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Luna's Stories

Death Is All Around Us

© ghostwolf23

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I AM BACK!!!! Grin I decided to type up a little story to keep you guys calm while I finish the written copy of The Moonlight Legend which is near complete actually. Smile I'm not dead mind you!I've just been VERY VERY VERY busy lately.Youtube stuff,driving,school,summer,the lot.Hope this story can make you guys forgive me!
Chapter 30: Death Is All Around Us
Takes place:Before The Moonlight Legend.After Luna and the Giant Peach,Luna and the Moonlight Romance and Luna and the Return of the Aunts.
Starring:Luna,James and Kanari(YAY!Her first appearance)
Description:While on one of their evening walks,Luna and James stop by to see their old friend,Kanari and she now believes they are ready to know what her place is in the pack.
The evening sunset started to change the color of everything in New York.Grass,leaves and flowers turned to a bright orange color and buildings and sidewalks turned to a yellow color.James and Luna were out for their evening walk that they would do on days James had no homework or school.Luna felt safe and secured since Spiker and Sponge were arrested again that she could relax when out on a walk with James.

"Luna?"James said turning his head to his furry companion.

"Yes James?"Luna asked looking up at him.

"Can we go by and see the pack?I'd like to say hello to friends.It would seem rude.Don't you think?"he asked,"I mean we hardly see them sometimes,"

Luna sighed,"Alright,but just a quick stop by.I don't want us to miss dinner,"

James and Luna turned to the field across the way from the path to the house.The pack were ether laid out in the setting sunlight or in their dens eating their fill.Yama was the first one to spot them.He ran to the two friends and jumped around them saying hello in various languages like he usely did.They were soon greeted by Haru then Kusa and her pups.Moyasu came up and said a greeting in his stubber little way.Mizu then appeared welcoming them to the pack and last was Kaze,who greeted Luna with a kiss and James with a high five using his paw. As the two walked to the death wolves terriotory,James started to feel strange.He knew they wouldn't hurt him since Luna was there and they treated her as royalty since she was a descendent from Sekai,the wolf of nature.

"Kanari has to be home.She usely won't leave her cave when the sun sets,"Luna said as they approached the rock her cave sat on top of.

A death wolf with blazing yellow eyes approached them,"Why are you here,o mighty wolf of nature?Who is it that you seek?"

"Kanari.Is she in?"Luna asked him.

"Her majesty is present.I will take you to her,"he said turning to lead them up the rock.

James and Luna followed close behind him as he walked up.Once at the top,he stopped and then turned to them.

"Wait here while I go inform her majesty of your prescene,"he said walking into the mouth of the cave.

Kanari sat in the middle of her den.Her wings were folded down on her back and her head was bowed to the ground.The wolf approached her.

"Your majesty?The white wolf and her boy are here,"he said to her backing away to prepare for any sign of aggresion if he disturbed her thinking.

"Send them in,"she said.The wolf bowed then walked away.

"She will see you now,"he said to Luna and James stepping aside to let them in.

"You may go Joker,"Kanari's voice said from within.

The wolf,who to Luna must of been Joker bowed and left without a word.The two friends entered the den and Luna noticed the walls contained more ancient writing on it then it had last time she visited Kanari.Rocks were all over the place,covered in writing from top to bottom.

"I see you wrote more,"Luna said as Kanari stood.

"Yes.I have indeed Luna,"Kanari said still not turning to face them,"I'm running out of room though.I'll need to collect more rocks from Yama and Iwa later,"

She then turned to them,her yellow eyes cold and hard as if she was seeing a ghost at that moment.

"This is a surprise visit as useal Luna and I see you brought James this time.How are you dear boy?"Kanari asked nodding her head to James.

"I'm good.Thank you for asking Kanari,"James said still eyeing the writing on the walls.

Kanari watched him as he scanned the walls of ancient writing like an explorer in a tomb trying to crack the code.Luna brought her back to her senses.

"Are you busy at the moment Kanari?Because if you are,we can come back later,"Luna said.

"No.No Luna.You came at a perfect time,"Kanari said turning to her friend,"I've just been through a lot today,"

"What happened?"Luna asked.

Kanari didn't answer.She only turned her attention back to James.She then stood,stretched out her wings and folded them back on her back.

"Gather James and come to the back of the cave,please,"Kanari said walking to the back.

Luna did as she was told and the two friends followed Kanari to the back of the cave.Kanari sat down and turned to face her two friends.

"Please sit down,"she said.

Luna sat down and James sat on one of the rocks.Kanari then sighed.

"I believe I haven't been completely honest with you both,"Kanari said frowning and bowing her head.

"What do you mean?"Luna asked,"You did nothing wrong,"

"But I have Luna,"Kanari said,"I haven't told you the whole truth of why I'm actually here,"

"No you didn't Kanari,"James said,"You said so yourself.You're here in the pack to help your kind bury any of your pack members who die since the lot of you are immortal,"

"Yes.I do that James,but that's not all I do,"Kanari said.

"What else do you do?"Luna asked.

Kanari looked up,"Do you see the writing all over the walls?"

James and Luna looked around at the writing.

"Yes,but it's kinda hard to read,"James said.

"If Luna's father still remained in the pack,she would of learned this language,"Kanari said,"This is the ancient language of the past,"

"Of the past?"James said.

