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Luna's Stories

A Mother's Love and Protection

© ghostwolf23

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I was going through some old ideas I had for The Moonlight Legend and I found one where Sakura would of orignally had brothers or sisters.Just 2 brothers and 2 sisters.I never really planned on releasing this idea on the web,but after seeing Mr.Popper's Penguins today,I just HAD to put this out here.So here's yet another what would orignally happen scene.Please enjoy! Smile
Chapter 26:A Mother's Love and Protection
Takes place:Again,this is a deleted idea for The Moonlight Legend.You all know where this would take place.
Starring:Luna,Sakura,James,Centipede,Ms.Spider,Mr.Grasshopper,Earthworm,Mrs.Ladybug,Gloworm,Sakura's brothers and sisters(no names because of deletion) and Benny(animal control man).
Description:After Luna gives birth to 5 puppies,Sakura being one of them late one night in summer,the Trotter family never felt happier for their four legged friend until Benny,the animal control officer tries to take the pups away from Luna and the rest.What will they do?
"Jimmy?Hey!Jimmy!"Centipede whispered shaking the little boy.

James slowly opened his eyes and looked up at his Brooklyn friend.He was confussed.Was it morning already?He looked over at the clock.MIDNIGHT?!?Why was he waking him up early?

"Centipede,what is it?It's midnight,"James said.

"Come downstairs,"Centipede whispered,"But we have to be quiet,"

"Why?"James asked.

"Shhh.Trust me.Ya want to see this,"Centipede said.

James climbed out of bed and was about to wake Luna,but she was nowhere in his room.Where was she?He looked up at Centipede with a worried look on his face.

"Don't worry 'bout Luna,"he whispered,"She's already downstairs,"

The two friends slowly and quietly walked down the stairs and they spotted Ms.Spider by the fireplace.

"Angel fangs,"the spider turned in their direction and placed a fingur to her lips,"Oh sorry,"

"They're asleep,"Ms.Spider whispered.

"Who?"James asked whispering.

"Come and see my dear boy,"Mr.Grasshopper whispered coming into the living room from the kitchen where he got a cup of coffee.

Centipede led the little boy over to the fireplace where Ms.Spider and Mrs.Ladybug sat on seprate chairs and Centipede took his place by Ms.Spider while James tried to take in the scene before him.Luna was laid out on her bed with five little puppies beside her.James smiled.He knew Luna was expecting puppies,but he didn't know when she would have them.He looked at the little miracles before him.He's never seen baby wolves before.They looked just like dog's puppies only wilder.If only Kaze was there with them now,he would be proud.

"When were they born?"James asked trying not to wake Luna or the puppies.

"An hour ago,"Mrs.Ladybug whispered.

"What do you mean we're pour?"Gloworm asked.

"Shhh!"Earthworm said,"We'll wake them,"

James turned his attention back to the puppies.Two were white and two were brown like Kaze,but one was speacil.This one was James's favorite out of all of them.It was lighter then the two browns and it stayed close to Luna.It reminded him of himself.How during the whole peach journey Luna stuck to him and he stuck to her.Luna opened her eyes and smiled at her friend.

"You're awake I see,"Luna whispered.

"Yes.Centipede came and got me,"James replied smiling.

Luna looked over at the centipede,"I knew you would wake him,"

"I couldn't leave him out on all the excitment,"Centipede said.

Luna giggled.James still watched the little puppy crawl about on the towels.Luna noticed him.

"You like her?"she asked.

"Yes.Very.She's my favorite,"James said.

"Reminds me of you,"Luna said,"Would you like to name her?"

James smiled real big,"Would I.Lets about...?Sakura?"

"Sakura.I like it,"Luna said.

James storked the wolf's white fur while she watched her childern sleep.Suddenly,there was a knock on the door.

"Oh my word,who could that be at this time?"Mr.Grasshopper asked.

Centipede stood and answered the door.A man wearing a animal control vest,black pants,black boots and carrying a crate was at the door.

"Hello Mister Mayor.I'm Benny from Animal Control and I received a call about a wolf supposely expecting puppies,"the man said.

"Um...Yes.That wolf is our friend,but why are ya here for her?"Centipede asked.

"She's a wolf sir and she is carrying puppies.Not safe for her to have them around childern espeacilly that little boy you all take care of.One false move and....BITE!She'll snap her jaws on him whenever he's even near her pups.I'm here to take her,"Benny said.

Benny barged in before Centipede could stop him.The family watched as the man came in and stopped at the sight of Luna with the 5 newborns near her side.She growled at the sight of him.

"Listen Benny,we took care of it,okay?We were here with her through it all and so far she hasn't snapped at Jimmy here,"Centipede said.

"You don't know that.She could of snapped at him when you all weren't looking,"Benny said setting the crate down,"Now that it looks like I came too late to collect her before she had the pups,I'll just take the pups then,"

Ms.Spider stood up and stepped into the arguement,"How could you take little ones away from their mothers?How dare you!"

"Please,let us keep them,"James said.

"Sorry son.They're wild animals.They're not pets,"Benny said opening the crate,"Now,why don't you all help me get the puppies in the crate here and I'll be on my way?"

"No,"Mr.Grasshopper said,"We can't let you take them,"

"Luna's part of our family and now her pups are too,"Mrs.Ladybug said.

"Listen,I know this wolf is your pet,but the puppies will be tough to handle.I'll take them and find them good homes in zoos or in the wild where they belong,"Benny said.

"But we can't seprate them.They're family,"James said.

Luna stood up,but was still a bit weak from giving birth to the pups.She continued to growl at the man.

"You think you could just barge in here and take my babies?!"Luna growled.

Benny became scared.He backed away from the angry wolf.

" stay back...!I'm warning you,"Benny yelled.

Luna ran at him and Benny ran out of the peach pit,hoped in his car and drove off.The family watched as he drove off.

"Well,we won't hear from him ever again,"Centipede chuckled.

Luna returned to her babies and laid beside them.James smiled as he watched her lick them and nuzzle them.To her,she saved what mattered most to her,but James though other wise.She saved their family from being broke apart.A mother's love helped keep them calm,but her protection is what saved them.

See the idea here?I was ABOUT to give Sakura brothers and sisters,but decided not to after I couldn't think of names for them.Oh well. SmileI hope you liked the idea anyways. Grin

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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