a great singer.Speakin' of which,I decided to run for New York's next mayor,"

"Mon dieu!The mayor of New york?"Ms.Spider asked shocked.


"Well then,I got a commercial shooting next week.I get paid,"Earthworm said.

"I even get to perform my violin in theaters around the city,"Mr.Grasshopper said.

"And I got a job at the local hospital as a doctor,"Mrs.Ladybug said.

There was suddenly a knock on the door.Centipede opened it and a flock of people came in carrying items such as beds,dressers,a stove,couch,chairs,everything they needed fpr their new house.The family watched in awe as the people set it down where the family wanted it.Suddenly,a man in a gray suit,a ribbon on his coat and white hair came in.

"We are pleased to welcome you once more to New York,"the man said,"I am the mayor of the city or what would soon be the next person's,but what ho!We hope you find your dwelling to your liking,"

"We do sir,"James said,"Did for all this?"

"Some was donated by the citzens who thought you and your family deserved it more then they did.I will tell them thank you for you all,"the mayor said.

"Excuse me sir,but we have one last favor to ask of ya,"Centipede said.

"Yes my dear centipede,what might that be?"the mayor asked.

"Well,ya see sir.Ms.Spider here,wants to buy that old buildin' that's up for sale over in Downtown,"Centipede said,"Ya wouldn't mind buyin' it for here would ya?"

"Anything for the Trotter family,"the mayor said smiling.

The people,along with the mayor then left the house and the family looked around at ecah other and started to cheer.They did it.They started their whole new life.And boy was it the greatest.

It may sound abit boring,but it was getting too long that I had to rush some things.Hope you still like it though! Smile

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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