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Luna's Stories

Old Memories

© ghostwolf23

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Chapter 5: Old Memories
Takes place:After Luna and the Giant Peach,James's Party and Luna and the Moonlight Romance.Before Luna and the Return of the Aunts and The Power Within.
Starring:Luna,Centipede and Ms.Spider
Description:While Ms.Spider and Centipede are cleaning out the attic,they come across a box filled with memories from the past.
"How many more Centipede?"Ms.Spider asked the Brooklyn centipede.

"Just a few more sweetheart,"he said.

"Good.It's getting hot up here,"Ms.Spider said fanning herself.

"Got that right,"Centipede said,"Why can't we install a fan up here or somethin'?"

Centipede and Ms.Spider were taking the day to clean out the attic.Only them and Luna were home at the time,but Luna needed her rest.She recently stayed up saving a lost child from a sinking boat so she needed her rest.Mr.Grasshopper was the one who wanted the attic cleaned in the first place.He tripped while up there one day and complained about how they needed to get rid of some of the old newspapers,cloths that didn't fit James anymore and old books and such that were all up there.The two started cleaning up the newspapers and gave them to recycling,packed up the books and cloths for a yard sale,pack some holiday deacorations in boxs and now they started to move the boxs around in the attic to make room for anything else.As Centipede started to lift a box labled "Halloween Items",he saw a box underneith it.It wasn't labled nor was it taped.

"Hey angel fangs?Do ya remember what was in this box?"Centipede asked holding up the box.

"I can't quite recall,"Ms.Spider said,"Bring it downstairs and I'll get us some water,"

Centipede picked up the box and walked down the ladder with Ms.Spider following behind him.Ms.Spider walked into the kitchen and got two glasses of water and Centipede set the box down on the coffee table.Luna awoke from her sludder from the sound of the box hitting the table.

"That can't all be wedding plans,"Luna joked.

"Luna!"Centipede yelled getting angery.

"I'm just kidding,"Luna laughed,"But seriously.What's in there?"

"No idea,"Centipede said,"I think it might be some old books that were never labled or some newspapers,"

Ms.Spider came back in and gave Centipede a cup of water and they both started to drink the water faster than Luna could.After they were finished,Centipede opened the box.Luna peeked in as well when the top of the box was opened.Ms.Spider,Centipede and Luna's jaws dropped.Inside the box was piles upon piles of pictures,newspaper cuttings,a pirate hat and shoulder pads,a compass and a child's drawing of New York City.

"Could this be...?"Ms.Spider asked taking out the pictures.

"I believe you're right angel fangs,"Centipede said looking over at her.

Luna took out the newspaper cuttings,"These are all of me.From Roger to Timmy.And here's the recent one.The one who was aboard the sinking ship,"

Centipede picked them up and looked through them,reading them as he went.

"She's right!"he said.

"All of are...,"Ms.Spider said looking through the pictures,"Of us,"

Luna jumped up on the couch with them and looked at the pictures with them.Sure enough,they were of them.From when they first landed here to where they were now.Lots of them made Luna laugh due to the fact that they were of Centipede blushing like a tomato whenever Ms.Spider was near him in the pictures.Centipede tried to ignore her laughter.Ms.Spider giggled a bit.Ms.Spider took out the next thing which was the drawing.Her eyes lit up when she saw it.Memories started to come back to her mind.She was little again and James took her in his hands and laid her on a chair.He started to color a picture,drawing buildings and people as he went.This drawing.This was that drawing.Tears started to form in her eyes.She quickly tried to wipe them away when Centipede turned her way.He noticed though and wrapped two of his arms around her shoulders.

"Bad memories,huh?"he asked.

Ms.Spider shook her head,"No.It's not that.It's...happy memories,"

Luna smiled,"Memories long forgotten I bet,"

Ms.Spider nodded,"Yes indeed.This picture is what James drew the first time we met.He must of redrew it,"

"What was your past like anyways?"Centipede asked.

Ms.Spider never liked talking about her past.Her past is why she wanted to remain apart from others.From the world.But none the less,she wiped her tears and started her story.

"I...never knew my mother.She died before I was born.My father raised me and ONLY me.I was the only one to survive from the egg sack.The others never made it,"Ms.Spider said trying to remember the painful memories that haunted her life.

