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Luna's Stories

It Takes Two To Tango

© ghostwolf23

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Chapter 23:It Takes Two To Tango
Takes place:After Luna and the Giant Peach,James's Party,Luna and the Moonlight Legend and Luna and the Return of the Aunts.Before The Moonlight Legend.
Starring:Luna,Kaze,James,Centipede,Ms.Spider,Mr.Grasshopper,Earthworm,Mrs.Ladybug and Gloworm.
Description:When the annual spring dance is held in Central Park,the whole Trotter family joins in the fun.Kaze comes along as Luna's escort.The family is enjoying the party,but something unplanned happens.
"Hurry up or we're goin' be late!"Centipede yelled up the stairs to the others.

"We're coming!"Earthworm yelled back.

"I can't find my other violin bow,"Mr.Grasshopper said.

"It should be in your violin case,"Mrs.Ladybug said.

"I already checked!It's not there,"Mr.Grasshopper answered.

Centipede was standing in the living room,chuckling to himself.He held,behind his back the missing bow.His laughter was interrupted by a quick "Ahem,".He looked behind him to see Ms.Spider,arms crossed and giving him a death glare.She held out on of her hands and he placed the bow in her hand.

"Found your bow Mr.Grasshopper,"she said handing the grasshopper the bow.

"Thank you my dear.I can't play without it you know,"he said putting the bow in the case with the other one.

"Where's Luna and Jimmy?"Centipede asked.

"They're still getting ready,"Mrs.Ladybug said.

"I'll go get them,"Ms.Spider said.

Ms.Spider headed up the stairs and went to James and Luna's bedroom.She giggled when she saw the two.James was helping Luna choose a necklace to wear for the dance.

"Are you two ready yet?You know we can't be late,"Ms.Spider said.

"We know,"the two said.

"Which one Ms.Spider?The pearls or the one with the gold bird?"Luna asked looking at the two necklaces James held up to her head.

"I think you should just go the way you are,"Ms.Spider said,"Look at me.Centipede is my escort and I'm not wearing any jewelry,"

"I guess your right,"Luna said,"Lets get going then James,"

The three headed back down the stairs and just as they reached the bottem,Kaze came in through the dog door.He greeted Luna with a lick and she did the same.

"Okay,we're all present.Lets get going!"Mr.Grasshopper said.

The family left the house and headed for the dance.The dance was deacorated with flower lanterns,colorful flowers in bloom,rainbow streamers and butterflys hanging from the lanterns.Everyone was dressed in fine colorful dresses or shirts.Everyone with an escort had their hand resting on their arm or was out dancing with them.Mr.Grasshopper went to join the orcastrung and prepared to play the opening act,The Waltz of the Flowers.Kaze turned to Luna and as if he hand hand,he extended one paw to Luna and bowed his head.

"May I have this dance?"he asked.

Luna smiled and blushed a bit for she had never been asked that,"Ofcourse,"

The two wolves headed out to the dance floor and James smiled at Luna.

"Look at them!I've never seen her so happy,"he said.

"It's true love,"Mrs.Ladybug said.

"Speakin' of which,"Centipede turned to Ms.Spider,"May I?"

Ms.Spider took Centipede's hand and the two entered the dance floor.Earthworm moved his head to the rytheme of the song.

"I wish I had eyes.I could see what's going on!"Earthworm said.

"It's beautiful Earthworm,"James said,"Luna and Kaze are out dancing together as is Centipede and Ms.Spider,"

"I figured,"Earthworm said.

"WHAT?!?"Gloworm yelled after being silent for so long.

Mr.Grasshopper ended the song and took a bow as the audince applaided.Centipede left Ms.Spider's side for a quick moment and went up to Mr.Grasshopper.

"Ya wouldn't happened to know the tango,would ya?"Centipede asked.

Mr.Grasshopper nodded,"I do indeed my good man,"

Mr.Grasshopper started to play the tango song and Centipede grabbed the nearest rose and stuck it in his mouth.He grabbed Ms.Spider by the waist and took her hand in one of his and started to dance the tango.The family laughed and enjoyed the performance by the two.Kaze looked over at Luna and took a rose in his mouth as well.Luna looked over at him and she blinked at him a few times.What was he doing?

"Care to dance the tango with me?"he asked.

Luna smiled and just shook her head,"You crazy wolf!I would love to,"

The two wolves entered the tango dancing crowd and started dancing the tango,wolf style!Luna felt embrassed.She never danced like this before and her whole family was watching her and Kaze.As the song came to a close and everyone took a partner or their escorts for the next slow dance,Luna and Kaze sunk away to watch the moon rise.The two wolves sat side by side on a hill and watched as the bright moon slowly rose in the night sky.

"This was the best night ever Kaze,"Luna said resting her head against his neck.

Kaze smiled at Luna and he replied with,"As long as you're beside me,it will always be the best night,"

As the stars were coming into view,Luna kissed Kaze on his cheek.He blushed slightly and the two left to head to their seprate homes with many memories to share for years to come.

This is what you get for watching The Mask on the weekend with NO computer for a few days.You get a new idea!!! Grin Grin Grin I'm taking requests still so got any?Let me know!I have one,but I don't know how I'll make it,but what ever,I'm still going to make it. WinkMORE WILL COME!!!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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