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Luna's Stories

Playground Fun

© ghostwolf23

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This is a belated birthday gift to Demonwolf,who requested I do this idea.HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND!!! Smile
Chapter 24: Playground Fun
Takes place:After Luna and the Giant Peach and James's Party
Starring:James and Luna
Description:It's the last day of school and Luna goes to pick James up from school.Insteid of heading home right away,James and Luna decided to hang out with some of James's friends at the playground.They're having a blast until a boy named Ned comes by.He's crippled.Luna feels sorry for him and her and James come up with a plan to get him into the happy mood.
It was the 3rd of June.Luna checked the clock on the mantle piece.It read 10:30 AM.She had one more hour till she had to get James from school.He was getting out early for summer and she knew he would be happy to see her meet him outside.Centipede,Mr.Grasshopper or Ms.Spider would always go and get him,but Luna knew Centipede and Ms.Spider would argue on whose turn it was and Mr.Grasshopper would loose track of time.It was always up to her,but she didn't mind.She liked picking him up from school.It gave her a chance to see some of his friends.She checked the clock again.11:10 AM.Might as well leave now while she had the chance.Luna stood up,strenched out her legs and headed out the dog door.A cool summer breeze brushed by her fur and she could smell the sizzling hotdogs and hamburgers from the BBQs going on around the park her and her family called home.She started down the path and headed to the school building.She sat by the tree she always sat at everyday she would have to pick him up and waited for the bell.

"I wonder what we'll do this summer?"Luna thought,"He must have thought of something,"

The bell started to ring and the childern came foulding out of the doors.She looked around for James,but she didn't see him.Some kids she knew from her heroic,risk taking stunts or were friends of James.They came by and patted her on the head or brushed her soft white fur.James saw her and came up to her at a run.He kneelt down and hugged his furry friend.

"You ready to head home James?"Luna asked once he broke the hug.

"Not yet,"he said,"I want to stop by the playground real quick and play with some kids if you don't mind,"

"Not a bit.Can I come along?"she asked.

"Of course,"James said smiling,"What fun would it be if you didn't?"

The two friends started to follow the other group of childern to the near by playground and Luna sat beside a bench and James went off to play with his friends.They started to play tag first and Luna watched as they ran to and fro.Suddenly,one child caught her eye.His mother sat on a bench and she held him steady on his wobbly legs.Luna walked up to the two and the woman greeted her with a smile.

"You must be the wolf they talk about in this city.The one who saves childern and lives with a family of bugs?"she asked.

Luna nodded,"That I am.Are you new here?"

"No.We've been here for awhile now,but I guess we were away when you and the family landed here on a giant peach,but we heard it on the news and such,"the woman said.

"Oh,"Luna then turned her attention to the child,"Why isn't he playing?"

The woman's smiled faded,"He can't.His legs are very weak,but I bring him here everynow and then after school to let him walk around abit,"

"Please excuse me for a moment,"Luna said.The woman nodded and said she'll wait for her return.

Luna walked up to the group of childern playing tag and stopped the game for a moment.

"James,do you know that little boy?The one over there by the bench?"she asked.

James and the others turned there attention to the little boy being held steady by his mother.They all looked back at the white wolf and nodded.

"His name,if I recall is Ned,"James said,"I have him in my class and he doesn't talk to anyone.I feel sorry for him,"

"We tried to get him to talk to us so we could become friends and help him out during times of homework or tough questions,"one little girl named Julia said.

"He has to be helped by teachers and older kids because of his legs,"a boy named Michael added.

Luna turned back to the little boy.Ned was,as she could see it crippled in both legs.She turned back to the group and smiled.

"How about we play something he can play too,"she said.

James and the others smiled.

"I think that's a great idea,"James said,"What shall we play?"

"How about...hide and seek?"Michael asked.

"No.You have to run in that game,"Luna said.

"Duck duck goose?"Julia asked.

"Still,you have to run,"Luna said.

The other kids were shouting out other games,but all of them involved running.James was deep in thought and he turned to Luna and his face brighten up once he thought of a game.It was one of Luna's favorites and you didn't even have to run.Fetch.

"I got it!"James said,"Fetch,"

Luna smiled,"Fetch it is then,"

Luna,along with James and the others walked back over to the boy and his mother.Ned hid from them as they came up and the mother smiled.

"You didn't have to bring the whole playground,"the woman said.

"It was necessary,"Luna said.She looked down to Ned,"Your name is Ned right?"

Ned nodded and came out of hiding abit.

"I'm Luna.I think you've heard of me,"Luna said crouching down to look at the boy,"We came to ask you,would you like to play fetch with us?"

Ned came out of his hiding spot and he looked up at his mother.She smiled nodded and he looked back at Luna and smiled.

"Then lets go,"she said.

Ned had alittle trouble following them to the open field not too far away from the playground.His mother would help him along with James and Michael.Once they reached the field,Luna went to look for a stick or a ball.She found a tennis ball that must have been hit over the wire fence in front of her.She picked it up in her mouth and carried it back to Ned.Ned held out his hand and Luna lightly place the ball in his hand.

"I'll wait here until you feel ready to throw it,okay?"Luna asked sitting down on the lush green grass.

Ned looked at his mother for help,but his mother did nothing but smile.James took hold of Ned's hand.

"Like this,"James said lightly swinging the boy's arm back and then lightly swinging it forword,"Then you let go,"

James stepped back and Ned did just what James showed him.He swinged his arm back and swinged it forword and let go of the ball.The tennis ball flew and Luna took off after it.She jumped and caught it in midair.The childern all cheered as Luna ran back with the ball in her mouth.Ned smiled as she placed it back in his hand.He threw it again and she took off after it and she jumped and this time did a flip before catching it.The group cheered again and Ned's mother clapped and cheered as well.Luna ran back and placed the ball in Ned's hands again.The childern played fetch with Luna until the sun slowly begin to lower.Ned's mom said it was time for them to go and Ned wanted to do one last thing.He turned to Luna and James.(The other childern all left because their parents came and got them.)He first went up to James and hugged him.James hugged him back.

"I'll see you later over the summer Ned,okay?"James said.Ned smiled and nodded.

Ned then went over to Luna and he had to kneelt down to get to her size and he hugged her too.Luna smiled and she placed her paw on his shoulder.Ned then whispered in her ear.

","he said.

He stood back up and waved his hand at the too and said,"Goo...Good later,"

The two friends smiled and returned with,"You too Ned,"

They watched as his mother helped him walk back to the city and they looked back at each other.

"It feels great to help out a friend,"James said.

"I know.You've made a new friend today and this one was a speacil friendship that can never be broken,"Luna said.

The two headed back to the house to tell the family of the amazing friendship they've made with a little boy who never in a day played with other kids until one wolf and one boy changed that.It was life changing to Ned,but to Luna,James and Ned's mother,it was a miracle.

This is what happens when you're listening to Martina McBride's song called God's Will.IT GIVES YOU AN IDEA!!!But Demonwolf requested I do something where it's a half day for James and Luna goes and picks him up from school and they hang out with James's friends at the playground,but I wanted to add more to it so I created Ned while listening to Martina McBride's song.HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY DEMONWOLF!!! Grin HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD ONE!!! Wink Wink Wink

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