"What happened to them?"Luna asked.

Ms.Spider looked toward Luna and then to Centipede,"I was too young to remember such a thing,but I remember my father telling me that he believes a centipede killed them,"

Centipede by then was shocked.He tried to let everything sink in.Was her father even alive anymore?Would he approve of their relationship?Proably not.Ms.Spider noticed him.She continued his story.

"I lived with him in the attic of James's aunts,but...,"Ms.Spider's eyes filled with tears and she placed her head in her hands and started to cry.

"I...I shouldn' of asked,"Centipede said.

"No,"Ms.Spider said drying her eyes,"It''s okay.Spiker caught us in the attic.She called for Sponge and my father told me to run.We ran,trying to escape from the gas that they shot at us.I manged to make it out throught the attic window,but as I waited in a tree....he never came,"

Luna lowered her head,"Same happened to me.First my parents were shot by fox hunters by mistake,then my brothers were all shot by THEM!I was the only one left alive.I'm just happy I managed to escape in the first place.I'm glad I got away from them!"

The two bugs nodded in agreement.Centipede had something on his mind.Ms.Spider and Luna looked at him.

"I too have terrible memories of that place,"he said,"I lived there with my pa,ma and 50 brothers and sisters.We made our home under the floor boards of the old place.They never noticed we were under there.My pa taught me and my brothers how to fight,"

"That explains your toughness,"Ms.Spider said.

Centipede smiled,"Yeah and them my ma taught my sisters how to get food.One day,my ma and sisters headed out to get food.I was still pretty little at the time.The youngest if ya would like to call it.We suddenly heard screamin'.My pa left me and my brothers to check it out.He came back with only 5 of my sisters.My ma and the rest of my sisters were nowhere to be found,"

"Centipede...I didn't know...that you...,"Ms.Spider started to say.

"It's okay sweetheart,"he said trying not to cry,"My pa had to raise the rest of us.I was never taken with the rest to go get food or fight.I was left behind,alone and scared.One day,I was left under the floor boards while the rest went to go get food.I decided to leave and start to explore the place.As I started to explore,I was gettin' a little hugary.I spied a piece of beard on the floor and went for it.However...,"

Centipede stopped for a moment to wipe away some tears that started to fall.

"However I had no idea that I was headed for a trap.Before I could blink,a fly swatter landed in front of me.I started to run,tryin' NOT to loose any of my legs or my life.My pa came runnin' and he got me back under the floor boards,but...was too late to save himself,"Centipede finished.

Ms.Spider and Luna have never seen Centipede cry this much.Luna jumped off the couch and laid her head in his lap.He smiled and patted her head.Ms.Spider placed a hand on his shoulder.

"We've all had hard times at one point,"Ms.Spider said,"But now there are no more,"

Centipede smiled at her and they went back to looking through the box.Centipede pulled out the pirate hat and placed it on his head and put the shoulder pads on his shoulders.

"Remember these angel fangs?"he asked posing.

Ms.Spider giggled,"Who could forget those things,"

Luna laughed,"I remember those!I also remember that was the day you got your first kiss on the cheek Centipede,"

Centipede blushed a bit,"Yeah...I remember that too...,"

Ms.Spider pulled out the compass.The glass was cracked and the little needle wasn't moving.

"It's broken,"Ms.Spider said,"I don't understand why we still have it,"

Centipede took it and looked at it,"As a reminder.A reminder of our journey,"

They put everything back in the box and tapped it shut.They labled it "Old Memories" and Centipede put it back in the attic.Luna returned to her bed and fell back asleep while Centipede and Ms.Spider started to cook dinner.

"Hey...angel fangs?"Centipede started to ask.

"Yes Centipede?"she asked turning to him.

"There is one memory that I haven't mentioned,"Centipede said.

"Really?What might that be?"she asked.

"This one,"he said kissing her lips.

Luna was peeking her head around the corner of the doorway.She smiled at the scene before her.

"Those memories of hate,death and pain have cleared their minds I know,"Luna thought,"Those memories are now replaced with love and happiness.All of our memories are,"

This one was kinda stupid,but who cares.I'll have better ones I swear!!!! WinkMORE WILL COME!!!! Grin Grin Grin Grin

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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