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Luna's Stories

Baby Mine

© ghostwolf23

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I still have some request to post,but I wanted to get this out of the way before I forgot about it.I had this idea for awhile when I was in Rome so I wanted to get it typed before I forget.WARNING!THE FOLLOWING CHAPTER MAY CONTAIN SADNESS!I RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT LISTEN TO BABY MINE BY ALISON KRAUSS WHILE READING THIS!YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
Chapter 29:Baby Mine
Takes place:After Luna and the Giant Peach,James's Party,Luna and the Moonlight Legend and Luna and the Return of the Aunts.During The Moonlight Legend.
Starring:Luna,Sakura,James,Centipede,Ms.Spider,Mrs.Ladybug,Mr.Grasshopper and Earthworm.
Description:Luna thinks back on the day that was suppose to be the happiest day of her life.The birth of her puppies.But she had only one survive.She thinks to herself is Sakura ever lonely when she has no one to play with?She thinks so,but what of the others?
That one night.That one night a miracle happened.Luna had her pups,but then tragedy struck.Every single one died minutes after being born,but only one remained.Only one.One out of nine pups.Sakura.Luna was happy to have a child of her own,but she pictured her life to be with Kaze and nine beautiful pups.Luna was in her normal spot by the fireplace,watching James play tug of war with Sakura.She wished she could see her other pups doing that.

"I'm going to win this time,"James said.

"Oh no you're not!"Sakura said through her teeth.

Centipede entered the house a few seconds later.Luna remembered where he was that night she needed him the most.Work,but he came running as fast as he could when he got the news.He was just upset as the rest of them that night.Luna could trust him with Sakura the most before it was time for her to go to bed.The two would enjoy playing together or watching a few late night cartoons.Luna would of loved to see her other pups tackling Centipede when he got home to play.She giggled at the thought.

Sakura dropped her end of the rope,"CENTIPEDE!"

Centipede,hearing the familiar yell looked over and opened his many tweleve arms for her to jump at him.

"Sakura!"Sakura lepted into his hug,"How've ya been?"

"Good!"Sakura yipped with glee.

James came over and hugged the overgrown insect,"We're happy your home!"

Luna watched the moment and as they broke apart and went into the kitchen.She followed them and found Ms.Spider cooking dinner as always.Centipede said hello to her and gave her a small kiss on the cheek.The two were still planning their wedding and they wanted Sakura as one of their flower girls along with three of Kusa's pups.Luna remembers where Ms.Spider was that night.She was here,taking care of her through it all along with Mrs.Ladybug.She brought her water and blankets to keep her and her pups warm.Luna could picture the happiest on her face when the sound of nine puppies running down the stairs for dinner could be heard.They would of loved her cooking.She knew Sakura did.

"Supper will be ready soon,"Ms.Spider said.

The sound of the door could be heard and Mr.Grasshopper along with Earthworm entered the kitchen.The two just got back from work.

"Good evening everyone,"Mr.Grasshopper said.

"Afternoon,"Earthworm said.

Luna knew her pups would of loved to hear Mr.Grasshopper's music and stories he would tell.Some would put Sakura asleep immendlity.She would of loved to see all nine of her pups alseep at his feet while he told a tale or played a song on his violin.The door opening came again and in entered Mrs.Ladybug.Luna remembers how she was the one who helped her through the night and stayed by her every second.She told Luna before the pups were born that she would care for them as if they were her own childern.Luna was looking forword to that,but there was only one.She still helped Luna care for Sakura,but it didn't feel the same.

"Dinner's ready!I made James favorite tonight.Roast beef with green beans and mashed potatoes,"Ms.Spider said.

James went to his spot and the family went to their's.They said a blessing and started to eat.Sakura got pieces of roast beef as did Luna,but unlike most nights,Luna didn't eat.Centipede looked down at her and frowned at the sight of her sad face.

"Hey Luna,somethin' botherin' ya?"Centipede asked.

Luna shook her head,"No.I was just thinking,"

Centipede raised an eyebrow and went back to his eating.Luna started to take small bites of her food and excused herself from the dining room.She laid down on her bed by the fireplace and she could feel some tears escape her eyes.She always wonderede to herself,was Sakura ever lonely when she had no one to play with?Like when James is at a friend's house and when Centipede's at work,was she ever lonely with no one around she could play with?Luna would sometimes play with her daughter,but then she would get called away right when they would be in the middle of playing.James walked in a few moments later and sat down beside her.He stroked her fur.

"What's wrong Luna?"he asked,"You're not acting like yourself.Please tell me what's wrong.Maybe I can help,"

"There's nothing you can do unless you can change the past,"Luna thought not wanting to say it out loud to James.

"Luna?"James asked waiting for an answer.

Luna shook her head,"It's nothing.I'm just tired,"

Sakura came in and licked Luna's face,drying her tears.

