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Luna's Stories

A Heart Can Change

© ghostwolf23

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I had this idea long before I created Luna and insteid of making a one-shot for this idea,I decided to add her in this little idea.Hope you like it! Smile
Chapter 21:A Heart Can Change
Takes place: During Luna and the Giant Peach
Starring:Luna,Centipede and Ms.Spider
Description:After escaping the pirates,Centipede and Luna are up top steering the peach that night,but after awhile Ms.Spider comes to join them.Centipede notices that she's hurt on her right arm and tries to help her,but she keeps pushing him away.But though her mind is telling her to stay away from him,her heart tells her otherwise.
Man,what a trip it was for Luna,James and the gang.They just escaped a shark and now undead pirates.Centipede and Luna were up top steering the peach.Luna,with her newly bandaged leg sat next to Centipede while he steered the peach.He couldn't see the compass real good so he would ask Luna if it was still pointing North.

"Hey Luna,would ya mind checkin' the compass for me?"he asked,"Is it still pointin' North?"

Luna looked over at the little needle,"Yep.We're still on the right track,"

A shiver went up Luna's spine.She almost forgot that they were still in the freezing artic,but were getting close to warmer climates.The moon was out as well so that kind of explained the rest of the coldness.Centipede glanced at her.

"Ya alright Luna?"he asked,"If you're gettin' cold,ya can go ahead inside.I can handle this,"

Luna shook her head,"It's okay.I'll get used to it after awhile.I've never been in snowy weather like this before,but when you been living on a hillside where it barely snows,you never get used to it,"

"True,"Centipede said.

Suddenly,the top of the peach flew opened.

"Oh no,it's proably Mr.Grasshopper coming to check on us,"Luna thought.

No.It wasn't Mr.Grasshopper.It was Ms.Spider.Centipede blushed slightly,but cleared up after awhile.Luna just giggled.

"I decided to come up here with you guys.It's too quiet inside,"she said standing beside Centipede.

The three looked around them as the aroua nights came into few.Luna's eyes danced with the colors of the light as Ms.Spider stared in wonder at them.Centipede watched as the lights danced in the night.He was happy that he had his friend,Luna and dear Ms.Spider to share this moment with.Suddenly his eyes caught sight of something on Ms.Spider's right arm as he glanced her way.He turned to her and realized she was hurt.The gash that marked her arm looked no more then a few hours old.

"Hey,what happened to your arm?"he asked.

Ms.Spider looked away from the sky and quickly covered her arm,"It's none of your business,"

Luna quickly turned to them.She started to sniff the air.

"I smell...I smell...Blood,"she said.

Ms.Spider quickly backed away from the two,"I'm fine,"

"No your not,"Centipede said,"Just let me see it.Your hurt,"

"Stay away!"she yelled baring her fangs.

She walked away from the two and stood at the edge of the peach.The two friends turned to each other and then back to her.Luna looked back up at Centipede and started to motion her head toward her.

"What?"Centipede asked looking down at her.

Luna continued to move her head toward Ms.Spider,making "Ahm!" noises as she went.

"Is something wrong with your neck?"he asked.Luna continued to move her head,"I think it's getting worse,"

Luna groaned and walked toward Ms.Spider,moutioning her head as she went.Centipede quickly realized what she wanted him to do.He shook his head,mouthing no as he did and drew a line across his neck.Luna groaned again and turned to the spider.

"Go away Luna,"Ms.Spider said,"I'm fine,"

Luna continued to smell the air of blood,"No.Your wound his fresh.Not as fresh as a mintue wound,but like hours before.What happened?"

"I told you,it's none of your business,"Ms.Spider hissed,"I don't want to talk about it,"

Luna left the spider.

"See Luna.She's not going to...HEY!"Centipede turned to see Luna shoving him woth her head,pushing him toward the spider.

Once he was beside her,Luna went to her left side a sat down and Centipede sat down on her right.He moved his blue eyes down to her arm.It looked like it was still bleeding.He quickly moved his eyes away when she turned to him.

""he tried to think of something to say.

"Yes?"Ms.Spider asked.

