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Luna's Stories

Cementary Rescue

© ghostwolf23

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I had a blast in Rome and I noticed when I got back that Demonwolf sent me some ideas.THANKS MY FRIEND!!!!So this is one of the two she gave me.Hope you guys enjoy it!
Chapter 27:Cementary Rescue
Takes place:After Luna and the Giant Peach,James's Party and Luna and the Moonlight Romance.Before Luna and the Return of the Aunts and The Moonlight Legend.
Starring:James,Luna,Centipede,The big kids and James's friends.
Description:James and his friends are playing in the backyard of James's house when some big kids come by.Darris,the leader of the group asks if they want to hang out with them at a near by cementary that night,but they refuse as they know the cementary is off limits for them.The kids call them wimps and babies and go off,but they never come back.Now Luna must brave the caving in ground of the cementary in order to save them.Can she do it?
James and some of his friends were out in his backyard playing tag.The house was mostly empty that day expect for Ms.Spider and Gloworm being home.Luna was gone to work as well and when she wasn't there to play with them,it was mostly boring,but they found ways to get the best of it.

"Tag!Your it!"James yelled tapping a light blonde haired boy named Johnny.

The childern ran around the backyard,dodging Johnny as he came around them.They were having so much fun,until James stopped when he caught sight of a group of six boys heading their way.As they walked closer,the group stopped playing and stared as the boys got closer.

"Hey kiddies!"one yelled,"Whatcha playin'?"

The kids knew it was wrong to talk to strangers,but they couldn't leave them hanging.

"Tag,"James answered.

The older kids laughed as James and his friends became confussed.What was wrong with tag?Did they ever play it when they were their age?Maybe,maybe not.The laughter died down and the tallest boy in the group,Darris was his name,spoke up.

"Hey,insteid of playing like a bunch babies,why not hang out with us and become one of the big kids?Huh?"he asked looking down at them.

The friends looked around at each other.Should they?James thought not,but the others were begining to think so.

"Where?"a boy named Ed asked.

"Do you guys know that cementary near by?The one that's hardly used anymore?"one of the older boys asked.

"They're talking about the off limits one,"James thought,"We can't go there,not with the ground the way it is,"

"Well?You coming?"another asked.

The friends all looked around again.NOW they thought about not going at all.The cementary was off limits for ANYONE.Mayor Centipede claims the ground is giving in and won't hold much longer.They would all put their lives at stake if they go there.

"What's the matter?Too scared?"Darris teased.

"We can't,"James said,"It's too dangerious,"

"The kid's a wimp,even after that journey of his,he's still a wimp,"a boy yelled from the back of the group.

"Anyone care to join us?"Darris asked the others.

"I have to agree with James,"Ed said raising his hand like he was in school.

"Same here,"Johnny agreed.

All the others were agreeing as well with James's response.The cementary was no place for play or to hang out.James was right.It was too dangerious.

"They're all a bunch of babies,"a boy laughed.

"Scared of alittle cementary?"Darris teased,"You babies!There is nothing to be afraid of there,not even ghosts!Sissies!"

"We go there all the time and nothing has happened to us,"a boy yelled,"That mayor of our's is just trying to baby proof the entire city to keep us guys from having any fun 'round here,"

James became angry when he heard that.They were saying mean things about his closest friend,Centipede.James scolded at them as he watched them laugh about how Centipede was making everything safe and how it wasn't any fun to do so.His friends knew that Centipede was mayor and they didn't like what they were saying ether about him.The group of friends grew to love the tall Brooklyn centipede as he would play some of their games with them such as basketball,baseball,hide-n-seek(though he wasn't good at it) or fetch when Luna was home and he would only play with them if he wasn't too busy.He was today however so he wouldn't be able to hear what these boys were saying about him.

"Don't say that!"James yelled.

"But it's true!"Darris laughed,"We got to go anyways.We can't hang around you babies all day,"

The boys went off to where the cementary was and the group of friends went back to their game.Later that night,James's friends all went home for the night for dinner and bedtime later.James had dinner with his family and was sitting in the living room with Centipede and Luna.Luna was asleep after a long day at work and the two friends were enjoying a bit of cartoons before bedtime.Everyone else was gone and it was just them.Suddenly,the phone rang.

"Must be angel fangs,"Centipede said getting up,"She must be wantin' to come home early,"

But when Centipede checked the caller I.D.,it didn't say "Spider Club".Who was this?!?He answered it,thinking it was one of James's friends or the office.

"Hello?"he said into the phone.

"Hello?Is this the Trotter residence?"a lady asked on the other line.

She sounded like she's been crying.She also sounded very worried.Luna's ears perked at the sound of the phone and she could pick up the worryness in her voice.