"Mommy,are you feeling alright?"Sakura asked.

"I'm fine my darling,"Luna said,"I just need some rest,"

"Okay,"Sakura said turning to walk back into the kitchen.

James left Luna as well.After the two went back into the kitchen,Luna closed her eyes.She dreamed of running through a field with Kaze at her side.The two then turned around to watch as nine little figures ran towards them.Sakura was at the lead and the other eight followed her.The two parents watched on pourdly as the figures came towards them and ran with them.The group continued to run until things went dark.Luna looked around her and Kaze was still there and Sakura too,but the rest of the pups melted away from view and vanished calling for her as they disappeared one by one.Luna awoke with a start and looked around.Her claws were dug deep into the rug in the living room her bed sat on top of.Ms.Spider was knitting and had the radio turned on to some slow music.She says it helps her concentrate.Centipede was reading the paper,Mr.Grasshopper was reading a book,proably Shakespeare,Earthworm,James and Sakura were enjoying some nice TV,Gloworm was asleep in a chair and Mrs.Ladybug dusting.Suddenly a song came on the radio.It made Luna's heart shatter as it played.

"Baby mine,don't you cry.Baby mine,dry your eyes,"it sang,"Rest your head close to my heart,never to part baby of mine,"

Luna let the tears escape her eyes.She howled in pain and sadness.The family looked over at her.

"Luna!"Centipede said,"What's wrong with ya?"

"Are you hurt?"Mrs.Ladybug asked.

"Luna!"James yelled.

Ms.Spider picked up Sakura and gave her to James,"James,you and Sakura go upstairs and wait there,okay?"

James didn't want to argue,but he took Sakura and the two went upstairs.Luna was hurting from the pain of loosing her family.

"Luna!Answer us!"Mr.Grasshopper said.

"Why'd they...why'd they...?"Luna was trying to finish.

Ms.Spider turned off the radio and TV so they could all hear easier and Luna shot her eyes opened and looked up at all the faces of concern looking at her.

"What happened?"Earthworm asked.

"I...I...,"Luna said,"I don't know,"

"You howled like you were in pain,"Ms.Spider said,"There has to be something wrong,"

"I miss them,"Luna said finally letting tears come down her eyes,"I miss them so much it's like I'm seeing them everywhere,"

"Miss who?You're brothers and parents?"Centipede asked.

Luna shook her head,"Not them.My babies.My childern.The ones I lost to death,"

The family looked around at each other and tried not to remember that night.It was terrible for all of them.They looked down at the grief strucked wolf and watched as she cried some more.

"We know it was hard for ya Luna,"Centipede said,"I mean,we all were strucked with grief,"

"Centipede's right Luna,"Ms.Spider said,"Why are you thinking about them?You were fine the past 2 weeks after you had them,"

"I know,but I just think to myself,"Luna said,"What about Sakura?My only daughter.Is she ever lonely?Does she miss them?"

"She never met them,but if she did,she would dearie,"Mrs.Ladybug said.

"What about when there's no one for her to play with?When we're all at work and such and can't play with her?"Luna asked.

"No,"everone looked over at Centipede,"She's never lonely.Sure we have our own jobs to take care of,your's incluided,but she's NEVER and I repeat NEVER lonely.She's got Jimmy boy,us and her mother herself,"

Luna looked up at the Brooklyner and smiled.

"I mean,take a look at us!We are all here for her!She's never alone.She's even got her dad when he's not busy and her godmother,Mizu,"Centipede continued,"So ya should never say she's lonely cause she ain't and she'll never be,"

Luna jumped up and tackled Centipede to the ground and started to lick his face.

"Hahahaha!!!Stop it!Hahahaha!!!You're drownin' me!"he laughed.

"Thanks Centipede!"Luna said,"I now know what I've been missing.My daughter won't be alone.She's got us.And she always will,"

As night fell and everyone was getting ready for bed,Luna got Sakura settled in for bed.Sakura looked up at her mother.

"Mommy?What happened?Why were you crying?"Sakura asked.

"I was thinking about your brothers and sisters,"Luna said,"I was wondering what they would be doing if they were here now,"

"Where'd they go?"Sakura asked.

Luna looked away from her daugter,"I'll tell you on another night.It's time for bed,"

Luna laid beside her daughter and whispered in her ear,"Baby mine,don't you cry.Baby mine,dry your eyes.Rest your head close to my heart,never to part baby of mine.Little one when you play,don't you mind what they say.Let those eyes sparkle and shine,never a tear baby of mine,"

Sakura smiled as she fell asleep beside her mother and Luna licked her daughter on the head.

"Goodnight my sweet little Sakura,"she whispered as she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Frown Frown Frown Frown Frown Frown I started crying!!!That's why there is a WARNING up top at the begining of the chapter.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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