Luna watched cautionsly as the centipede rubbed the back of his neck and turned to meet her eyes.Her four eyes.

"How'd ya...?"he stopped.

Ms.Spider was waiting.He sighed and quickly finished.

"How'd ya get hurt like that?"he asked.

Ms.Spider looked away from him and he just frowned.She wasn't going to allow him near her.She then turned back to him.

"Do you...remember the pirates?"she asked.

"Who wouldn't forget those undead burts?"he said.

"Well,remember when I got the compass?"Centipede nodded,"Well,this pirate came at me.Luna was lucky enough to warn me,but I must of jumped too late or something because the next I knew after I finished helping Mrs.Ladybug re-bandage Luna,my arm felt like it was on fire.I looked and saw this upon my arm,"

"Let me help ya...,"he motioned one of his arms toward her arm to grab it,but she quickly moved it away.

"No!I told you no!"she yelled again.

Ms.Spider knew her mind was telling her not to trust anyone abroad this peach except James,but her heart was telling her to trust him.She sighed and lifted her arm toward him.

"Here,"she said.

He took it and looked at it,"We need to bandage it...,"

But before he could grab some string she ripped her arm away again.

"It's okay.I promise I'll be careful,"Centipede said.

Ms.Spider found that hard to believe,but none the less,she pulled out some string and gave it to him.He started to lightly wrap it around her arms,covering the gash as he went.Luna watched while Ms.Spider stroked her fur.Ms.Spider winced in pain as Centipede tightened the bandage.She hissed through her teeth as he tied it even tighter.Using his pinchers,he cut what was left of the string and tied it in a bow,which caused Ms.Spider to wince even more.

"Thank you,"she manged to say.

"Don't mention it,"he said.

Luna kept her ears perked up,to listen to the conversations going on between the two and to make sure Centipede didn't say anything stupid.

"Ya know,the reason them pirates caught me was because I wasn't ready yet,"Centipede said.

"Haven't you forgotten that you were almost cut in half?"Ms.Spider asked,"Are you telling me that the "commodore" is also do you say?A fighter too?"

Centipede blushed a bit,"Um...yeah!Ofcourse I am!You and Jimmy saw me handle those pirates while we were escapin',"

"Oh yes,we did,but are you telling me the truth or is this another one of your tall tells?"she asked.

"They're not tall tells!"Centipede said.

Ms.Spider giggled abit.That was the first time he ever heard her giggle,"Ofcourse there not,"

""he asked,"Why do ya...don't like makin' friends?"

Ms.Spider's smile quickly faded.Luna's head shot up.

"Oh no,Centipede don't ask her that.Oh no!"she thought,

Ms.Spider looked down at the ground,"I just...didn't like being around others.Except James ofcourse since he saved my life,but I can't speak of painful memories,"

"Well,I think your softing,"Centipede said.

"What?"Ms.Spider asked looking up at the Brooklyn centipede.

"Softing.Your softing,"he said.

"What's softing?This American lanuage is new to me.Softing?What's it mean?I am French after all you know so we have different speaking terms,"Ms.Spider said.

"Well,softing means...,"Centipede's mind went blank,"It means...Um...Luna!Help me out here!What's softing mean?"

"Softing means when you start to allow those around you to get to know you and be around you,"Luna said smiling,"And I have to agree with him,"

"Well,I know I have changed since we met,but that still doesn't change a thing about what I am,"Ms.Spider said.

Centipede wrapped his arms around her shoulders,"You've changed to me.Ya went from a silent,mysterious girl to a brave,adventurious spider.That's what I see ya as,"

Ms.Spider looked up at him and smiled,"I feel that way,"

Luna smiled as well.The three turned back to the light display that danced before them.They remained side by side for awhile until Ms.Spider returned to the inside of the peach to get some sleep while Centipede and Luna returned to their post.Ms.Spider smiled in her sleep as she thought about how she has changed.Not just in manner,but in her heart.A change of heart.It felt good.

ANOTHER FAMILY MOMENT!!!! Grin Grin Grin GrinMore will come! Wink

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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