"Yes,"Centipede said,"Who am I speakin' with?"

"Then you must be the mayor,"the lady said.

"Who did ya think you were talkin' to?"Centipede said.

"Please,I need your help.It's my son Darris you see.He told me he was going over to Central Park with some friends and none of them has come back,"the lady said,"Have you seen them at all?"

"Nope.Sure haven't.Let me ask Jimmy,"Centipede said.

James came in after hearing his nickname from the centipede.

"Hey Jimmy,have ya seen a kid named Darris at all today while you kids were playin' out back?"Centipede asked.

"Yes.Darris and his friends came by wanting to know if we wanted to go to the cementary with them,"James said.

"It better not have been that one near by that's fallin' to pieces,is it?"Centipede asked.

"Yes sir,"James said bowing his head,"It was.We tried to tell them it was dangerious,but they just called us sissies and babies.They must have went there because we all saw them head off in that direction,"

"Okay,listen miss,I think your son is stuck somewhere in the cementary near by our place.Ya know,the one that's comin' apart,"Centipede said.

"Oh my goodness!!"the lady yelled,"He must be hurt!I got to call the police!"

"Listen!Miss,ya don't have to do that!"Centipede said moutioning for Luna to come over,"We've got ya your rescue crew right here.She's standin' right in front of me now,"

"If you think that wolf of your's would be able to save my son and all his friends,then your crazy,"the lady yelled,"If the ground is as weak as you say it is,then she wouldn't stand a chance!"

"I wouldn't under estiamate Luna.She's brave and strong.She'll make it and save everyone,"Centipede said.

"Well,alright!I'll trust her,but if she can't save them,then I'm calling the police,"the lady said hanging up.

"I hope your not TOO tired,are ya Luna?"Centipede asked hanging up the phone.

"Are you kidding?"Luna asked laughing,"I'm always ready,"

"Even if it means putting your life at risk?"James asked.

Luna nodded,"I must do what's right should I?"

"Then ya should get goin',"Centipede said,"We'll wait here.Too many people standin' on that ground will only cause MORE trouble.Ya should go alone and if ya can't find them,come right back and we'll think of somethin',"

"I'll do my best,"Luna said taking off through the dog door.

Luna,being as clever as she is tried to sniff out the boys.Not knowing what their scent even was,she just decided to find the cementary and there she'll find the boys.Finding her way there wasn't easy.As it was cold and dark,it was also fogging.But since she was a wolf,she had no trouble getting used to the place.As she walked amounce the fog,she found the rusted gates to the old New York cementary.There was a hole in the bottom of the gate where the bars seemed to have been moved apart to create a hole of some sort.She crawled in and begin her search for the boys.She passed graves that have been around since the 1880's and such.She could feel the ground grumble beneith her.It made her nervous.What if she fell in and couldn't get back up?She had to be careful.As she came around a building,a masoliem of some sort,she found a giant hole where it looked like a bunch of the ground was taken with it.There was no way to get to the other side of the hole.The only way was around the right side,but everytime she stepped on it,a piece of ground would fall into the hole.

"What now?"she said to herself.

Her ears suddenly perked up.She could hear slight moaning and sound of grumbling rocks.She looked down into the hole and saw what appeared to be six bodies buried underneath all the soil,rocks and grass.The bodies begin to move and tried to sit up on their hind quarters.She watched quietly for a answer from the bodies in the trench.

"Anyone there?!"a voice called from the hole.

"Please!Help!"another called.

Those two responses were then followed by others.

"I can't feel my legs!"

"I think I broke my arm!"

"Anyone out there?!

"Help us!Please!"

Luna waited too long and answered their cries of help.

"You don't have to wait no longer,"she said down to the six who appeared to be the boys she was looking for.

One boy looked up at her,"Are you that wolf?The one who lives with that wimp?"

"Are you calling James a wimp?"Luna growled.

"I guess it's best not to upset her,"one boy said.

"No.I'm sorry about saying that about him,"the boy exclaimed.

Luna stopped growling and looked amoungst the boys,trying to think of a way to get them out.

"Which one of you is Darris?"she asked.

The boy that said James was a wimp to her raised his right arm,but quickly hissed in pain as he lowered it.

"You are?"Luna asked growling.

"Yes,"he answered,"I am.I'm sorry 'bout my arm.I think it's broken,"

"I'll try to get you all out,okay?"Luna said,"Which one isn't badly hurt?"

No one answered.Luna bit her lip.

"I take it you all are hurt badly,correct?"she asked.

"Yes,"another boy said,"I can hardly feel my legs,"

"Same over here,but I can only move my right one,"another called.