"What past?"Luna asked.

"Our past Luna.Long ago before I was even born,the first nature wolf was born on the Earth and he was a controler of all the elements,"Kanari started.

"Sekai?"James asked.

"No James.He had no name,"Kanari laughed a bit,"With each element that he learned,he created a language for it,but he soon got them all mixed up that he combined them together and created the language of nature.When he died,all nature wolves who could control a certain element or all like he did started to learn the language and what the words meant,"

"So you learned it...?"Luna was then interupted.

"When I was a pup.Yes.I may be immortal,but I still had a puppy's life.I mean I'm over 300 years old and known this language forever,"Kanari continued,"Once I've discovered I was a death wolf,I wanted to use the language to right on the tomb stones of our friends,our pack members,our leaders,so no one would be able to disturb them.But it wasn't ment to be,"

"Why?What happened?"James asked.

"I wasn't able to move the dead bodies like the others could.I was brought along with them though to the grave sights to help bury them since they were my fellow neighbors and friends,but I couldn't help them move the bodies.So then Sasayaku was told by Sekai when she became leader to tell me that he wanted only me to use the ancient language,"

"Whatever for?"James asked.

"He could tell I had a speacil power no other death wolf can have.I can see when someone is about to die,"Kanari said at last.

"WHAT?!"Luna said a bit shocked,"You...You can see when people DIE?!"

"People,animals,our own kind.He wanted me to record the names of those I have seen dying with my own eyes on rock or anything that my claws could mark on to know that life still goes on in the world,"Kanari said,"It's hard.Too hard.Watching innocent people and animals die right before my eyes,"

"What do you mean "right before your eyes"?"James asked.

"Whenever someone is about to die,I get this tingling feeling in my head and the next thing I know when I close my eyes and reopen them,I'm in another person's body.I can't control them,but I can feel what they feel and when they die....,"Kanari's voice trailer off,"And when they die,it's the worst feeling you can ever feel.Some of the scenes I feel are just people and animals who die in their sleep and doesn't bother me much,but feeling the pain they go through.Car crashes,gun shot,runned over,beat up,it all hurts me as much as it hurts them and I can do nothing about it.I can't stop it from happening,"

"That's terrible,"James said feeling tears form in his eyes from hearing her story.

Kanari nodded,"It's terrible yes,but it's the way things are.So whenever a vision came to me,I wrote their name upon the walls or rocks which you see before you,"

"How would you know their names though Kanari?"Luna asked.

"Since my mind was connected with their's I was able to collect their names from their brains,"Kanari said.She then turned to James,"Would to see the two most importaunt names I have collected?"

James nodded slowly and Kanari took him further into the cave to a rock completely blank.

"I never crave names on this one,"Kanari said,"It guards the two importaunt names I collected over the years I've been alive,"

Kanari moved the rock aside to reveal a little opening in the wall of the cave.

"Go on in James,"she said.

James crawled in and was followed by Luna and Kanari soon after.On the wall was two cravings side by side.Kanari walked toward the wall and sat down.

"Come.Sit with me,"she said.

James and Luna sat down on ether side of her.

"James,"she said at last,"Will you read the names to me?"

"I...I can't...I don't know what they mean,"James said shrugging.

"Then I'll tell you,"Kanari said,"They say Henery and Jennifer Trotter,"

James gasped.His parents were craved on the wall of death?They were on a wall on their own.He ran to the wall and collapsed in front of it.Placing a hand over the wolf clawed craving,he started to cry.

"You saw them?"he asked through tears,"You saw them die?"

Kanari only nodded,"I have and it was the most dreadful thing I ever saw.I was connected to your mother's eyes and in her memories,I saw you,"

James turned to her,"You saw me?She was thinking of me?"

Kanari nodded,"In the last few moments of her life,she thought of you and what would become of you,"

Luna turned from Kanari to James,"It's as if she was praying to you,"

"Yes.So it may seem,"Kanari said,"She wanted me to see James I bet as much as she wanted me to so I could look out for him,but that is your job Luna and the family's as well,"

Kanari walked over to James and bowed her head by his.He turned to meet her cold,hard stair.

"Death is all around us James,"Kanari said,"Your parents could not stop it from claiming them,but they thought of you in their last moments,a memory they didn't want to forget or leave behind,"

Kanari wrapped a wing around James.Luna only bowed her head.

"I bet you saw my parents too and my brothers,"Luna said breaking the silence.

"I did see their death.Such dreadful hags those women were treating your brothers like that and leaving you alone in the world not knowning where to turn to,"Kanari said looking over at the white wolf.

Kanari then turned her attention to the light leaving the cave.Luna then followed her gaze.

"It'll soon be dark and I don't to keep your family waiting for you both.I hope you can forgive me if I have upset you in anyway,"Kanari said to the two.

"No Kanari.You haven't upset me,"James said,"You actually informed me on something importaunt.My mom was thinking of me.That's all that matter,"

The two friends said goodbye to the winged wolf and left her to her thoughts.

"Jennifer,your boy is growing strong as you always wanted,"Kanari said in her mind as if Jennifer was there,"Luna and the others are looking after him well.May you always be his guardian angel,"

This must be the LONGEST chapter of this fanfic I've ever wrote.Well,I hoped you enjoyed it.It must have been sad.Listening to sad Okami music DOESN'T help!!!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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