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Luna's Stories

Dounut Stealing

© ghostwolf23

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This actually happened to me not too long ago. Smile
Chapter 3: Dounut Stealing
Takes place:After Luna and the Giant Peach,James's Party and Luna and the Moonlight Romance.Before Luna and the Return of the Aunts and The Power Within.
Starring:Luna,James and Centipede
Description:When some powder dounuts disappear from James and Luna's summer picnic basket,Centipede trys to cover his tracks by blaiming Luna for the disapperance of the dounuts.Based on a TRUE STORY just chaged up a bit! Smile
James and Luna were so excited.They been waiting to go on this summer picnic since the last day of school.James was packing while Luna was taking a quick nap before they left.Centipede was home at the time and to make sure they left safetly.As James was finishing packing the last bit of food,he realized something was missing.The powder dounuts!The new pack of powder dounuts he JUST bought yesterday when he was shopping with Ms.Spider.

"Has anyone seen my powder dounuts?"James asked looking around on the table for them.

Luna perked up her ears and awoke from her sleep,"You can't find them?"

"No,"James said.

Luna started to help look around for them.Centipede came in later and James asked him the same question.

"Centipede?Have you seen my powder dounuts?"he asked.

"Heck yeah!"Centipede answered,"I saw Luna eatin' them,"

Luna looked up from her searching,"WHAT?!?"

"She ate them all without leavin' ya some Jimmy,"Centipede said.

"Luna,did you eat the dounuts?"James asked the white wolf.

"NO!I donn't eat those sugary things.I can't even eat them at all!"Luna barked.

"Don't believe her Jimmy!"Centipede said,"She ate them!I saw her!"

"I didn't!"Luna yelled.

"I'll continue to look for them Centipede.She couldn't of ate the WHOLE pack,"James said.

James walked back into the kitchen to look for them in there.He then searched under Luna's bed and around her food bowls.Luna heard chuckling.She looked up at Centipede and she knew something didn't smell right.She noticed powder on his bottom right hand and she knew who was the culprit exactly.

"Let me guess,"Luna started,"You ate them,didn't you?"

The centipede looked down at his friend and smiled,"Yep,but don't tell him that,"

Luna just rolled her eyes and returned to her nap while James continued to look for the dounuts and Centipede returned to his newspaper,still chuckling.James gave up after awhile and went up to Luna.

"I couldn't find them,"James said,"Please tell me you at least left one for me,"

"I told you before.I didn't eat them,"Luna said,"Go ask Mr.Chuckles in the study,"

James went up to Centipede,who was seated in his armchair in the study and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Luna is still telling me she didn't eat the dounuts,"James said,"Are you sure it was her?"

"Man,I can't fool her!"Centipede said putting his newspaper down,"I ate them.I was starvenin' and there wasn't anythin' in the fridge nor the patry so I ate them.I didn't know they were for ya picnic though,"

"It's okay Centipede,"James said hugging the tall centipede.

Luna stood in the open doorway and smiled to herself.She walked back into the living room and laid down on her bed.

"If he EVER pulls a stunt like that again,he'll get in trouble the HARD way,"Luna whispered as she closed her eyes.

This was orignally going to be a poptart skit,but when the dounut stealing thing happened to me in my theater class at school,it gave me this idea.I chaged some of the events though.If you want to know the real story,just message me or post a comment. SmileMORE will be COMING!!! Grin Grin

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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