"Can you still climb out?"Luna asked as she had an idea.

"Maybe some of us can,"Darris answered.

"I'll try to find some rope and we'll see what we can do,"Luna said turning around and leaving the boys for a moment.

As much as she didn't believe in luck,her luck just got better.She found buried under some old,dead flower bushes a rope.A long rope at that.Long enough to tie it to anything and be able to lower it into the hole.She picked it up in her mouth and ran back to the hole.She looked around for a tree or atleast a pole to tie it on,but she forgot she can't tie knots.But she MUST find a way to lift them out.Suddenly,footsteps could be heard.She turned to see James coming out of the darkness.

"James?!What are you doing?You'll get killed,"Luna said.

"I came to help,"James said.

Luna smiled,"Alright,but you must stand on a solid piece of ground.Leave the loose ground to me,"

Luna looked around for a tree and found one not to far away from the hole.

"There.Go over to that tree and I'll give you this rope.Tie it to that tree for me,okay?"Luna said.

"Alright,"James said as Luna gave him the rope.

James went over and tied the rope in a double knot to the tree and waited for Luna to get it.Luna ran over picked up the one end of the rope and ran back to the hole.

"Here!"she yelled letting go of the rope and letting ti fall into the hole.

"What do we do?"Darris asked.

"Those who can climb up the walls go first,but one stay down there to assist the ones who can't by tying them to the rope.Me and James will then pull you up,"Luna said.

One boy stood up put of the dirt and grabbed the rope.His right arm was broken,but he could still climb with one arm.Once he made it to the top,Luna told him to stand by the tree.It was on solid ground.The next boy climbed up.Being assisted at the begining because of his left leg being injured.Darris,though he was fit to climb with one arm stayed behind to help the three who needed assistence.He first picked up the one boy who's legs were broken.Though his right arm burned with pain as he bended it and moved it around,he ignored it to help his friends.He tied the rope in a sort of chair and laid the boy in it.

"Pull him up!"Darris yelled up to them.

Luna,James and the two boys started to pull the boy up and they continued the process until all but Darris were out of the hole.

"Darris,can you climb up or do need to be pulled?"Luna asked.

"I'll just climb up,"Darris said.

"Okay then.The rope is coming down,"Luna said dropping the rope into the hole.

Darris grabbed it with his one good arm and started to climb out of the hole.Once he reached the top,his friends helped him get out of the hole.Luna made a head count and had the right number of boys.Six.

"Okay.The ground from here to the gate is unstable,"Luna said,"We'll have to go one at a time,but those who have to be carried will be carried by one of the boys fit to carrying you,but you'll have to get across quickly.I'll go last.James,you go ahead first and go let Centipede know we got everyone and will be back shortly.Tell him to send a doctor while your at it,"

"I will,"James said taking off into the fog.

"Darris,you and the two other boys who could climb out on your own will have to carry one of these three,got it?"Luna asked.

"Yes,"Darris said picking up one of his friends and lifting him up on his back,"I'll go ahead.You two will then follow,got it?"

His two friends nodded and watched as he took off into the darkness with one friend on his back.The other two followed the same process,but they waited till the last one was gone.Once Luna was alone,she took off into the fog after waiting a while for them to get across.At the other side,Darris and the others were waiting for her.

"Where's that doctor he was suppose to get?"Darris asked.

"We may have to walk till they spot us,"Luna said.

The group took off down the trailer,but as they drew near to the end of the fog,Luna could hear sirens.James did it.He got help.She ran out of the fog and spotted the ambulance coming out of the fog.She ran up to it and mantioned to get it to stop.The doctors followed her into the fog where they later found all six boys.The men in white took them to the car and loaded them in.They took off for the hospital,but before Luna could turn away,she thought she saw Darris nod to her with a smiled.She nodded back and headed back to her home.The next day,Luna got a call from Centipede at the office wanting her to come down to City Hall to receive another award for her bravery.Luna just smiled.She knew james and his friends did the right thing in not going with those boys and now she was receiving a award for saving them?It should of been James and his friends receiving this award for doing the right thing.They deserved it more then her.

Thanks Demonwolf for this wonderful idea!!! Grin Grin Grin GrinBy the way,I got my luggage back from my flight home!ABOUT TIME TOO! Lol
Luna: Did you get me anything? Grin
Me: Oh no...
Sakura:What about me?Huh?Huh?HUH?
Kaze:You had to get us something too!!!
Me: (sigh)Why did you guys come along?
Luna:Because you started to draw us while on your flight to Rome so we stuck to you like glue!^_^
Kaze:We never really go away anyways.You can't get rid of us that easily!
Sakura:I had fun! Smile
Me:WHY ME?!?!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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